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How To Make Money As A Bartender


Although 2020 began with the promise of being our biggest and best business year to date, Covid-19 took us in a different direction, which is now creating a new economic reality for our company, our partners, colleagues and supporters. Quarantine and social distancing have presented a major obstacle to those of us earning a living in the hospitality domain. Although restaurants can still serve food and drinks, but having lost their direct customers, bartenders are finding it difficult to make ends meet.

How To Make Money As A Bartender

How To Make Money As A Bartender

Becoming a talented bartender takes years of dedication, study, and practice and we all know how hard it is to climb that ladder. However, bartenders and diners have had to find sustainable and alternative ways to make money…

Bartender Tips & Tricks To Keep Them Coming Back

So a new question arose…How can we make money without completely quitting our business and erasing all the time and effort it took to become a professional bartender? While governments around the world have given extra money to individuals and businesses to help mitigate the negative financial impact the virus has caused, this will not be enough and we have no control or say over how long these benefits will last.

I’ll be honest, the thought of giving up Visas, events, and clients and running to a safe 9-5 office job definitely crossed my mind early in the dreaded stages of virus quarantine! But I couldn’t do that. Instead, my team and I came together and realized that if we felt these feelings and had these issues—well, we’re probably not alone in this.

In an effort to help others hold on to their bartending jobs in the uncertain days ahead, we came up with a few money-making strategies that can increase your chances of staying in the field. Who knows, maybe something in this message can inspire you to make a difference and break away from this scourge.

Whether you’re a part-time bartender, or a professional chef—offering an online workshop can be a great way to earn extra cash. With so many people stuck at home and so many companies allowing employees to work remotely, your odds have never been better for people looking to join hands-on learning and fun.

Things Bartenders Do That Most People Don’t Realize

As part of our regular services portfolio, we’ve been offering mixing workshops since 2017 and with the growing number of companies hosting online events, online classes are now a staple of The Flair Project. If you need help with workshop basics, pricing, and marketing, feel free to drop us a line through the contact section on the website. We’ll pick up the tab.

I was shocked to learn the number of people who have been wanting to change their cocktail making game but never had the time to learn before the social media shutdown. It seems like everyone I talk to is looking at this time as a great opportunity to learn a new relevant business and take up a different hobby. So teaching bartending is the perfect way to seize this opportunity.

Depending on which District and State you live in, you may be able to have in-person classes as long as you follow your local regulations. Here are some quick ideas that you can quickly implement…

How To Make Money As A Bartender

Cocktail bartenders with a facility can put together small “safe-distance” classes and teach the next generation of cocktail makers.

How To Become A Bartender: Bartenders’ Guide 2022

An unemployed bartender can partner with a local bar or restaurant to train friends, co-workers, and acquaintances in the art of bartending.

Our company started as a bartending academy in 2014 with a fully developed curriculum and course schedule. Email us if you need any help putting a bartending class together.

Businessmen who want to succeed do not like to waste time, so companies and businesses take advantage of ongoing locks to make improvements to their business’ and improve their brand. Join this opportunity to earn income you can give. This is not advice per se…but it is in that category (remember we have to start thinking outside the box and coloring outside the lines)!

If you’re a bartender for example, you can get paid to “stage” a photo shoot. Think how many pictures you see in magazines, on websites where the setting is a bar or cocktails are part of the theme…. earned income. If not Visa, is there a unique vision you’ve been wanting to share with a company that might interest them? All of these are serviceable and compensable for local photographers, video makers, advertising companies, international influencers and creatives. Contact them directly and let them know exactly what you can bring to their table.

How Much Does It Cost To Open A Bar?

You don’t have to be a blogger or an advertising company to make money from branding. If you find a great social media following, sponsored content can bring you cash. However, waiting for the right type to come knocking on your door is like waiting for the publisher’s house to ring the doorbell. Although technically possible—it is unlikely. So follow along…. Invest some time in research, online or locally—find a brand that will benefit from your expertise. Communicate a clear message – this is who I/we are, and this is what I/can do for you. Attaching photos of your work will increase your chances of being saved. If you need help figuring out your price, please feel free to write to us through the website.

There are many offers that can help you overcome the economic impact of this pandemic. These savings will not be advertised like PPP loans and Disaster Relief Loans—you’ll need to look around. Depending on the nature of your business and your role in the industry you can save some serious dough. Check your budget, pull your free credit report and call credit card companies, call student loan representatives, call, explain your situation, and ask what can be done. If you don’t ask, you won’t get so always ASK.

Insurance companies offer discounted rates and even temporary freezes on workers’ comp general liability coverage to retain their customers. Credit card and car payments have been postponed, subscription services have been suspended, companies have offered discounts and even refunds. If you do not need and/or use certain services, contact your service providers and request corrections, updated payment plans or complete suspension of services. People on both sides of the desk are struggling. Everyone is trying to keep business and pay the bills so don’t be shy and ask.

How To Make Money As A Bartender

A bartender is invaluable: From creating the perfect dinner menu, to in-depth knowledge of all things alcohol to designing and creating a bar sure to impress the customer at home, to teaching the fine art of customer management. An experienced barman can add a lot of value and life to a variety of projects.

What I Wish I Knew Before I Became A Bartender

When a local restaurant is cutting back on expensive management, or a local architect is planning an extravagant bar feature for his next home design, an hourly bar consultant can be the perfect solution that keeps operations running. Be careful and reach! Putting yourself out there will improve your bank account, support your community, and may just create the platform for a new job.

I know times are hard right now, but I am committed to preserving what is most precious to us and to you – our jobs. My team and I have found you and if you need any help, please feel free to connect with us via Instagram or email. For more ideas and motivation, click the subscribe button and I’ll see you soon! Two crossed lines that form an ‘X’. Indicates a way to close the interaction, or remove the notification.

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Here’s What It Takes To Be A Bartender In New York City

We spin the tin in our hands easily. We nod when you ask for a casual gig like The Last Word. And we don’t sweat it—it’s just one of hundreds of recipes we can call up on the fly. We are a human database of hundreds of recipes.

But there’s a lot more that bartenders have to do than make drinks. Many customers may not know everything that goes on from our perspective, from the endless cleaning and preparation work to looking after customers who are very messy.

I remember one time when a friend of mine commented on all the work that one of the DJs we hired did setting up and breaking down their equipment.

How To Make Money As A Bartender

Preparation is

Bartender Average Salary In Us 2022

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