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How To Make Money As A Chiropractor

How To Make Money As A Chiropractor – Cost is a factor in just about every consumer decision we make, whether it’s which pizza shop to order from or which brand of car we’re considering for our next mode of transportation. We work hard for our money, and we want to get the most for our money. It is no different when it comes to our health care and the costs associated with our health care. With medical costs continuing to rise, the cost-effectiveness provided by chiropractic is key to its growing popularity.

We’ve all experienced a situation where we went to a doctor’s office for what we thought would be a relatively simple and inexpensive visit. Next thing you know, after getting all the tests and meds, you’re hundreds of dollars in and unsure if any progress has been made in treating the reason you scheduled the appointment. Even with insurance, deductibles and co-pays make visiting your doctor prohibitive for many people. A sore back from the gardening you did over the weekend could end up putting you in a $1,000 hole before you know it.

How To Make Money As A Chiropractor

How To Make Money As A Chiropractor

In a case like this, it will be much more affordable to visit a chiropractor and let them develop a treatment plan designed specifically for your condition. An average visit to a chiropractor ranges from $40 to $60, and many insurance plans cover chiropractic care. With such a difference in prices, you could probably go through a full 12-visit treatment plan with a chiropractor for the same amount as one or two visits to a doctor would cost you. In addition, you will not be prescribed any expensive and potentially dangerous pain medication, as your chiropractor will treat the source of the pain rather than masking the pain with medication. Chiropractors focus on providing long-term pain relief by addressing the source of the problem, therefore leading to fewer visits in the future and overall lower healthcare costs.

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There are many ways that chiropractors help keep healthcare costs down. In addition to focusing on long-term results that lead to fewer future visits, chiropractors are extremely effective at diagnosing the root of the problem, eliminating the need for excessive testing and imaging. Chiropractors may also suggest lifestyle changes to help the patient help themselves become healthier. Chiropractic is also a great deterrent to back surgeries, which are some of the most expensive medical procedures and often lead to many complications after surgery that can add even more cost to the process. In short, chiropractic care helps the patient live pain-free while reducing the financial burden often experienced when visiting many doctors.

If you’re tired of paying exorbitant health care costs and not getting the pain relief you’re looking for, Advanced Chiropractic & Rehab may be able to help. Call us at (330) 726-7404 to set up a consultation and see what we can do to help you improve your daily quality of life. We have been serving the Youngstown and Mahoning Valley area since 2001 with convenient locations in Boardman, Hubbard and Kinsman. At Advanced Chiropractic & Rehab, we are a multidisciplinary rehabilitation group that treats work comp injuries, whiplash, sports injuries and specializes in much more than just low back pain.

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We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. If you continue to use this site, we will assume that you are satisfied with it.Ok Privacy Policy My name is Dr. John Spencer Ellis. I am not a chiropractor. My doctorate is in education (Ed.D). I am also the CEO of NESTA – National Exercise & Sports Trainers Association and the Spencer Institute. Aside from my love of health and fitness, I am a huge advocate of chiropractic care. I always have been. I always will. After a bike vs. car accident (I lost), I discovered the incredible healing powers of chiropractic.

Fast forward a few years, I became a radiology technologist, medical assistant, exercise therapist and massage therapist. I worked with all types of chiropractors, as well as orthopedists, general practitioners, industrial medicine and emergency room specialists. However, I have always drawn back to chiropractic. I prefer the natural healing methods and mindset of a chiropractor. You know what it takes.

How To Make Money As A Chiropractor

I learned a lot working in the medical industry before returning to school to complete two bachelor’s degrees, an MBA and a PhD. Funny Chiropractor Chiropractic School I Have No Life Sweatshirt

Chiropractors help more people than most medical professionals and are not properly compensated. And there are many ways the chiropractic community can dramatically increase revenue and profits while improving patient care and outcomes.

As you know, CPT codes are what make the world go round. But you probably look at them from a traditional perspective.

How about 97112 for neuro-muscular re-education? This is another term for exercise therapy, cardio training or corrective exercise instruction.

What about 97535 for self-care / home administration? This may now include sleep science/sleep hygiene counseling or stress management counseling.

Profit First For Chiropractors: Transform Your Practice From A Cash Eating Monster To A Money Making Machine By Debra Cassera

How about 97530 for exercise therapy (init.)? This is another term for exercise therapy, cardio training or corrective exercise instruction.

Simple math will show that you have earned an additional $300 – $1,000 per week with an average patient load.

First, you need to have the right education and certification(s) so that you master your craft, and have a certification that can be hung on the wall in the office to show that you are qualified.

How To Make Money As A Chiropractor

Then you offer new “menu items” to your existing and new patients so they can reach even higher levels of mobility, function and well-being.

Do Chiropractors Make Good Money?

REMEMBER: Your staff can also be trained in these different specialties so they can perform all the modalities not required by a DC.

NOTE: Each of these is in the same registration cart, so you can register for more than one program in a single checkout process.

ITCA (division of NESTA) Triathlon Coach Certification (because you probably see a lot of triathletes and you can be their activity center). (CPT codes 97112, 97110, 97530, 97116)

And if you’ve wanted to get into big corporations but are tired of the “corporate wellness fair” concept, you can earn your credentials as a Certified Corporate Wellness Coach. This has a wide range of career and income potential.

Some Chiropractors Making Big Medicare Paid Adjustments

REMEMBER: We offer a wide selection of programs that go far beyond the list above. If you’re interested, take the time to explore all of your options.

Many of these services can be provided to your patients by your team members. Just let them complete the accelerated and affordable training programs we offer you.

Of course, you can decide to take these courses yourself. In some cases, every employee completes the training so you can provide even more service and receive the right compensation.

How To Make Money As A Chiropractor

For years I spoke in a variety of settings from corporate health fairs, to Las Vegas ballrooms, to VIP receptions and even on a cruise ship. However, something happened when I decided to educate people about sleep science/sleep hygiene. People asked more questions. They showed more interest. They swarmed me when I left the stage. And best of all, I made more money talking about sleep than I ever have. The amount? $5,000 for a 1-hour presentation at “The Big Sleep Show” in Chicago. Yes, that much!

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I soon realized that the health, wellness and holistic market needed proper training (that didn’t take a year) on how to educate the public about the science of improving sleep. So my educational development team (including a Harvard physician, meditation experts, lucid dreaming experts, exercise physiologists, and a Ph.D. neurobiologist) created an accelerated and easy-to-follow Sleep Science Coach Certification that you can complete right now. Without a doubt, this is the easiest and fastest way to help your patients and get compensated for your efforts. This will fall under CPT code 97535 for self care / home management. Just like any business venture, a chiropractic practice requires capital to get started or expand. Between setting up an office, hiring staff, and purchasing medical equipment, costs can run into five or six figures. Then there’s an additional hurdle – even though chiropractic is a medical profession, lenders often treat it as alternative medicine and don’t offer the same loan terms as they would for doctors and dentists.

While figuring out how to start a chiropractic business can seem overwhelming, there are funding opportunities. Here’s how they compare.

Long-term loans: Long-term loans are for larger amounts and can be repaid over a number of years. You can apply for major purchases such as medical equipment, a new building or to buy another chiropractor’s existing practice. Although these loans may be more difficult to qualify for, the interest rates are lower.

Short-term loans: If you need money only for a short period, often

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