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How To Make Money As A Fine Artist

How To Make Money As A Fine Artist – Creating art is fun, but making money from creating art may just be a distant dream for most of us. Gone are the days when it was common for wealthy patrons to support their favorite artists who could then live a lifetime doing nothing but focus on expressing the beauty of their creativity through paint, canvas and plaster.

These days, artists have to focus on making a living first before they can spend time on their ‘hobby’

How To Make Money As A Fine Artist

How To Make Money As A Fine Artist

The dream of becoming a professional artist still lives on in many young artists. What if there was some way to drop the ball and see where our talent takes us?

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If you are one of those artists who want to make money from your talent, then this article is for you. Here you will discover 8 methods to start making money as an artist.

You’ve probably seen news stories talking about how much a piece of rare art has sold for.

We can’t all be world famous artists (yet), but that doesn’t mean we can’t make money from the works we currently have.

In addition to selling your artwork piece by piece, you can also sell it in printed form. This allows your art to reach a wider audience and makes each piece purchased by more than one buyer. Yes, this will make your artwork far from “rare”, but it can get you more exposure in the long run.

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For the discerning customer, paying a few dollars is no longer a problem if they are getting personalized art. This is why taking commissions is another viable way you can monetize your passion.

Do you have friends and family members who are active on social media? Offer to make them some personalized art as a starting point. Getting them to share your art can attract more leads (more on this later).

Once you get enough positive reviews of your artwork, you can start building your portfolio. As a freelance artist, your portfolio will act as your resume for potential clients who want to view some examples of your work.

How To Make Money As A Fine Artist

When you eventually finish working for paying clients, you can also ask them for a review/testimonial that you can add to your portfolio. This gives your name a more professional sheen, which increases your chances of landing a freelance gig.

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As mentioned earlier, sharing and exhibiting your artwork is crucial if you want more potential customers.

While simply sharing finished pieces can already get you a small following, sharing the journey of a piece from start to finish is even better. People seem to become more invested in a piece if they follow the process of its creation. Some people may even offer to buy a piece before you finish it!

Apart from social media, you can also start a YouTube channel (like Greg Simkins or Betty Franks) dedicated to your art. While you can use social media to share WIP (work in progress) photos and short videos, websites like YouTube simply offer a better platform dedicated to longer-form video content.

YouTube allows you to attract more followers by sharing how-to videos, art supply recommendations, and WIP videos. It also allows you to share community posts about WIP updates, as well as read and respond to member comments.

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Sharing on social media and YouTube count towards this, but both of these platforms tend to be more informal and unstructured. If you want to attract and help people who are looking for more formal instruction, a better option is to develop your online art course. You can find several websites that allow you to do this without much hassle.

However, you should be knowledgeable in what you are teaching. Sites like Udemy won’t accept your course if you don’t have the expertise to back it up.

Another way to sell your art is to sell it through print-on-demand (POD) services like Printify and PrintPartners. These services offer to print a design of your choice on a particular item like a t-shirt, mugs, cards, etc.

How To Make Money As A Fine Artist

The beauty of POD services is that they allow you to sell multiple copies of your art without having to keep inventory on hand. You simply advertise your art as if it were printed on some samples, get an order from a customer, then print the POD service and ship the item directly to the customer.

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Note that while you can make money through this method, it’s usually not enough to do it full time.

Last but definitely not least is a method that many artists are not aware of, at least when they are starting out – partner partnerships.

With affiliate partnerships, you have the chance to earn passive income every time you post or share a photo or video of your art. It works like this:

Through affiliate partnerships, everyone wins. You make extra money, viewers feel more confident knowing they’re using the same quality materials as you, your fans are happy to support your passion at no extra cost to them, and the company gets a few new customers.

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While on the subject of partnerships, did you know that our company, Nova Color, also offers an affiliate program for talented artists? Feel free to check out our affiliate program here. You can also check out how artists like Betty Franks, Greg Simkins, and GoopMassta work with Nova Color as affiliates here. When you make a purchase through one of the links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission.

The starving artist stereotype is something every artist hears about at some point. Different parts of the art world are very competitive indeed. Also, there is a lot of demand and a lot of opportunities out there.

Where there is demand and opportunity, there is money. So how can artists ditch the starving artist stereotype and learn how to make money with their art?

How To Make Money As A Fine Artist

This actually varies a lot depending on which numbers you believe. Does an architect really count? What about a street performer?

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The fine art sold in the New York art market is far from street photography or street art. Or graphic design and tattoo artists, for that matter. These are all ways to make money as an artist. It also shows how difficult a question like the average income for this profession can be.

As a quick note: a lot of this will focus on the drawing/painting side of the artist, but we make sure to cover options for sculpture, crafting, ceramics, and various other practices that fall under the general term “art.” Your exact skills or . specialties will make some of these options more viable. Others will be less.

The main point should be lifting. You can learn how to make money as an artist. There are opportunities for artists to get paid.

One of the best things a young artist can do is plan and research. To work constantly on their art is a given. It won’t do nearly as well if you have no idea how your skills fit into the art world. There are some very profitable conventional options, but those places tend to be limited. They are also often limited based on your connections.

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Networking is important for artists if they want to go that route to prominent shows in front of buyers with deep wallets. In fact, in that situation, it’s critical 99% of the time. Relying on that lucky, maybe 1% chance of being discovered is not a legitimate strategy for making money as an artist.

Do the research. What are the conventional ways artists in your field make money? What blogs or YouTube channels talk about the craft?

More importantly – what online resources talk about the business of making a living as an artist? Who’s talking about getting a foot in your door or how to make rent?

How To Make Money As A Fine Artist

These are all incredibly important questions for artists. That’s true whether you’re a true beginner, a hobbyist looking to make a living as an artist, or a longtime artist who’s struggled to stop being a starving artist and become financially successful.

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Learn as much information as possible from those in the know. You don’t want vague theories. Want to know what’s happening in the art world right now!

Aside from the conventional routes, take a look at the creative options available. There are some people who use their creative skills to earn good money as Fivver artists, as this article shows. This Forbes article introduces you to a $500,000 a year finger painter. Yes, you read that right.

Even on a smaller scale when starting out, there are many great websites for selling original art. There are sites that allow you to create video courses to teach art skills, like Udemy.

In other words, there are many options. Do you have a major in the field of art? Do you have several skills that you might be able to blend together? Pursuing creative or unusual business ideas where you combine some skills can lead to great things.

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The key here is getting ready. Do some research on the art world. Learn

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