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How To Make Money As A Hairstylist

How To Make Money As A Hairstylist – The hair industry will always have its ups and downs. The key to a steady income for hairdressers is to create additional income streams to help during lean times when clients cannot get their hair done as often.

For example, hairdressers who focus on fitting wigs and weaves often see a drop in orders during the summer. Many of their customers get braids that are easy to manage and not too hot in the summer.

How To Make Money As A Hairstylist

How To Make Money As A Hairstylist

Let’s look at three ways a hairdresser can make extra money while their main source of income is slow.

How Much Do Salon Owners Make? ..and How Do You Earn More?

People like to buy from someone they know and trust. If customers trust you to style their hair, they are more likely to be open to purchasing the product.

Combine Dropship Beauty Products and Private Label Branding for a winning solution. Dropship Beauty offers a growing range of unbranded beauty products.

Flat Irons are always a fantastic top selling product. Be sure to use the flat iron you sell, show the client how to use it, and offer them the option to purchase it after the session. Dropship Beauty now also offers custom flat irons with your logo.

Previously, 500 units were needed to make custom irons. In addition, you can buy several hundred irons with your logo using laser printing technology. They also offer flat irons as low as five units in total.

Dear Stylists, We’re Not Taking Half Your Money.

Depending on your budget, flat irons can be a great way to generate additional sales and profits for your business.

I want you to consider selling additional products to the products you already have for sale. For example, if you fit and sell lace front wigs, there are many opportunities.

There are different possibilities for all products and services like this. Start by writing about the product or service you offer, and then what that product will do in the next application.

How To Make Money As A Hairstylist

You can’t offer all of these products at once, and that’s okay. Start with what you can and start building your product portfolio. Remember that you should share the new products you offer on your website, social media, and especially when you have a customer in your front seat.

Hair Salon Booth Rental Vs. Commission Salons

The daily hair market may change, but there is always a need for professionals in the field of cranial prosthesis (medical wig). Hair loss caused by alopecia, medical conditions, thyroid disease, iron deficiency anemia, etc., needs to be addressed.

A brain prosthesis specialist consults with clients who suffer from hair loss due to medical conditions. During the consultation, the specialist will advise the client on which type of medical grade hair is best for their needs.

There are many different types of medical grade wigs using human hair and different styles of special caps. Medical grade wig caps use silicone, silk, and other softer materials than standard wigs that use lace. Medical grade wigs usually use natural human hair and have many color options.

Wig Medical offers a medical wig certification course that walks you through the steps to set up your business to accept payments from insurance companies. Yes, insurance companies pay for wigs. Wig Medical’s course contains the information you need to manage consultations and terminology, become an “in-network” provider, and prepare to become a cranial prosthesis specialist.

I’m A Hair Stylist

As a hairdresser, adding the title of Cranial Prosthetic Specialist is a perfect fit. If you follow the steps in the course, you will quickly be set up with insurance companies and ready to collect payments for wigs sold.

Market your knowledge with online events and classes Continuing education as a hairdresser never ends as new products and techniques are developed. Moving into this category will help you earn extra money and make you an authority in your field.

There are two ways you can set up your classes online and in person with events or 1-on-1 training. Think about how you can use the framework to work with another. Start a topic and then describe each category, subcategory, and content.

How To Make Money As A Hairstylist

Creating an online course using a platform like Thinkific is easier than you think. Once you have a class plan, you can consider classes at your salon or renting space.

A Hairstylist Provides Free Cuts To The Homeless

Make sure you review the course before considering the show on the road to different cities. Of course, there are additional costs when traveling, thus reducing your profit. But that’s fine when you’re on a budget.

Your course is also a great place to sell the products we discussed earlier, including curling irons, lace dye, and other hair styling items. Make sure they are featured prominently in your videos and presentations. Depending on the cost of the course, you may also want to price in samples of this product, so future hairdressers can use your product.

The hair industry is full of opportunities if you focus on them and stay organized. Additionally, if your business is adding additional products, services, and revenue streams, organization and system will be essential. Are you wondering how to make more money as a hairdresser in 2022 (with no stress or pressure)? In this post, I sit down with special guest Sarai Spear, who talks about her first time behind the scenes, making $200,000.

You will learn how to be a successful hairdresser and run your business confidently in 2022. Buckle up my friend and let’s dive into it.

The Average Starting Salary Of Rookie Hairdressers

Money is one of those sensitive topics that most people avoid talking about. Often we grow up in certain environments that influence our relationship with money.

We may not even know that we have unconscious beliefs about money. This can and will affect our relationship with money if we do not control it.

So I’m very excited to be sitting down with a very special guest, Sarah Spear. He makes $200K behind the couch for the first time and loses all the deets.

How To Make Money As A Hairstylist

Sarai lives in Kansas City with her 3 wiener dogs and her amazing chef husband. She has been a hairdresser for 18 years and an international teacher for the past 5 years. She is also the founder of her own membership program, The Blonding Crew.

How To Get A Haircut You’ll Actually Like, According To Stylists

I was lucky enough to connect with Sarai in 2020 at the beginning of the pandemic. However, life happened and we lost touch for a while.

We recently reconnected and it was honestly magical. As Sarai says, life puts people in your life at the right time. Neither of us were in the right space to be our full selves with each other in 2020, we both had some things we were going through and I’m so glad the universe brought us back together.

Sarah thought about how much growth she had experienced recently and she didn’t even realize it. She’s been growing her training brand and I came over the other week and talked to her Bloding crew.

Often we avoid talking about money. Whether it is out of embarrassment, fear or anxiety; money is a taboo subject that we have been taught to sweep under the rug.

Steps To Become A 6 Figure Hairstylist

For Sarai, her family’s upbringing was poor, but she didn’t know it until she was in high school. His parents were very hard working and he gets his work ethic from them.

Sarai remembers a time in high school when she begged her mother for a pair of Adidas shoes. His mother firmly told him that they had no money to buy them. So they made a trip to the local Payless Shoe store, where Sara picked up “Faux Adidas”—an off-brand version with four stripes instead of three.

Sarai was very excited to wear them to school. Unfortunately, kids can be mean and her classmates made fun of her for wearing fake shoes. It was an extremely embarrassing moment when Sarah realized that her family was not rich.

How To Make Money As A Hairstylist

She admits she never had a healthy relationship with money growing up. He believed that you work hard for what you want and that’s it.

How To Set Up The Commission Structure For A Salon

This is while his father worked at McDonald’s from chef to district manager. With his promotion, they rose and Sarai believed that this would solve all their problems.

More money doesn’t mean that all your worries, stresses and anxieties will disappear completely. Sarai has lived for a long time, and if she earns more money, she will finally be happy. She eventually learned that it wasn’t.

Now, let me be perfectly clear, this does not mean that money is not important or that we need it to survive. It’s just not like that.

But if you’re looking for money to make you happy, external validation won’t fill the inner void.

Salon Marketing Ideas

It’s about rethinking your money mindset and asking yourself how you can help the world with more money. How can you earn more, help people?

By changing your mindset to see money as an opportunity to give back, it won’t feel bad either

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