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How To Make Money As A High School Student

How To Make Money As A High School Student – How to make money in high school, even during the school year? Great resources for your child to earn cash (whether they want to get a formal job, or not).

And high school? Well, almost every teenager I know is doing a bit of banging to earn extra money to call their own.

How To Make Money As A High School Student

How To Make Money As A High School Student

Whether it’s because they want to save up for a car loan, pay for weekend activities with friends, buy their girlfriend a birthday present… there are endless reasons why a high school student might want to start earning cash.

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If your child is thinking about getting a job or finding a way to make money in high school, send it here.

Because I’m going to list several ways to make money while they’re in high school, and what they might want to think about when it comes to earning money at their age.

Oh yes – and I have ways to earn cash whether they have a driver’s license or not.

I mean, I didn’t get my driver’s license until I was 17, but I started getting paid when I was 14!

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That’s because their high school diploma, teacher referrals, test scores, extracurricular activities, and more can give you a boost in their adult life.

Anyway – most of the teenagers I know want to earn money too (I had multiple jobs when I was a teenager, so I totally get it!).

Not only that, but gaining experience on the job can help in many ways, such as getting solid referrals, finding out what career path they might want and what career path they don’t want, and developing certain skills they might want. they didn’t know they had it.

How To Make Money As A High School Student

During the school year, there are opportunities to both earn money AND stay on top of their studies.

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Tip: your child will need to prioritize their time better to keep up with work on top of school. Check out my free printable after-school schedule for high school teens to help them stay on top of homework, projects, and manage their after-school time (even extracurriculars).

But first, they have to figure out how to be available to work during the school year. Periods such as winter break, summer break, and weekends can all be used for work.

Your child will also want to keep in mind activities such as sports seasons that they find important. Maybe they are a star baseball player, so the Spring/Summer season will be very busy, but the fall can be a good time to take on a part-time job.

Next, I want to talk about the difference between making consistent money in high school, versus being inconsistent. Because you guys may choose one over the other depending on the family and your teen’s needs/wants.

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Psst: here’s a 3-week job search plan on how to get a job as a teenager, and 5 free resume templates for teens. How Do You Make Consistent Money While In High School?

There are two ways to make money as a teenager – either part-time/full-time jobs, or “on the side” from various sources (like taking surveys, occasionally babysitting a younger cousin, and selling some games back. GameStop).

It’s really up to the youth and their parents if they’d like to make a steady income as a high school student — meaning having a formal job, whether part-time or full-time — or if they just want to try a mixed income.

How To Make Money As A High School Student

The job will provide a fixed income. They will likely be given a fixed schedule (or will have to sign up for time slots to work weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly), so they know in advance what the profit will be.

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Without the structure and certainty of a job income, they will have to create their own drive to earn the money they want.

It is really up to you and your child whether they can handle the task at their age, and if it is a good use of their time.

They will also need to follow any youth employment laws in your state, and make sure they can legally work as you would like, first. Also, remember the Youth Minimum Wage law.

Finally, another thing to consider when trying to make money during the school year is giving your child a big enough head start when they get a job.

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For example, when I was in high school and knew I wanted my old job back at Chester County Migrant Ministry during summer break, I called my boss around March. I wanted to give him enough time – before he thought about hiring someone else – to take me back. And if I find out that I don’t need it during the summer? Then I wanted to give myself enough time to look for another summer job.

In this section, find real places to work as a teenager (temporary and seasonal ideas). Some of them even make the list of the 16 highest paying jobs for high school students!

Did you know that many schools offer positions to students? Sometimes during the school year, and usually in the summer.

How To Make Money As A High School Student

Enter at the school-district level, as there may be positions in elementary or middle schools, too.

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Contact your local government about any leagues looking for referees or assistant referees, as well as middle schools and elementary schools…even your high school coach may know of an open position (and may be willing to recommend you to it).

Although your child may not have a cosmetology license (so they can’t do actual salon work), a salon is a business, so there are other types of work that need to be done.

Salons have to communicate with customers, pay, keep up with appointments, sweep hair, disinfect between customers, and more.

For example, here is an art studio with a youth tuition program that pays $15.00/hr. Are you not only paid for the work, but also your training on the job? It’s paid, too. Good skills to pick up at a young age.

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If your child completes a state-recognized program, then they can also receive a certificate of completion from the Department of Labor – a great addition to any resume.

There are a variety of veterinary careers available to high school students. For example, I had a job grinding horse stables at a local veterinarian’s house.

Your child can also be a pet shop assistant and clean cages. They can inquire about positions at a local farm or horse farm.

How To Make Money As A High School Student

My husband had a landscaping position when he was young. It’s a lot of work, but a great way to get the two of you outside every now and then and build your muscles!

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Work to be done. We were a small family farm, and not only did my sister, brother, and I earn money from our work, but my father hired help (and other young people, from time to time).

Harvest time is the best time to organize farm work, as they need more hands during that time of year (and have more income…or at least expected income).

Get in touch with local photographers (those who do headshots and such), and ask if they need an assistant to help with photography.

Your child may find new locations to shoot, come up with marketing ideas for ways to get more adults in during photo shoots, help out on weekends at weddings, etc.

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There are billions of dollars in research grants awarded annually in this country, for projects ranging from lab to business, to various field projects.

In fact, my first job out of college was paid for with a USDA grant (and it only lasted one year).

And when I was in college? I found a local non-profit company where I set myself up as an intern for $12.00/hour. They agreed!

How To Make Money As A High School Student

Hint: that’s how I got my first job out of college, starting at $40,000 – it was the same company. Paid internships can lead to a real job. 10. Camp Counselor

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Most young people look for these positions during the summer – and that is a good time for them. But don’t forget that there are also week-long camps during spring break, holidays, and even weekend camps.

And if your child comes in for a short time and shows the camp that they have what it takes to work there, then they may be ahead of the competition for a summer camp counselor position.

Startup companies need to find cheap labor to help them as they try to survive and grow. Not only that, but most startups have some form of funding from a crowdfunder, angel investor, etc.

When I was in college, I found a local start-up company and set myself up as a paid intern. They pay me $12/hour. to work for their international marketing, AND, they offered me a $40, 000/year position (paid for by a USDA grant) right after graduation!

After High School

Your child can find out when local politicians are elected in your neighborhood, town, city, etc., and seek a paid job or position with them.

The job will only last for so long

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