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How To Make Money At A Flea Market

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I have been to many markets, I like to see everything, talk to the vendors and if I’m lucky, I get a good meal. One trend I’m noticing is that many sellers are taking full income. Hello, American Pickers! So this led me to do some digging and ask how to make money in the stock markets, and I mean really make money!

How To Make Money At A Flea Market

How To Make Money At A Flea Market

Because who doesn’t want to travel around and buy cool stuff and get paid for it? This is one of the many ways we share where you can make money online (and offline too!)

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Before we dive in, you should understand that there are 2 types of barebones markets. There are those that you buy a regular shop every month. Generally, this is where you can leave your items overnight when they are locked up.

They are also mostly indoor and some even have it open all week and you don’t need to run your own store because they have a cashier for the building, you just need to use your vendor code when pricing your items. .

Then there are the tourist markets. Those that are open one weekend a month, usually at the same location. These you should install and remove every night. You also need to pay and reserve your spot each time.

These can also be centered around town events, and if you plan to do this type of mailing, you can travel a bit further, usually within 100 miles, which will bring you more buyers for more work.

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If you want to dig deeper into this topic, I recommend picking up the book Flea Market America: The Complete Guide to the Flea Enterprise.

Wait, what? Yes, you read that right. Sell ​​the stuff you get for free. how are you There are several ways.

Garbage Day Trolling – You know those guys who drive down your street on garbage day and pick things up from the side of the road. Most of these items are really good that people don’t want to put in the effort to sell. Sometimes it needs minor repairs or a new paint job.

How To Make Money At A Flea Market

Facebook Groups – One of my local groups is really for free stuff, and many times in the buy and sell groups, people give away free stuff to get or give away.

How To Make Extra Money At A Flea Market Booth

So, you want to shop garage sales in 2 different ways because both will bring you great profits.

Early morning shopper – First you want to be the annoying guy first thing. Get first choice on items you can resell. While you’re at it, mark the bulk of the inventory for the next pick.

Last Buyer – The second way to make money from a garage sale is one of the last buyers. You go in and if something looks good, offer them a low price for everything else. You pull and pull it, they make some money and you don’t have to deal with it anymore. Then you can separate and take what you want to sell and donate the rest for tax purposes.

Visiting thrift stores can yield great finds for resale. You really have to dig here. Name brand clothing can be found along with some great furniture. Thrift stores are a great place to find items to upgrade or upcycle.

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They also have a free box of items they couldn’t sell or small items they both don’t want. It’s a great place to visit too. Why? Well, thrift store employees generally have no idea how much the items in the store cost. They do a price guide for everything so you never know what you might find.

Don’t be afraid to put in a little work to convert it. It can be as simple as painting an object. I know a shop owner who takes simple sticks, adds fancy decorations to the handles and resells them.

There are other places to find items for sale. Be sure to pay attention to these places.

How To Make Money At A Flea Market

Clearance Boxes – This is great for the holidays if you can store items. Shop Christmas items for up to 75% off after the holidays and keep them until next season. It’s also great for any holiday item.

How To Make And Save Money At A Flea Market Story

Estate Sale – This is where a family tries to clear out the entire house quickly. These are usually children who want to clean up their parents’ house after they die or when they move into a nursing home. Prices are usually about the same as garage sales and you can get great deals.

Wholesale Warehouses – You can get great deals by buying a box of items multiple times that these warehouses sell. If you can stock up on items, you can get a great deal and fill up your shop.

Make sure you know your market and what people in the area you sell to buy. This will be very important!

Vintage toys and games – Baby boomers seem to have a tendency to want to buy toys from their childhood, plus they’re willing to pay for it. This makes a great business selling vintage toys and games. If you can find them in good condition, you can make really good money.

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Vintage Clothing – Vintage, branded clothing in good condition sells well. A thrift blogger I follow found a 1980’s Oscar De La Renta dress at a thrift store for $5 and resold it for $200!

Jewelry – Both costume and real jewelry will be fine. You’re not getting top dollar, but you’re not just getting your weight in gold. This is a tip to never pay more when buying jewelry then you can get their gold so you never have any money.

Tools – Guys are always looking for deals on tools. Building a collection of tools for business or even personal use can be quite expensive, so they are always looking for deals on used tools.

How To Make Money At A Flea Market

One of a kind item – One of a kind item always works well. If they can’t find it elsewhere, they’re more likely to get it there. Years ago I saw this vintage Dr. Pepper sign in an antique store and thought about it, and when I went back it was gone. To this day I kick myself for not jumping on it and you can use it to your advantage to sell for one item.

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Be prepared, or people will come and discuss your prices, so make sure you build in a small room for this building.

Know Your Bottom Line – Know what the bottom line is that you can’t make any more money and stick to it. It is not worth selling, you will lose money.

Go for 2 for 1 or 3 for 1 specials – Talk like this makes shoppers think they’re getting something special, even if they’re not. Don’t be afraid to offer it for any item.

Make it fun – Joke and interact with them, be fun and light-hearted, and they’ll be willing to pay more just because they like you.

How To Make Big Money In The Flea Market Business Ebook By Moe Foster

While you can make some decent money at flea markets, remember that the buyer still wants a deal. So this is not where you get top dollar.

You need to keep the prices low enough to attract buyers, but high enough to make money and allow for negotiation.

What does it look like? Well, say you pick up a whole set of china at a thrift store for $20. While doing your research, you find out that the kit costs $100. You want to always double your money to break $40 there. With me so far? So, leaving room for negotiation, but allowing the buyer to still feel like they got a deal, I’m listing it for $75.

How To Make Money At A Flea Market

Buy a $75 list and save $25 right away and enjoy the deal. That still leaves you with $35 to negotiate. Although if I’m being honest, I wouldn’t charge less than $50 for a kit myself.

Make And Save Money At Flea Markets Story

The bottom line is to always know what your bottom line is on items and always try to at least double your money.

Price per item – Most people, myself included, won’t ask you for a price if the item doesn’t have a price. This could be a missed sale.

Power and Batteries – If the item needs power, have a place to plug it in so buyers can test the item. Also, if your item needs batteries, have fresh batteries in the item for buyers to see.

Be friendly and connect with customers. If they like them around the cabin you connect longer and

How To Make Big Money In The Flea Market Business (paperback)

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