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How To Make Money Books

How To Make Money Books – Hello! Enjoy this post about how to make money selling books from my friend’s blog. You can see other ideas in my hustle series here.

For seven years, I worked at several bookstores and now for at least the last decade I’ve been buying books at clearance sales, library sales, and garage sales, then flipping them on Amazon for a profit.

How To Make Money Books

How To Make Money Books

Another strategy that has proved quite profitable is selling books, CDs, and DVDs in chain bookstores. I know that some franchises, with stores in multiple cities, buy used books. Half Price Books is one of them. But my experience and specific tips are based on selling to Hastings Entertainment, although I suspect that most of the strategies I’m about to share apply to other companies as well.

How To Make Money Selling Your Books On

While I buy used books at garage sales, library sales, and such, better deals can sometimes be found at retail establishments.

For several years, I bought books at one of the franchises with a local shop that would discount new books to as low as 47 cents per book. I’ll be buying cart loads, reselling more valuable books on Amazon, donating certain needed titles to a university library under development elsewhere, and trading most of the other books at Hastings Entertainment.

Then over the course of a few years other bookstores, that have gone out of business (understandably), will discount their new books that have been available for a number of years. They would gradually lower their prices until they sold a full sack for $15.

About once every three months I would buy several sacks full of books with each sack of books having a retail value of several hundred dollars.

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Again, I’ll be selling the more valuable books on Amazon, keeping a few and then trading most of the rest on Hastings Entertainment. It is very easy to make money selling books.

Now if you’re trying to give it a try at your local Hastings or other used bookstore, below are some of my best tips on how to make money selling used books.

1. Buy books that are in good condition, with no marks on the text and no leftover marks (marked lines) on the bottom edge of the page. Hardcover books that originally came with covers must have covers. Paperback books are fine as long as they are trade paper (larger books) and not mass market (books that are about the length and width of a checkbook). Also, it is important that every book you try to trade at Hastings has a barcode on the back. While older books may sell on Amazon, they’re usually not eligible to sell on Hastings.

How To Make Money Books

2. Look around. When taking your book into Hastings or another store, the associate will usually ask for valid ID. and then continue scanning what you have brought with you. If a book is not in their system or if they already have sufficient stock, then they can reject it. But be warned, just because one Hastings doesn’t need a particular book doesn’t mean the other doesn’t. If you have found a supplier for new books, they will most likely sell.

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3. After all the books have been scanned, the associate will give you an offer. Cash prices will be quoted as well as credit rates at most stores. I always take credit because the amount of credit is much bigger. When receiving credit, the associate will ask if you want it on your account or on the card. I asked for a card. That way the card can be used anywhere in Hastings and online too. If you want to make money, then definitely take cash if you want to make money selling books.

4. Over the years, I have used the credit to buy an acoustic guitar for my eldest son, rent DVDs, and buy games. However, there is one other benefit that most people are not aware of. If there’s nothing in the store you want to buy, you can use a Hastings card to buy gift cards for other businesses. For years, we paid for our AT&T calls by buying phone card minutes in Hastings. I also used those credits to purchase gift cards for Olive Garden, Longhorn Steakhouse, Chili’s, On the Border, Macaroni Grill, Cracker Barrel, and Sonic. As well as food, Hastings has gift cards for cinema, Footlocker, Champs and iTunes. Over the years, I have repeatedly bought books for a few dollars and traded them for food, phone minutes, shoes, and gifts.

I suggest you start your search at home. Browse your books, CDs, DVDs and video games. Ask yourself the question, would I rather own this item or a dollar or two or three? Once you have a dozen or so items, take them to Hastings or another place that buys books and watch how things go.

Next, if you’re ready to pursue this as a sort of treasure hunt hobby, start looking at bookstores and see who might have a fairly low priced license book. Often the clearance items are at the back of the store, although this isn’t always the case. If you find a store that has a clearing area with books marked off maybe 50% off, check back in a few weeks and see if the discounts are any lower. Your goal is to try to buy the books for less than 50 cents each.

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If or when you find a shop with such an offer then it will be your place to look for treasure again and again. While new bookstores are preferable, not every town has one with such low prices, so check out library sales and garage sales as well. Since I love books, this can be a win-win situation.

Sometimes I find books I can sell on Amazon, other times I find books I can sell on Hastings. And even though I didn’t find a book I could sell through either place, I might find one I’d like to read myself, because after all, I love books.

Author bio: Carey is a husband, father, and blogger. He and his wife have been married for 20 years and have two teenage sons. Carey also has a blog called where she shares practical tips about finances and family life.

How To Make Money Books

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