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How To Make Money Buying Bad Loans Bartmann

How To Make Money Buying Bad Loans Bartmann – Bill Bartman, who founded the now-defunct Commercial Financial Services Inc. helped found, he was speaking at a January 2005 luncheon for the Tulsa family-owned business organization. Stephen Holman / Tulsa World File

Bill Bartman is going back into debt – but instead of collecting it, this time he’s going to invest in it.

How To Make Money Buying Bad Loans Bartmann

How To Make Money Buying Bad Loans Bartmann

The former billionaire who founded Commercial Financial Services Inc. The man who co-founded this Tulsa debt collection company, which employed more than 3,900 people in the 1990s after a decade of fraud, now wants to help people buy failed real estate securities from the government.

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He is organizing a private equity fund to help investors buy these so-called “toxic assets.” He plans to attract more than $1 billion in investment for the fund.

Toxic assets, as defined by industry professionals, include commercial or residential real estate loans that are not performing as agreed, including collateralized mortgage obligations or debt securities composed of subprime loans.

Bartman said Wednesday that the fund will take advantage of the Obama administration’s plan to auction off pools of toxic residential mortgages through the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. Auctions are designed to eliminate uncertainty about property values, thereby encouraging investment. balance sheets of banks, encourage them to lend more freely and help restore the economy.

Five-sixths of the purchase price of the toxic assets would be backed by the FDIC, the remaining half by the Treasury Department and half by investors, such as Bartmann’s Fund.

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The administration announced its plan on March 23. It will acquire up to $1 trillion of soured mortgage bonds with the help of private investors.

With the backing of the FDIC, Bartmann thinks the offering will be attractive to many investors. “The government is taking the risk, so the investor will not bear much loss,” he said in a telephone interview.

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How To Make Money Buying Bad Loans Bartmann

Bartman is providing seed money and seeking contributions from sources such as investment funds and hedge funds, he said.

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Despite CFS’s failure and resulting allegations of accounting fraud, Bartman said he should have no problem finding investors.

“I was unanimously acquitted by a jury of my peers and apologized by a bankruptcy judge who found no fraud at CFS,” he said. “Intelligent investors understand the difference.”

Bartman has since conducted seminars on how to grow and succeed in business. He plans to publish a book in May, “Bailout Riches: How Everyday Investors Can Make a Fortune Buying Bad Loans for Pennies on the Dollar.”

He said that the fund and the book had nothing to do with it. The fund will only accept “sophisticated investors” and the book is for those who don’t qualify for the fund but want to invest elsewhere, he said.

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[email protected] SUBHEAD: It will buy “toxic assets” through federal auctions, now burdening banks. Bill Bartman: Starting a new business

As executive director of the Tulsa Authority for Economic Opportunity, Kian Camas was instrumental in bringing $275 million in new investment to the area last fiscal year, according to the agency’s annual report.

Added together, the 25 families on this list have a combined net worth of $943.7 billion. If it were a country, it would be the 17th richest nation in the world.

How To Make Money Buying Bad Loans Bartmann

Borrowers hoping to have $10,000 or $20,000 wiped from their debt will have to wait until the lawsuit begins; A hearing is already scheduled for next week.

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The application process is now open and the administration says it will take five minutes to complete the form. Get more information about it and latest business news here.

Township 21, located at 145th East Avenue northwest of 86th Street, aims to provide affordable, income-restricted housing.

© Copyright 2022 Tulsa World, 315 S. Boulder Ave. Tulsa, OK 74103 | Terms of Use | Privacy Policy | Do not sell my information Cookie Preferences Debt Discounters of America has just 100 customers when Bill Bartman, its president and CEO, sits down to describe what the company is doing.

DDA is a debt-settlement company that acts as a negotiator for people to reduce their debts. Individuals then make settlement payments to wipe out their debt.

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The DDA earns its money through a 25 percent fee on the reduced loan amount. This is a new venture in the growing business segment and Bartman believes that DDA can grow from start-up to 3,000 employees in three years.

“It’s actually going to be bigger than CFS because of the opportunities before it,” Bartman said last week. “It’s not about Tulsa or Oklahoma. It’s about America and reaching people in America with credit.”

CFS – Commercial Financial Services Inc. – Grown from a start-up to an international company with 3,900 employees and $1 billion in annual revenue. The Tulsa-based debt-collection firm ran into debt problems of its own in 1998, filed for bankruptcy and closed its doors in June 1999.

How To Make Money Buying Bad Loans Bartmann

Several of the lawsuits followed Bartman’s departure from CFS, the company he co-founded and led from its inception through its boom years. Bartman is a defendant in nearly a dozen lawsuits alleging securities fraud.

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In addition, former managers of the failed company have been called before a grand jury to testify about CFS’s demise and Bartman’s role.

None of these legal clouds slowed him down. Instead, Bartman recently announced that his new business will create jobs and build on the 68,000-customer base developed by his first post-CFS venture, Neighborhood Financial Center. Debt Discounters is a subsidiary of Neighborhood Financial, which provides small loans, check cashing, utility payments, pawn shops and insurance services.

Bartman said the debt-settlement business has had fewer of the financial hang-ups or regulatory problems that debt collectors like the now-defunct CFS faced.

“We don’t need to spend $50 million a month on bad debt,” Bartman said. “We have no CFS costs.”

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Loan originators will not have restrictions on when they can call a borrower or the information they need to track a borrower. The borrowers will approach the DDA and the company will negotiate for them, he said.

Although the DDA is new, what does it plan to do? Many companies offer similar offers over the Internet, usually as a means for people to avoid filing bankruptcy. There are also individuals who negotiate similar settlements for themselves, cutting out third parties.

Art Rascher, an associate professor of management at the University of Tulsa, said the changing bankruptcy environment could benefit debt-settlement companies. Changes to bankruptcy rules will make it harder for individuals to wipe out debt.

How To Make Money Buying Bad Loans Bartmann

Others in the area already offer debt consolidation or credit counseling, such as the United Way Agency Credit Counseling Center of Oklahoma, but Bartman seems to have an advantage, Rascher said.

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“He’s done a good job of keeping track of information in the past and using it to build his business,” Rascher said. “This is an industry where it’s not always done well.”

In California, home to many debt-settlement operations, the state legislature passed a bill in August that waived a one-time $50 fee for counseling and 15 percent of the loan. The bill awaiting the governor’s signature covers only nonprofit community service organizations.

“This industry has just grown,” Bartman said. “At CFS, we’ve never dealt with a company like that. That’s the other side of the issue.”

The mention of CFS illustrates the importance of that operation. The shadow of his successes and failures still looms large, as do the lawsuits that arose from his collapse and the public’s hurt feelings from the failure of the business.

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The latter provokes Baartman to a conversation and an angry call to the editor. Bartman acknowledged them, as well as supportive calls and letters.

Bartman’s attorney, Jim Reed, said most of the lawsuits involving Bartman or other senior managers are still in the discovery phase. He also noted that one of the suits alleging securities fraud had been dismissed, and that the plaintiff in another of these suits was seeking dismissal.

“Given the long-term view, the complex issues and the years it will take to resolve, plaintiffs are making the decision themselves to drop them,” Reed said.

How To Make Money Buying Bad Loans Bartmann

Bartman added that, in the most recent lawsuit, people holding $1 billion in CFS loans named only the company’s advisers. Neither Bartman nor any other CFS manager was named.

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“It says, ‘Bill was cheated,'” Bartman said. “It’s not what I wanted to hear, but, finally, after four years, someone said I’m not a bad person.”

Bartman, as chairman, president and chief executive of CFS, received a great deal of blame and skepticism for the company’s collapse.

In particular, fellow co-founder Jay L. Bartman had a pattern of buying stock in a closely held company from Jones. Jones was using the same amount to buy non-performing ones

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