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How To Make Money By Thieving

How To Make Money By Thieving – Released in May 2002, Thieving has become a very popular skill for Old School RuneScape players and has become a 99 speed to acquire. Get ready for a heist, as in this guide, we’ll not only cover the shortest path to heist 99, but we’ll also cover some money makers. You never know, you might even make some real money while learning how to steal. Feel free to use the methods in this OSRS Thieving Guide by .

Before the actual hacking guide, we want to talk about the importance of searching. Early heists can be very repetitive and involve a lot of clicking, so we recommend completing a few missions that give you a decent amount of heist experience to zoom through the early levels. Here’s a rundown of all the OSRS missions that offer the heist experience. If you want to skip the questing process, use our OSRS Questing service.

How To Make Money By Thieving

How To Make Money By Thieving

So that you can use it on your thieving trip to 99, we recommend using the following items, as they can make your trip much more profitable, faster, or both! If you need some gold to craft these items, check out our OSRS gold buying page.

Pickpocketing H.a.m. Members

You can get these unique cloaks after completing each of Erdoğan’s diaries. After completing the Ardougne easy diary, the first stage, Ardougne Cloak 1, gives you a 10% higher chance of successfully robbing Ardougne stalls. The second tier stacks with the Easy Diary after completing the Medium Diary and offers a 10% higher chance of pickpocketing in Ardougne. The third tier stacks with previous diaries after completing the hard diary and gives you a 10% higher chance of success when pickpocketing around Gielinor. Keep in mind, you don’t need to equip cloaks for bonuses to apply. You can get the capes from Two Pints ​​at the Flying Horse Inn east of Ardogan.

While equipped, this Agate Charm Necklace gives you a 25% chance not to be stunned or hit when pickpocketing any NPC. This will help you a lot when pickpocketing and increase the speed of gaining experience. This necklace has 10 charges, a charge is consumed each time you recover from a daze. In general, the necklace can grant you immunity for up to one minute.

To find rogue gear, you need to unlock rogue gear, which you can do by completing the Rouge’s Den minigame. Besides being a cool and shiny outfit, the full rouge outfit gives you the chance to double an NPC’s loot by pickpocketing. If you follow the path of the profitable part of this guide, we highly recommend it.

To begin your heist journey and this OSRS heist guide, you’ll want to pickpocket men and women up to level 5. You can find men and women practically anywhere, but they are most abundant in places like Lumbridge and Edgeville. You’ll only be there for a few minutes, so don’t take it easy. Here’s a tip for pickpocketing – go to your settings, go to the “play controller” icon in the top right and select “Hide” under “NPC Attack Options”. This makes pickpocketing much easier, since your default left-click selection is pickpocketing, not fighting. If you want to skip these initial steps and jump straight into the fun parts of Thieving, use the OSRS Power Leveling service.

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You will be robbing the Cake Shop in East Ardogan Market from levels 5 to 20. More precisely, on the eastern side of the market you can find the cake stall (known as the Baker’s Stall). To steal them optimally, stand in front of the market and steal! Leave it (or the bank) until you have a full inventory and continue the robbery. If on rare occasions he threatens your guard, you can run away or be brave and confront him. That way, you’ll be back to stealing in no time. After all, you’ll only be here for about 20 minutes.

The silk stall, where you will be from level 20-25, is right next to the cake stalls that should have been stolen from level 5-20. A map of them, just like the cake stalls, to steal these stalls effectively, just stand in front of the stall facing the market and continue stealing. Also, if you’re looking for some extra cash while doing this, you can sell silk to merchants.

Between levels 25 and 45, in Great Kourend, you must steal fruit from Hosidius’ fruit stand. The pavilion, more precisely, is on the east side of Hosidius’s house, near the beach. However, to do so, you need 15% courtesy of Hosidius House, which is incredibly easy. There is a bank to the west if you want to bank your stolen goods. Do this until level 45.

How To Make Money By Thieving

We finally get into the core of this hacking OSRS guide. Get used to blackjack, because you’ll be doing it a lot. You go to Pollnivneach from levels 45 to 55 to block the Pollnivnian bearded bandits. For blackjack you must have blackjack, preferably maple blackjack. Just when you find a bearded bandit knock him down with blackjack, pick him up while he’s unconscious and wait for him to get back up. If you have fast hands, double-click when he’s on the ground for more experience and gold.

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However, when you get caught trying to blackjack the bandit, he will attack you for 4 HP. Once you get hit, just try to knock them back over and over again and hope they’re knocked unconscious again. If you’re too slow to take them down when they get to you, they’ll start hitting you. If this happens, just run away, recover your health and come back. And if you are in the building, you can go up the stairs and wait a few seconds.

The Ali Dyer Building, on the north side of Polnionik, is our favorite spot for blackjack of all bandit forms. The reason you want to use this house is because it’s super small and has easy ladder access to escape.

If you’re running out of food and hoping to live longer, there’s a slightly western banknote vendor, and we’ve provided you with his location on the map. Simply give him some noted food along with some coins and he will remove them for you so you can continue playing blackjack. Ali the barman, a little south, sells wines for 1gp if you don’t want to bring food. Just do this method until 55 and you will get several hundred thousand gold!

Just as you blackjack bearded bandits from levels 45-55, we’re doing the same from levels 55-65, except now you blackjack non-bearded bandits. They are still in the same place, so you want to blackjack them with the same technique seen before. To distinguish between bearded and beardless bandits, look at their hands to see if they’re holding a weapon, other than the obvious difference in facial hair. Not all bearded bandits will have a scimitar, while beardless bandits will carry a grappling hook. Best of all, you’ll get more hourly experience and even more gold per hour!

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And we will blackjack again from level 65 to level 91. This time, the opposition will be Tugs. On the south side of Pollnivneach, you’ll find these hard-to-miss level 55s. The blackjack strategy for them is exactly the same as before. Except this time, you’ll have a lot more experience and a lot more gold! And it’s much easier to blackjack them at around 77 steals, which isn’t too far out of line given your current level.

To complete your OSRS Thieving journey, you complete the Pyramid Plunder minigame from levels 91 to 99. For this process you will be in Jalsaure’s Pyramid in Sophanem, which is unlocked after starting the quest “Icthlarin’s Little Helper”. Otherwise you can use the teleport function of Pharoh’s Scepter to get there directly. We also suggest trying “Tamas!” for easy access to the bank next to the pyramid. complete the If you haven’t done the quest, your next bank is in Nardah, which is a very tedious walk whenever you need food or counter-position.

For maximum effectiveness, we recommend carrying weight loss equipment as well as prayer potions, antidotes, food, coins, and stamina/energy potions. And there’s a 1 in 1,000 chance of getting the Pharaoh’s Scepter for an extra bonus, which is highly requested. Unfortunately, we are not going to check the specifications of Pyramid Plunder and the steps to complete it

How To Make Money By Thieving

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