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How To Make Money Doing Something You Love

How To Make Money Doing Something You Love – Consider a Venn diagram with two circles. One is full of things you consider “work,” or things you don’t like, but you can do to make money. The other is filled with things you think are “interesting,” or things you love but won’t make you money doing them.

There is an important distinction that many people make about this chart. A lot of people make the mistake of seeing this chart as UNIVERSAL, the chart will be a list of things that nobody likes (but they can do for money) and a list of things that are interesting. Everyone loves to work (but they don’t make money).

How To Make Money Doing Something You Love

How To Make Money Doing Something You Love

The right way to view this chart is to remember that these two lists are Personal to you. Everyone has their own list. What you think is FUN may not be fun for someone else. And what someone else considers work may be fun for you.

Days To Change:: Day 14 Make Money Doing What You Love

This is especially true when it comes to problem solving. Some people find it FUN to solve certain problems, while others may not. Solving problems can give people great satisfaction and a sense of accomplishment.

So if you can fill these two lists with anything you can think of, you’ll find that something actually falls on BOTH sides and overlaps in the Venn diagram.

It needs your attention. If you’ve made this list (and you might as well make money you like), you can sort them all into “Most FUN” and “Most Money”.

Some things will be interesting mostly for a small amount of money. Some will have more money, but little fun. Some things will allow you to have great fun as well as make a decent amount of money.

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And when I say “enough money,” I mean you can build a full-time, comfortable life around these things. If you set the criteria of “making at least a million dollars a year” as a requirement, you won’t find many items on this list.

But you can live very comfortably and be very happy earning less than a million rupees a year. Remember, the TOP 1% of income earners in the US make $400,000 and getting to $400,000 is a lot easier than $1,000,000,000, especially if you’re just starting out.

Also, if you want to make $1,000,000 (which is definitely possible), you should start with $400,00 so you can start with a realistic and achievable goal and grow from there.

How To Make Money Doing Something You Love

When asked how much money can be made with the information in this book/course, I usually use “six figures”. These range from $100,000 to $999,999. There are so many numbers in between that I think most people would be very happy with, especially doing something you really enjoy doing!

What Is The Love Of Money?

You can look at me as an example. If you can’t tell by now, I love to talk business ideas and side hustles and talk about brainstorming. I love helping people find their passions and turn them into businesses that help other people. I LOVE learning about new technologies that people can make money from.

I enjoy hosting events and answering questions about all of Amazon’s business platforms. I enjoy the process of writing, publishing, publishing and marketing a book. I think about all these things even when I’m resting. I’ll talk to a lot of people about these topics (often when I’m not asked).

Things I like/like/like to do? They can bring VALUE to other people. And some (or many) of these people will gladly pay me to help and answer their questions. I really feel like I’ve found the magical opposite of that Venn diagram.

Here’s another take on creating and sorting a personal list from the Venn diagram exercise. I’ve often seen people think that none of this will work because they aren’t the “World’s BEST”. This is an apology. Even if you’re not the best in the world, you can easily provide significant value to others, and I’m going to prove that to you right now.

Meaningful Money Is Not Everything Quotes To Give You A Right Perspective

Take someone who loves basketball so much, but they don’t put it on their list because they’re not LeBron James or Michael Jordan, or because they realize they’ve never played in the NBA. So they can’t make big money around the sport of basketball? Of course not!

There are careers related to the sport of basketball. They can be a coach, trainer, statistician or any other career related to the sport of basketball. They can coach high school or host their own basketball clinics. They can run a YouTube channel showing drills and techniques to help players improve their skills. They can offer distance coaching on Bulking, publish exercise and nutrition guides and magazines. The list goes on.

Take me as an example again. I will never sell more books than Stephen King, but if I set that goal, I will be frustrated at the expense of living a very happy life and making a lot of money writing books for my market. Its market. Make Money At Home 30 Days To Change :: 14 Days – Make Money Doing What You Love Sep 14, 2014

How To Make Money Doing Something You Love

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How To Find The Balance Between Love And Money

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