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How To Make Money Fast On Runescape F2p

How To Make Money Fast On Runescape F2p – Every time I started playing Runescape after a break, of course we all ask ourselves if we want to jump straight back into the members’ land or start a brand new new account and use the old school methods to get one step closer to this link. For me, I’ve always struggled with F2P money as it really limits what you can do, but for those who may not be able to afford a membership or just want to get into P2P without real money and want to start from stage 1 after the tutorial island, I did some research and found some of my own up-to-date F2P methods that are sure to help you reach your goals!

Please note that almost all items you collect from the desert or through other methods will not be able to be sold on the Grand Exchange until your account is old enough. You must have either 7 quest points, 24 hours of in-game time, or upgrade to P2P.

How To Make Money Fast On Runescape F2p

How To Make Money Fast On Runescape F2p

Nowadays, desert looting is really the risky but most rewarding method of making money as a free player, just when you appear in the main land, you can head to Edgeville and start making money right away! Of course, since you’re in the desert, you’ll run into people who will try to kill you.. But more often than not, people don’t bother with a level 3 running around. Your real competition will be from other looters, so make sure you’re ready to click!

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Go to Edgeville and switch to world 308, it is recommended that you take some of the starting food from the training island with you in the desert, but you will have a supply of your own food within the first hour. It’s so simple! After switching to world 308, head through the Edgeville desert ditch and take everything you see! You’d be surprised what some people have left behind.. And who knows? Maybe you’ll come across that lucky drop!

Once you get your first bit of seed money from the method above, I recommend heading over to Falador. If you head to the garden in the northeastern part of Falador, you will come across an NPC named “Wyson the Gardener”. You can also do this method with at least 1000 gold!

Once you get here with some money, talk to him and go through the dialogue. Tell him you would like to buy the leaf from Woad and when he asks for an offer, tell him 20 coins. He will give you two Woad sheets for every 20 coins you spend. On the current Grand Exchange market, two sheets of Woad cost 104Gp. That’s a gain of 84 GP for 10 seconds of work!

Depending on how comfortable and fast you are with Wysons dialogue, your money per hour can vary. I have seen over 35K per hour from this method and a great start to building this bank.

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Once you’ve built a decent foundation on your new account with the above methods, I recommended heading over to the Grand Exchange and buying some chocolate bars. You can use a knife on a chocolate bar without any requirements to make chocolate powder. There is currently a 14GP margin for each bar you grind into powder, and each inventory takes about 15-20 seconds. Make about 1K or more per minute depending on how much you click.

Another method that not so many people know about is buying food from the Wydins store in Port Sarim. All the food items he sells are extremely below the Grand Exchange price. With convenient use of world skipping and banking in Draynor you can see upwards of 70-75K per hour depending on market rates. It’s a crazy goldmine for beginners.

Buying feather packs has been an extremely good method of making money for F2P for as long as I can remember, depending on the market prices of the feathers which are usually at 2GP you can find yourself making anywhere from 100K to 300K PER HOUR. You simply buy 10 feather packs from Gerrant in Port Sarim for 200GP per pack (2000 coins per 10) and then just open the packs. Hop worlds, repeat rinse.

How To Make Money Fast On Runescape F2p

You’ll see a profit of 1K gold per 10 packs you open, and if sold for 3gp on the Grand Exchange, you’ll see even bigger margins! Please note, however, that 3gp may take a few days to sell. It’s up to you if you want to wait for them to sell or not.

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In F2P, you will know that mining is an effective tool for creating money. With low level requirements you can earn quite a bit of gold. Of course at 30 mining you can mine iron ore which is spotted everywhere in Runescape, it will bring in around 20-50K per hour. Gold ore at 40 mining can fetch between 50-125K per hour, depending on your level and luck mining the ore. Refer to our mining guide for more information on OSRS mining locations.

The infamous F2P money maker has always collected Zamorak wines deep, deep in the desert. Since Zamorak wines are always over 1.5K each, you can see why simply telegrabbing these guys can result in good hourly rates. Of course, since it’s in the desert at level 38, it’s often checked by higher level accounts who will immediately attack you.. Try your best to keep an eye on these guys and skip worlds before they get a chance!

The fastest route for F2P would unfortunately be from walking all the way from Edgeville bank, north into the deep wasteland to the altar of chaos. (The photo above). 37 Magic is recommended to teleport right into the falador and go from there. This can get tedious, but if you’re in it for the long haul…it’s worth it!

If you’ve done method 2 and collected a good amount of Waad Leaves from Wyson the Gardener, go to draynor and talk to Aggie. For 5 coins and 2 waad sheets, she will give you blue paint, which sells on the Grand Exchange for about 240 coins. If you factor in 20 coins to buy the leaves, 5 coins to buy the dye, you’re looking at a profit margin of 215GP per dye! This can add up quickly, especially if you’ve been stuck collecting them for a while. In RuneScape, every player must know how to buy and sell items from other players. Stores in the game can be expensive and selling them is not that profitable. Shops also offer limited items per day post-update, meaning they are now first-come, first-served.

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However, through the Grand Exchange, players can trade with other players for their valuable loot or resources. In this article, you will learn about the ins and outs of selling items in RuneScape. We’ll also answer some of your burning questions.

Free players are limited to three buy and sell slots. Instead, members will be allocated eight slots. These slots are for tradable items only, as non-tradable items cannot be transferred to anyone else.

Whether you’re a free player or a member, you don’t have to actively wait for others to buy from you. This also applies to buying; meeting the seller is not necessary at all. After someone buys your goods, you will receive your coins or items in each bank and certain bank chests.

How To Make Money Fast On Runescape F2p

You will also receive a message in your chat box notifying you of a successful sale. Then you will find it wise to head to the bank.

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A large exchange also refers to where the trading system is located. It’s sort of like an official marketplace for trading between players. After some updates, the Grand Exchange got its current form.

Before you are allowed to buy and sell through the Grand Exchange, you must first reach the Grand Exchange Area. There are many ways to reach it and free players don’t have the extra options that members have. As such, members tend to travel to the Grand Exchange Area faster than free players.

Once you reach the Grand Exchange Area, go inside. There are people you need to meet before you can trade.

Once you reach the Grand Exchange Area, you can find the Grand Exchange Tutor or Brugsen Bursen. Both men can be found in front of the Grand Exchange building. They stand opposite each other and offer Grand Exchange trading lessons.

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In comparison, Brugsen’s tutorial is more fun, but also contains more information. If you’re not in a rush to learn the ins and outs of Grand Exchange, the basic information you get from the Grand Exchange Tutor will suffice.

After going through the tutorial, you get permission to use Grand Exchange and trade with others as per your needs and earn.

If you want to trade the RuneScape Companion app, you must first talk to the Grand Exchange tutor. You will then be allowed to trade with others on the go and away from your computer.

How To Make Money Fast On Runescape F2p

There are many more non-player characters (NPCs) in the Grand Exchange Area.

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