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How To Make Money From Old Clothes

How To Make Money From Old Clothes – 12 Ways to Make Money From Your Closet Clearout Has anyone tried selling used clothes for cash?

If you have, you know what a giant headache it can be. From asking questions from people who want to know what your Topshop dress is, to constant queues at the post office, trying to sell used clothes can sometimes feel like more trouble than it’s worth. And by “sometimes,” I mean, “almost always.” However, over the years, I’ve tried a few different ways to sell used clothes for cash, and today I thought I’d list a few of them, for those of you who are currently standing in the middle of a pile of clothes wondering, “Now what?”.

How To Make Money From Old Clothes

How To Make Money From Old Clothes

EBayis probably the most famous place to sell used clothing online, and some would argue it’s still the best. I’ve sold hundreds of items on eBayover the years – in fact, I once had my own Bayshop, with aspirations of turning it into a full-time business. It didn’t work out, unfortunately (or maybe fortunately: I like blogging more than retail!), but I continued to sell used clothes there for a long time. I stopped selling on eBay earlier when they changed the rules and stopped allowing sellers to leave negative feedback for buyers. I felt it made a real difference in the community: When buyers know they can’t get bad feedback on a deal, it makes them more likely to not pay, dispute the price, or cause other problems. Knowing that there are no real consequences for them. That’s been my experience, though I tend to find it more trouble than it’s worth these days, even though I eventually come back to toeBay and occasionally list something there.

Ways To Save: Make Money Off Your Old Clothes Online

These days, when I sell used clothes on eBay, I always list my items as “Buy It Now” rather than auction them: it will take longer to sell them that way, but at least I know I’ll get them. Price I want, and won’t have to walk to the post office for 99p.eBaynow. eBaynow offers sellers 20 free listings per month, which makes the service even more attractive because you only pay if your item sells: Previous: I’ll sometimes end up paying more than I pay eBay: Not a good idea!

When I got tired of myeBayitems selling at auction for less than what it cost to pack them, I decided to try my luck with the ASOS marketplace. This is part of the hugely popular ASOS retail site, which allows you to sign up for a profile and start selling your used clothes online. Unlike eBay where items are mostly auctioned, the ASOS marketplace allows you to upload photos of the items you sell and set up your own “boutique” where you can set your price. Listing is free with ASOS taking a percentage of the value if your item sells.

I listed about 10 items on the ASOS marketplace a few years ago but had no luck with it. Each listing runs for three months (assuming the item doesn’t sell), and I think I only sold one or two items during that time. In retrospect, I probably didn’t put enough effort into my listings: while many sellers simply photograph their item on the bed or on the floor, the ASOS marketplace is primarily used by professional sellers and brands who put in a lot of effort. Making their clothes look as good as possible. Most of the items are modeled by a person rather than just hanging on the back of the door, and the site has the feel of a “proper” online store, which means that if you want to successfully sell there, you have to list yours. As professional as possible. On the plus side, I didn’t have to pay anything for unsold items, so I liked that there was no financial risk in trying it.

Vinted works along the same lines as most other online warehouses: you list your item for free, and deal directly with interested buyers. Payments are made through Vinted’s website, so buyers can get a refund if their purchase doesn’t go through, and if you don’t want to sell your used clothes for cash, you can exchange them for other items – the other buyer agrees. It is assumed that

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Depop is essentially a cross between eBay and Instagram: the layout is very similar to the latter, but instead of posting photos of your breakfast or whatever, you post photos of clothes and accessories you want to sell online, and people can hit it up. ‘Buy Now’ button, or make yourself an offer. All payments are made through the Depop app, which takes a cut of the profit, but other than that, it’s up to you to negotiate with the buyer and handle the sale.

I have an account on Depop, but have only tried to list a few items there, none of which have sold. Obviously there could be many reasons for that, and they have nothing to do with the app itself (wrong clothes, wrong price, etc.), and it seems to be very popular, so it’s worth a shot. Of course, if you have a decent-sized Instagram following and post a lot of outfit photos (which means your followers will like the kind of things you wear), you might want to cut out the middle man altogether and sell. via Instagram. I know a few bloggers who sell used clothes that way, and they seem to do pretty well with it, though I haven’t tried it myself.

Speaking of Instagram, the photo-sharing app can also be used to sell clothes for money: post a photo of the item you want to sell, and state your price, or accept offers. Since Instagram doesn’t have a payment engine, you’ll have to manage the sale personally: most Instagram sellers pay via Paypal, but it’s worth knowing that there’s obviously a lot of trust here – unlike sites like eBay or Depop, which are set up to sell online, All sales made through Instagram are private, and the platform will not be involved if things go wrong.

How To Make Money From Old Clothes

For this reason, I haven’t sold anything through Instagram, but I often see other bloggers listing clothes there and it seems quite popular. Of course, for Instagram to work as a place to sell used clothes for money, you need to have an audience interested in fashion: if you usually only post about food or cars, don’t be surprised if your followers don’t’ list you there. Was especially interested in the amazing dress that was done.

How To Sell Used Clothes

Poshmark is an online community of fashion lovers, all looking to buy and sell used clothing for cash. After signing up, take a quick photo with your phone and upload it to your virtual closet, where it can be viewed by thousands of members on the site. There’s buyer protection, and once your item sells, they’ll even send you a prepaid shipping label to make it easy to post. The big catch? It’s US only, so those of us in the UK will have to hope they open up an international site soon…

Preloved is an online classifieds site like Gumtree or Facebook Marketplace (both of which can be used to sell vintage clothes for cash, obviously: I’ve had no luck with either, but you never know…) that lists anything you have for sale. can. I’m not sure how good it is, as this isn’t strictly for clothes, but there is an extensive clothing section, so it’s worth a look.

If your old clothes are valuable enough, you may be able to sell them through the designer consignment store, Vestiaire Collective. The site is based in France, but I have used it successfully to sell a handful of designer items, all of which must first be shipped to the site itself, where they are checked for authenticity and condition before being offered. to the buyer. If you have a number of items to sell, they also have a concierge service that you can send items to and they will take care of every aspect of the sale for you, from photographing and listing to posting. them to the buyer.

The key thing to keep in mind here is that Vestiaire Collective only accepts high-end designer pieces, so it’s not a great place for high-end bargains. For the right items, though, you’re likely to make more than you would on eBay or similar sites, so it’s definitely something to consider.

The Value Of Vintage: Young Entrepreneurs Make New Money Off Old Clothes

Even for high-end designer goods (and only high-end designer goods…) Real Real verifies every item before accepting it for sale: this definitely makes the process a little slower than selling on eBay, say, but,

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