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How To Make Money From Scrapbooking

How To Make Money From Scrapbooking – With so many digital archives for memory keeping—from social networks like Instagram and Facebook to wireless photo frames—you might wonder if scrapbooking is still a popular activity. We’re here to deliver a resounding yes. While the craft may not be as widespread as it once was, many of us still prefer to keep things offline.

Scrapbooks not only ensure you have physical copies of important photos, but they also provide a place for non-digital items—like children’s drawings, maps, and dried wedding flowers. Scrapbooks also make great coffee table conversation starters and keepsake gifts for loved ones. And, you don’t have to be an artist, or even particularly crafty, to achieve this. The beautiful thing about scrapbooks is that each one is unique. With a little guidance—like theme ideas, layout templates, and supply lists—even beginners can create attractive and affordable scrapbooks they’ll cherish for years to come.

How To Make Money From Scrapbooking

How To Make Money From Scrapbooking

Here’s plenty of Pinterest-worthy inspiration, whether you’re creating a book for a specific event—like your best friend’s birthday, a couple’s anniversary, the birth of a girl or a boy (they’ll have a blast at the birthday party)—or putting together a year-by-year compendium for your kids. .

Scrapbooking: Opening A Page On The Past

If your scrapbook has a specific theme—like a trip you took—showcase your favorite photo on the cover. This decoupage technique looks super professional, but is easy enough for beginners.

One of the simplest scrapbook templates: Dedicate an entire page to a featured photo. Just be sure to “frame” it with various stickers, cutouts and embellishments to add dimension and interest to the page.

If you’re creating a couple’s scrapbook for a big anniversary, make these paper heart envelopes, have your loved ones add short notes to each, then glue them to a series of pages.

These cleverly crafted envelopes make a great home for larger letters or documents – such as typed wedding vows or copies of birth certificates.

Best Scrapbooking Ideas For Beginners

Who ever said a scrapbook had to be a book? Dust off that rolodex in your closet and give it new life as a place to store precious memories. So you will have fun flipping through the finished product.

If your book is part scrapbook, part journal, add a DIY pencil case in a matching aesthetic to ensure you always have the right writing utensil on hand.

A grid like this is an extremely simple layout template that beginners can master. To add interest to your page, why not make it interactive? To make something similar, all you have to do is fold the cardboard to make little windows that pop up.

How To Make Money From Scrapbooking

Beginners may find it easier to focus on a specific topic rather than trying to tackle the entire year at once. Start with something like a vacation, because you can draw inspiration from the destination—like a zebra for a scrapbook documenting an African safari.

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Another manageable option: Create an entire scrapbook focused on a unique holiday. This could be a particularly special time if it’s a milestone year, such as baby’s first Christmas.

If you’re making a special keepsake for a birthday or holiday, such as Mother’s Day, accordion-style cards provide a fun interactive element. You can even add a series of photos.

To prevent pages from looking bare, create whimsical backgrounds, like these mixed media pages, before pasting images, text, and other embellishments.

Here’s a fun idea for a girl or boy: Dedicate each page in the album to a different relative. It’s a great way to learn everyone’s names and likenesses – even if the family is far away.

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Today, a popular scrapbooking trend is to create a book for each month of the year. They function a bit more like journals, but still have the same creative aesthetic as previous generations of scrapbooks.

If your child has been tasked with making a scrapbook for a school project, a printable like this template makes the job a little easier, as all you have to do is fill in the blanks and decorate.

Inspired scrapbooks—they provide the perfect place to collect character signatures. Then, when you get home, you can let the kids help you stick on the matching pictures.

How To Make Money From Scrapbooking

Feeling overwhelmed by the project, but like the idea of ​​having a keepsake as a scrapbook? Decorating a small photo album with stickers and text is a similar but much easier approach.

How Is Paper Money Made?

While scrapbooking, stickers, glitter, and other embellishments are no doubt fun, don’t be afraid to incorporate large blocks of text into your layout—especially if the page needs a little more context.

Can’t find the right stickers for your theme? It’s easy to learn how to make your own – all you need is sticky paper and a printer.

At the beginning of the season—winter, spring, summer, or fall—have each family member write down an activity they want to try, then compile all the ideas into a scrapbook, leaving a blank page next to each idea. At the end of the season, fill that blank page with photos of the family completing the activity.

For an easier project, use your typical scrapbooking supplies—paper, stickers, and even paint—to decorate a wooden box. Then simply insert memories into it throughout the year.

Which Adhesive Should You Use?

For a fun kid-friendly activity, cover the notebook with a cute fabric and add a lock. Then give the blank notebook to your child. They will love to fill the empty space with personal drawings, reflections and whatever their heart desires.

Like envelopes, pockets made of paper are a great option for pages meant to hold things that can’t be easily glued. Think: hospital bracelets, dried flowers and larger documents.

You don’t have to wait until you find the right book. If you use binder rings to hold your scrapbook together, you can keep adding until you have the right amount of pages.

How To Make Money From Scrapbooking

For a couple getting married, why not make a scrapbook of favorite recipes? It’s a great option for a bridal shower: send each guest a template to fill out their favorite recipe, then compile them all into a book to present to the bride at the party.

Easy Scrapbook Background Ideas

If you’ve given up on your dreams of creating a great scrapbook, you can still capture some of your favorite memories in a creative way. At the beginning of the year, dedicate a jar to a task. Then periodically insert important photos, memorable quotes or other memories into the jar.

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How To Make Money From Scrapbooking

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Ways To Scrapbook

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How To Find Your Scrapbooking Style

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