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How To Make Money If You Are 14

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I remember being a teenager and wanting to earn money for one thing or another, but mostly for a car, and the expenses that came with the car. I worked many jobs until I got a job at McDonald’s. You have to be 16 so what are 14 and 15 year olds supposed to do? Plus flipping burgers isn’t for everyone. This is a great starter list of jobs your teen can do. I believe it will grow in the future.

How To Make Money If You Are 14

How To Make Money If You Are 14

Also having your teen have a job and earn their own money teaches them the value of a dollar and when they want those expensive $100 shoes you can tell them they have to earn it and buy it themselves. 9 times they will do that it is not. Worth it when they realize they have to work 14+ hours for those shoes!

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So here are some jobs that your teenager can do, some of which I did, some of which my friends did, and some of the ideas I mentioned.

Babysit – This is a classic old job. If your child is good with children, they can do it. Start with the children of family members and friends and then in your neighborhood and church. It’s also a good idea for them to get first aid and CPR certified.

Nanny – Like babysitting but they have a set time and routine. Where childcare is as unusual as a Friday night date night for your neighbors, a nanny will be watching the child every day after school Monday through Friday.

Housekeeping – If your child has cleaning skills, they can offer those skills to help neighbors. Many elderly neighbors would love the help and company to talk to for an hour or a week.

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Tutoring – If your child is really good at math, they can tutor other kids in math. This is true for any subject and in most cases, tutors make more than they do at McDonalds! Taking this a step further can help homeschool parents as well. If they know a family that homeschools young children and needs help with some work or helps to make sure they work a day or a week. I know a family that homeschools and both parents work opposite shifts, so they need someone to help them do schoolwork and ‘babysit’ for 2 hours. ‘ While their jobs overlapped. They were there to help the children if needed and administer tests as needed.

Pet Walk – Is your child good with pets? They were walking dogs. This includes them usually 30 minutes a day sometimes more. This also means that they need to clean up dog poop. So make sure they know the full extent of the job.

Pet Set – This job is perfect if your child is asking you for a pet. Pet sitting allows them to get the full experience of owning a pet and you will know what they really want when they are done. Pet sitting is just like pets, they have to feed them clean up after they play with them several times a day!

How To Make Money If You Are 14

Housesitter – Many times when people go out for a period of time (1 -2 weeks or more) they look for a ‘housesitter’. That means getting the mail, bringing in papers and packages so the house doesn’t look empty. It also means, in many cases, mowing the lawn and watering the grass and plants.

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Car Detailing / Car Wash – Cleaning and detailing neighbors’ cars. Many people can’t wash a car due to schedules etc. If they can have someone come to their house and do it in their driveway they are more likely to choose this option!

Catering – Does your teen like to cook? They can cater for small events for friends, family and church.

Photography – Does your teen have photography skills? Then build a portfolio and earn some extra money. The girl who did our last family photo was another homeschooler who was 16 and did an amazing job!

Sewing – Can Your Teen Sew? They can work, especially as hemming dresses for friends and colleagues at homecoming and prom. They can help with weddings too!

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Paper Route – The Old Paper Route Job! In most cases now you need a car to get there.

Tour Guide – Do you have some tourist attractions in your city? Your teen can be a tour guide for attractions. Bonus they get to learn history and go around it so it’s like a living history lesson!

Some jobs can only be done in warm weather, or during the summer. Here are some jobs your teen can do this summer.

How To Make Money If You Are 14

Camp Counselor – If you live near a summer camp, your teen can get a job as a camp counselor. In most cases, they will stay at camp for the length of camp (usually 6 weeks) but they will have all the fun that campers do and more. So make sure if they decide to be a camp counselor it’s on a topic they love!

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Golf Caddy – You know those guys who carry golfers’ golf club bags around? Yes, teenagers can do it. The bags get heavy after 18 holes, so make sure your youngster is in shape and the better they know their stuff the better tips!

Lifeguard – is a good swimmer? If they want to work on their bodies while earning money, they can become a lifeguard Lifeguards are needed at water parks, public pools, beaches, lakes and more.

Cut Grass – Cut your neighbor’s grass! Let me tell you the neighborhood kids who cut the grass were lifesavers when I was prego with baby #2!

Shovel Snow – Shovel snow from driveways, driveways and sidewalks for neighbors. Another lifesaver when I was preggo!

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Scrape Ice off Neighbors Cars – So people aren’t able to scrape ice off their cars in the morning or they just don’t want to! If your child can set up something regular to get up and shovel snow before they go to work and your child goes to school every day, they can make some nice money!

Hang Holiday Decor – Got a wannabe interior decorator? They can offer their services to help people decorate their homes inside and out for the holidays. This is great for Christmas but also a must have for Halloween!

Put the power of your youth to work for them to earn some money! All of these jobs can be done by your teenager, but there are also many more! What jobs do your teenagers do?

How To Make Money If You Are 14

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Essential cookies are essential for the website to function properly. This category only includes cookies that ensure the basic functionality and security features of the website. These cookies do not store any personal information. Ways to Make Money Around the House for Kids at School You may want to pay your young children to do chores, especially if it is accompanied by lessons for money.

Many parents expect their children to be responsible for household chores at an early age. Some feel strongly that children should perform these tasks without compensation.

It is hard to disagree with the argument that domestic duties also teach young children how to play a valuable role in the family. Parents have the right to insist that children make the bed, empty the dishwasher, take out the trash and recycling, set the table and clean up after themselves. It is also the decision of the parents whether the allowance should be linked to these activities or not.

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However, children need to learn the value of money. And the things that are learned young are the things that are most practiced. So why not pay your child for extra chores if they are able to handle them? Not only does this help them learn about earning, saving and spending money, it also helps children learn how to manage money.

Jobs for children give them the opportunity to gain experience in offering products and services, building their own savings funds and many other important tools for money management. Responsibility breeds a strong work

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