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How To Make Money In Darkfall

How To Make Money In Darkfall – Disclaimer: This is my personal account of Darkfall’s creation history. I tried to tell the story as accurately as possible. There is enough detail to fill a book, so I have selected the parts that are important to me. This is not an official document of Aventurine SA. The opinions expressed here are those of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of Aventurine SA.

Darkfall is a massively multiplayer online (mmo) game with a strong focus on player-to-player interaction. One of the most popular forms of interaction within the genre is combat, and Darkfall aims to capture this interest, among many others.

How To Make Money In Darkfall

How To Make Money In Darkfall

Darkfall allows players to undertake a wide range of activities as a solo experience, but the game becomes self-contained when players organize themselves into parties, clans, and alliances to battle for control and ownership of resources and cities.

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Character progression in Darkfall is skill-based, meaning that every activity you perform will improve your characters abilities in that specific action. Using a sword in battle increases swordsmanship, firing a volley of arrows from your bow increases archery skills, and so on. This in itself sets Darkfall apart from most other current MMOs that tend to use a level-based model.

Darkfall is envisioned as Ultima Online on steroids, with more races, more skills, and more content, but also more focused gameplay by embracing the natural desire of players to want to fight each other in games.

How we made Darkfall and what happened along the way is the focus of this article. So let’s get started.

Darkfall was conceived by Claus Grøvdal in 1997. He and Bjørn Tore Øren worked on a design document. Initially, they had the opportunity to pitch the project to some corporate investors, but they didn’t have a name for it yet. So, in a smoky canteen with 15 minutes to think before presenting the project, they called it Darkfall. Dark Fall: Lights Out

I first heard about Darkfall in 1998 when I worked for the same company as Claus and Bjørn Tore. I’ve dreamed of making games since I was a kid, and hearing about Darkfall made me want to make that dream a reality. From the fall of 1998, we began to put all the pieces in place, and after several unsuccessful attempts, we founded Razorvak in May 2000 and secured seed funding by July of the same year.

We were very happy to quit our regular jobs and go to work in our own company. The first year or so was a flurry of organizing the design, getting the core systems working, and trying to get the alpha version up and running so we could secure enough funding to complete the project.

Technically, Darkfall is a very strange creature compared to most other games at the time. It is a mixture of Java and C++. I’ve been programming in Java since 1999 and I loved the simplicity of the language, especially the fact that it avoided many of the memory and pointer problems of its big brother C++. Java was still quite slow back then, but it got faster with each new release of the platform.

How To Make Money In Darkfall

In the July 1999 issue of Game Developer Magazine, there was an article titled “Dirty Java: Using the Java Native Interface in Games” which argued that using Java as an in-game script can be a great choice. The article included a quote from John Carmack about Quake3 where he says, “If I wanted to go and start over, I’d probably try to do almost everything in Java.” This inspired us to test the possibility of using Java for game logic in Darkfall, with the engine and other performance-critical code running in C++.

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By spring 2000 we had done some prototyping and testing and had worked out a solution where Java would wrap C++, calling functions in the native dlls to do the rendering, physics, mesh and sound. Java would control all game logic and have a very strict interface via Java Native Interface (JNI) native function calls. We did a redesign in 2001, but kept the same Java/C++ ratio, and the game when it shipped in February 2009 still had working framework code from the 2001 redesign.

After launching the company and securing seed funding in July 2000, we had enough money to cover our running costs for a year, within which we expected to raise enough money to complete the game. This did not happen. The dot com bubble burst around the same time we were getting funding, so Norwegian investors were very wary of new investments, especially in new economy companies. Most investors agreed that an online game was an interesting concept, but no one offered us the money to make it happen. By July 2001 we had agreed with our original investor that we would be funded by January 2002 provided we had a working online “alpha” version.

In August 2001, we officially opened and sent out a press release announcing the development of Darkfall. This led to an interview and quite a bit of interest. It began to grow rapidly. Unfortunately, that didn’t mean investors were calling us.

Two days before Christmas 2001, we launched the alpha version and let a few of the most active forum users try it out. At first there wasn’t much to do other than run around in the small world, but we finally had something online to show off. A big success, or so we thought..

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Fast forward to April 2002. Our original investor told us that we wouldn’t get any more money from them, but since our offices were in the investor’s building, they let us stay there a little while longer so we could try to work out the problem and the effort to get it. appropriate financial resources.

Determined to move on, over the next few months there was a flurry of attempts to contact publishers, local Norwegian investors and anyone else who showed any interest in Darkfall. Most of us ran out of money and at least one of us had to live off the money to return the bottles for several weeks. Luckily, we had previously saved all the bottles from our soda development sessions!

By the end of the summer of 2002, most of us were thinking of giving up and doing something else. We gave the project a fair run for the money. Somehow we kept going anyway, hoping that this day or the next would be the day we found someone willing to finance us.

How To Make Money In Darkfall

Then, in July, Claus got an email from a friend he’d been playing with online for a few years and had a contact who was interested in hearing more about Darkfall. This guy was in Greece and wanted to come visit us to see who we are and what we’ve done so far. After many discussions online and on the phone, the Greek investors finally visited us in Oslo. At that time they already knew enough about Darkfall that the main goal was to find out if we would be able to finish the game.

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The meeting in Norway went well. The only obstacle was the cost of living and running a company in Norway compared to Greece.

As a solution, we finally agreed to move to Greece and bring a few more Norwegians with us. There were a total of 10 of us Norwegians who ended up moving to Greece to work on Darkfall.

In November 2002 we moved to Athens, Greece and our new offices were located literally across the street from the soon to be completed Athens Olympic Games area.

We had to wait a few weeks before the machines we ordered arrived in the offices, and ADSL was an almost alien concept in Greece at the time, so after a few weeks we got the whole office on a dual ISDN line. We quickly learned the Greek word “avrio” which means “tomorrow”. Whenever there is a problem that needs to be solved as soon as possible, the natural Greek reaction is “avrio…avrio”. Fortunately, most Norwegians quickly adapted and accepted this nuance of Greek culture.

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In January 2003, we increased production and employed more people. We concentrated on creating the in-game world map, finalizing the city designs, designing monsters, and making props and buildings to prepare for building the Darkfall world.

The game’s engine and logic framework were taking shape and we focused on preparing the world-building tools for world-building. Those were good times.

The world map was created by generating a heightmap version of the high resolution 2D Darkfall world map. The height map was then dissected into square tiles and exported as 3d-meshes, which were then further modified by 3D artists to create buildable areas. This meant that each of the approximately 670 tiles had to be adjusted by hand.

How To Make Money In Darkfall

We designed a module system where instead of ready-made houses, 3D artists made modules that world builders would assemble into prefabs in Worldbuilder. This would in theory give us a

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