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How To Make Money In Final Fantasy Xi

How To Make Money In Final Fantasy Xi – The following article is based on a topic not officially named in any official Square Enix material; the current title is just a placeholder.

Gil farming is a term used to describe the act of quickly acquiring gil, for example to make purchases, or for use for abilities that require gil, such as Gil Toss.

How To Make Money In Final Fantasy Xi

How To Make Money In Final Fantasy Xi

Late game dungeons, such as Chaos Shrine and Flying Fortress, contain monsters that give large amounts of gil, such as Black Knights, which give 1,800 gil a piece and attack group. Gil can also be found in many treasure chests throughout these dungeons. If a player wants to conserve gil, they shouldn’t buy magic until they can afford it.

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A significant source of gil are spell tomes, which are used to teach party members magic. Some enemies usually put spell tomes that cannot be bought in shops, like Blind or Scourge, and sell for several thousand gil each.

A good place to grind for gil is outside the towns after the Storm. Large groups of Sorcerer enemies can be fought in these areas, and they drop various tomes that sell for between 4,000 and 10,000 gil each (Source version prices) .

In the Ancients’ Maze, Unei’s Clone gives 8,500 gil. The King Behemoth yields 10,800 gil, more than the Eureka enemies and the base floors of the Crystal Tower, making the Ancients’ Maze a better choice for those who don’t want to go to the higher levels of the Crystal Tower for just get a little more. gil per match.

It is recommended to stock up on gil before going to the shops in Eureka, because their valuables, magic spells and summons are the most expensive, and if the player buys everything they need at once, they don’t have to go back and go through the dungeon again. . Each level 8 magic spell costs 60,000 gil, each piece of crystal equipment costs 50,000 gil, and shuriken can be purchased for 65,500 gil each.

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In the SNES and PS version, the player can make gil through the item duplication trick. The player must enter the item menu during battle and disarm the character’s weapon or shield and place it in the item slot. Exiting the item menu and escaping the battle, the player can go to the weapon menu and equip a weapon or shield, and they must be both of them. Additional copies may be sold.

In the Tower of Zot, when fighting the Magus Sisters, the player must avoid defeating Cindy, and instead let her revive Sandy and Mindy. Doing so will yield 3000 gil for each kill.

In the Cave of Eblan, after Edge joins, he can steal Gaia Hammers from Steel Golems (up to 39% chance), which sell for 6000 gil a piece. He can also steal Artemis Arrows from Moonmaidens in the Lair of the Father and Lunar Subterrane (up to 39% chance), selling them for 10,000 gil a piece.

How To Make Money In Final Fantasy Xi

In the Lunar Subterrane, Behemoth and Ahriman can be fought for 65,000 gil each. The same applies to Red Dragons (excluding 3D remakes).

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In the 3D versions, the Gil Farmer Augment can be found in the Members Only area of ​​the Troia pub, which requires spending 100,000 gil to obtain the Member’s Writ.

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In Bartz’s world, an easy source of moderate amounts of gil is the forest of Karnak, where a set of five Wild Nakks is the only enemy group. They are easily dispatched with a group Fire spell for 625 gil per battle.

The world of Galuf has more useful gil resources. The optional Gil Cave yields lots of gil, but is guarded by the dangerous Gil Turtle. The cave can be completed repeatedly. Drakenvale is home to Zombie Dragons who drop Dragon Fangs, which sell for a reasonable amount of gil.

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In the basement of the Castle of Bal in both the Galuf world and the merged world, enemy Objet d’Art drops 507 gil each and attacks in groups of two or five. The basement is accessible through the Jachol Cave in the combined world. Objet d’Art can be easily defeated with Gold Needles, the Level 5 Death spell, or by throwing Lightning Scrolls. They are also a good source of ABP, providing 4 ABP for two or 8 ABP for five.

The best way to earn money is to wait until World of Ruin and fight the Cactuars in the Maranda desert which can be easily defeated with Blitz, Tools, or Bushido techniques, and yield 10,000 gil. Equipping Relm’s Cat-Ear Hood doubles gil earned for 20,000 gil per battle.

In the GBA version, facing the Cactuars will result in a battle against the Gigantuar and prevent battles against regular Cactuars until it is defeated. If a party is not willing to defeat the Gigantuar an alternative gil-farming area is in the forest north of Jidoor which has two different battles: one containing two Greater Mantises and another containing four Leap Frogs. While the mantis fight only yields 1,002 gil, the Leap Frogs drop 10,400 gil. A party (or single member) can start both fights with Vanish and both groups of enemies can be killed with two group-casts of Blizzara or one group-casting of Blizzaga.

How To Make Money In Final Fantasy Xi

If the player needs gil in World of Balance, they should go to the southern continent and defeat the Fossil Dragons with Sabin’s Aura Cannon or use the Phoenix Down or Holy Water item or the Raise spell to kill them immediately, as they spawn 1,870 gil each.

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Early on, the best way to get gil quickly is to sell Ethers for 750 gil a piece. Ethers are easier to steal from Deenglows in Train Graveyard, and Ark Dragons in Mythril Mine.

Trickplay’s ability, Gold Mountain, increases the amount of gil received after battle by 800 gil each time it is used, making it useful for harvesting gil. A good place to harvest gil is to kill monsters in the Swamp areas as a Mover in the Northern Cave while equipped with Gil Plus Materia. If the player is trying to get a copy or two of each Magic, Summon, and Command Materia to mix them into a Master Materia, equipping Gil Plus is a great way to accumulate gil along the way.

An easy way to earn gil is by selling stock. The selling price for items is half the purchase price, while Materia sells for its AP value, except for mastered Materia, which sells for more. Selling mastered All Materia can be a simple way to earn 1,400,000 gil. One can also take advantage of the W-Item duplication bug to duplicate expensive items and then sell them, such as Sylkis Greens.

In the 2012 PC re-release, a player earned the achievement Master of Gil by collecting 99,999,999 gil. This is a difficult task without save-editing, as the Character Booster will only give 49,999,999 gil. It is possible to use the Character Booster, invest gil in items, then use the Character Booster again, and sell the items to get more gil. The player will get 49, 999, 999 when the booster is used regardless of the number of times used. In the PlayStation 4 version, maxing out the gil earns the Coming Up All Nines trophy.

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Using the kill multiplier, which increases by 1 to 9 when the player kills an enemy without taking damage, can allow the player to earn gil more easily. Avoiding a hit or losing/running away from a fight, is good.

Another way is by stealing the Phoenix Downs from Minerva, the superboss of the game. Using the Steal/Mug Materia equipped with Brigand Gloves will guarantee the steal is successful and Zack will receive 99 Phoenix Downs (which will sell at any shop for 500,000 gil) and the items will be hidden upon defeat. This method does not work in the Japanese version, as defeating the side missions will result in a game over.

Players get a salary by SeeD rank, which is paid after a certain number of steps (salary is never paid in Laguna dreams). To earn money early the player can increase their rank by taking menu quizzes and doing well in the SeeD field exam. Since more steps are accumulated by driving a car or riding a chocobo, the player can earn fast by riding any of the circles on the world map (although if the player does not fight battles between payments, their SeeD rank will decrease) .

How To Make Money In Final Fantasy Xi

The player can easily produce a lot of gil with Carbuncle’s Recov Med-RF ability. The player can fight Mesmerizes on the continent of Esthar before Lunar Cry, or Trabia anytime after that, although they are more common on Esthar. This will spawn many Mesmerize Blades, which are refined into Mega-Potions (1:2). 100 Mega Potions sell for 500,000 gil, and are quickly acquired. The trick works better with the Mug ability.

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