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How To Make Money In Lord Of The Rings Online

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Knowing how to make money in Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord is just as important as throwing a spear through a guy’s head (opens in new tab) while riding. If you dream of commanding an army and running a kingdom, the size of your bankroll is as important as the sharpness of your sword.

How To Make Money In Lord Of The Rings Online

How To Make Money In Lord Of The Rings Online

Success on the battlefield starts with recruiting soldiers, and those soldiers need to be paid – and promoting them costs even more. Recruiting companions begins with paying off their debts, often substantial amounts that run into the thousands. Equipment, supplies, food, horses, pack animals, bribes, connections: it all costs money.

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The challenge is to keep the money coming in faster than going out. So here are some tips on how to make some serious Bannerlord money, starting with the basics to help you earn a few extra medieval dollars when you’re starting out and work your way up to a long-term, sustainable income.

Hunting down small groups of looters and bandits around the map is your starting point for making money with your sword. These scrappy peasants don’t have much loot, but after defeating them, you can sell their basic weapons and equipment in towns for a few denarii. You can also redeem the characters you capture (more on that below).

Commodity trading isn’t the most exciting activity, but it’s not a bad way to make a few bucks when you’re just starting out. Visit a place or city and enter the menu to trade or buy products to see what the seller is selling. Make sure you also check out the trade rumors about the item’s price in other locations—hover over the item to see the rumors.

At first you won’t be able to transport a lot of goods at once until you earn enough to buy extra horses and pack animals, but there is still a decent profit to be made whenever you buy cheap and sell high.

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In addition to consumables such as grain, butter, beer and others, you should familiarize yourself with the different types of horses and how much they sell for in different regions. The menu won’t show horse trading rumors, but after visiting a few different towns, you’ll get an idea of ​​what a good price is and know when you can buy for a bargain and sell for a big profit.

If you’re confident in your fighting skills, participating in a tournament in town is a good way to earn some cash. Bet your best—just make sure you win. Tournaments aren’t always held, but you can talk to the tournament manager in the arena to find out which cities are currently hosting them. Remember, you don’t get to choose your weapon in a tournament, so you may end up fighting something you don’t have much skill against yet. I’m not suggesting you save the scum, but it’s an option.

Ridding a town of bandits is a multi-step process: it can be challenging, and you may want to wait until you’ve hired a follower from the inn and have a few reliable soldiers before attempting, but it’s a great money maker.

How To Make Money In Lord Of The Rings Online

Enter the city and walk around. Head for the locations labeled Clearing, Waterfront, and Back Alley (holding the Alt key will bring up marked areas of the city as you walk through it). You’ll find a handful of thugs there, and a quick chat will allow you to fight them off. Make sure you equip a good civilian weapon in your inventory—these bandits are no joke.

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If you defeat the first group of bandits, you will attract the attention of their leader and after a short wait you will enter a second fight with a few of your soldiers. Defeat another gang of bandits and you’ll get a nice amount of loot to sell, often including some valuable crafting resources.

In most towns and cities, you’ll find a shiny quest or two—NPCs with quests will be marked with an exclamation mark. The best earning tasks are:

After a battle (barring thug battles, unfortunately) you’ll probably end up taking care of a few prisoners—the bigger the battle, the more prisoners you’ll take with you. If you keep them in your party for a while, there’s a chance they’ll run away, so it’s best to head to town right after the battle and sell them.

Visit the district tavern and you can sell your prisoners for cash. Robbers, bandits, and other common prisoners won’t bring you much money—sometimes only a few dollars. Specialized soldiers fetch more, and named prisoners sell for thousands, depending on how noteworthy they are.

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One of the most profitable things you can do is join a huge army, follow them around and participate in the battles they fight. Pledge your service to a king or other powerful leader and you’ll find yourself in the middle of massive battles that will leave you with tons of loot and plenty of prisoners. Make sure the army you’re following is big enough to guarantee you’re on the winning side.

Raiding isn’t as rewarding as it was in earlier M&B games: there’s no big payoff in goods, plus reinforcements can be sent from the city to protect the city you’re raiding, making things even riskier. This could cause you a lot of problems in the future as well, as you will gain a lot of lingering enemies in the target region.

When you visit a forge in town, you can melt down weapons and tools into raw components. You can use those components to craft new weapons to sell, of course, but you can also sell those basic materials and make a quick buck.

How To Make Money In Lord Of The Rings Online

After you have collected around 13,000 denars, consider buying a workshop. You will find them walking around the cities. If you hold down the Alt key, you’ll see icons for pottery shops, breweries, wood shops, silversmiths, and other businesses you can buy. They can be bought by talking to one of the workers inside, and when you buy a shop you can instantly turn it into any type of job you want.

Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord Money Making Guide

If you buy a workshop and notice that it’s not profitable within a few weeks, you can change its trade type for an additional 2000 denars—go to your Clan menu, select the Other tab, and select ‘Change Production’.

Caravans are also expensive: they cost 15,000 denars, which you can do by talking to any merchant in town. You’ll also need a companion to assign to the caravan, and they’ll need to leave your party, so keep that in mind.

Caravans take longer than workshops to show a profit, although after a few weeks they will bring in significantly more than a workshop. However, there is a great risk as they roam the world, susceptible to ambushes. I had previously had the entire caravan destroyed and my companion captured. They ended up escaping into town and were able to rejoin my group, in case you were wondering.

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With more than six decades under its belt, “The Lord of the Rings” has made a pretty penny. Here’s how much the franchise has generated with its released titles, movies and merchandise range.

When it comes to the “Lord of the Rings” novels, the exact dollar amount is unclear because book sales are harder to determine at the box office. However, since Tolkien’s death in 1971, the novels have been translated into more than 40 languages and sold more than 150 million copies worldwide, according to Online MBA Economic Impact Research.

How To Make Money In Lord Of The Rings Online

“Current prices range from $20 for a paperback to $50 and up for special hardcover sets. With a modest average of around $15 – it’s safe to assume that the books made $2.25 billion, not counting used book sales,” says the Online MBA.

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Tolkien’s “Hobbit” novels have also sold several million copies, according to Online MBA, however,

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