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How To Make Money In Los Angeles

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If you can pour beers or make mixed drinks, Instawork can help you find bartending gigs. That’s one way to make $500 fast.

How To Make Money In Los Angeles

How To Make Money In Los Angeles

In a money jam? Maybe because your car broke down or inflation has left you with more than enough money, sometimes you need to earn money fast. With that in mind, the editors at searched through our database of 450 side hustle platforms to find the ones that can help you earn $500 fast.

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Find the criteria for fast? We look for services that can earn you $500 within a month – from registration to landing money in your bank or PayPal account. And this assumes you’ll work a few hours a day to get a day’s work. This overcomes our search for jobs that are in high demand with platforms that pay quickly and offer decent hourly earnings. We also exclude jobs that require extraordinary skills, such as coding, accounting or law.

Millions of pets were adopted in the last two years. Now, two factors are creating a booming business for dog walkers and pet sitters: the holiday season and companies pulling workers back to their offices.

For freelancers who like animals, this is a pleasant, well-paid side hustle. Dog walkers usually charge between $15 and $25 for a 30-minute walk. That works out to $30 to $50 an hour. And pet sitters can earn more than $50 a night for hosting someone’s pet — or pets — in their home. The best place to list both services is Rover. Rover allows freelancers to set their own rates and terms, and pay you within two days of completing a job. The site takes a 20% commission from most bookings.

It’s not glamorous, but watching other people’s babies can be a great way to make some quick money too. Dozens of online platforms, including Bambino, Urban Sitter and SitterCity, can connect potential sitters with clients. Sitters usually charge between $15 and $25 an hour and are almost always paid within hours of completing a job. Sitters can also find work by simply posting their search results on free neighborhood websites, such as Nextdoor.

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In many restaurants, the menu in the window is replaced by a “Help Wanted” sign. The lack of caretakers, shopkeepers and chefs has been great since the country started to reopen after the lockdowns. Various online platforms help you find a job as a waiter, bartender or restaurant. Best bet?

Consider these side hustles an alternative to playing Sudoku or Solitaire. They’re a breeze to sign up for and easy to do – but there’s a private fee.

Instawork connects guest workers with businesses and organizations that need vendors and waiters. Workers earn between minimum wage and $25 an hour, and are paid typically once a week by direct deposit. However, those who complete a set number of conversions and consistently receive good reviews may qualify for immediate payment. Immediate payment pays workers compensation within hours of finishing a shift. Instawork is available in more than 30 major markets nationwide.

How To Make Money In Los Angeles

Other good options: Hire part-time bartenders, servers and janitors to work as W-2 workers in select cities. Qwick staffs food and beverage locations for restaurants and special events. The site pays within days.

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If you are an expert in any subject you think you can teach, many sites will help you sell your services.

For those who are able to provide music instruction, the top choice is LessonFace. The platform differentiates itself by charging low site fees – 4% to 15%, depending on who finds the student. (Other types of players charge 20% or more.) And LessonFace pays instructors within three days of completing a lesson.

Wize, formally Wizedemy, is an online education platform that allows educators to set their own rates and receive 100% of what they earn. (The site makes money by selling college prep materials.) Wize pays teachers on demand, as long as they want.

Varsity Instructors also hires interns to tutor in a variety of subjects, paying $15 to $40 an hour. Tutors are paid twice a week by direct deposit.

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TutorOcean hires tutors in all subjects, including academic basics such as reading and math, as well as music and sports. Instructors set their own rates but pay a sales fee to the platform. Those who choose Stripe as their payment method are paid weekly after a session. Those who prefer PayPal are reimbursed once a month.

With gas prices rising, fewer drivers and delivery services make sense, unless you have a hybrid or electric vehicle. However, food delivery services can only be reserved for people who deliver within their area.

DoorDash is the best option, providing details on payment and distance to pick up and delivery with each service. “Dashers” are paid weekly. However, the smartest way to operate food deliveries is to sign up with several platforms, including Grubhub and UberEats, and try to pick up and deliver multiple meals in one trip. One freelancer says he makes between $30 and $40 an hour this way, mostly eating by bike.

How To Make Money In Los Angeles

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Last summer, Lynette Adkins was a fresh college graduate who started a corporate job at Amazon that she thought would be her ticket to financial freedom — the kind that seemed out of reach growing up in a middle-class family. – your class.

Today, the 23-year-old Adkins doubles as a freelance content creator who teaches what he does at Amazon Web Services marketing cloud products. In a crowded market, you are carving out a niche by turning the camera on yourself the way others have: explaining how, exactly, to make good money and a sustainable career from having an online following.

“I’ve never seen this kind of information about what people are doing… what the real possibilities are as far as profits go when it comes to creating content,” Adkins said in a video posted in July on YouTube, the first money-making platform. soak.

In June, when Adkins realized he was making more from his YouTube videos and brand sponsorships than from his 9-to-5 job, he quit Amazon — and recorded the entire process for everyone to see.

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“I was scared of not making as much money as I was making from this job,” a crying Adkins said in the video, “I quit my job (and filmed everything).” His next YouTube post has now become the first of his signature budget-building videos — and maybe just in time for his college side hustle to transition to his new job.

In it, Adkins breaks down his earnings, down to the dollar, to explain why Amazon’s performance has lost its luster. Of his $14,023 in June revenue, only $5,300 came from the e-commerce giant. He earns the rest through YouTube, Instagram and other online activities.

The written word is making a comeback in an unlikely place: TikTok. Reasons for that include access concerns and changes in the way Americans consume media.

How To Make Money In Los Angeles

Gone are the days of the accidental YouTube celebrity – the young man whose home video accidentally went viral, landing a moment in the spotlight. Many influencers set out to make a living from sharing their lives or skills online. Content creators are the fastest growing type of small business in the US

How To Make Money As An Influencer

Gone, too – for the most part – is the misconception that this digital work is the exclusive domain of corruption or lazy well-to-do.

“I’m currently trying to learn a lot of things that I grew up learning around work and money,” said Adkins, who grew up in San Antonio and started working at age 15 to ease the financial burden on his father, an real estate said. agent, and his mother, who works for an insurance company.

Adkins’ content also speaks to themes of frustration played out by social media that produce Gen-Z. Two of his videos criticizing corporate culture went viral earlier this year, one titled “I became the first character and it changed my life,” and the other, “I don’t have a dream job.”

Lynette Adkins’ budgeting videos on YouTube, which quickly gained an audience, offer a road map on how to make money as an influencer.

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Adkins encourages viewers to remove their value from their works. “These companies will try to make you feel at home in your work or in your work,” he said in an interview later. “It’s just a source of income. For me, that’s all it will ever be. “

After connecting with viewers over unfulfilled white-collar jobs, Adkins offers them an escape. His budget-friendly videos, a road map to becoming an influencer, quickly built up a rapidly growing audience.

“There’s never been a better time, I don’t think, to be in the content creation business because

How To Make Money In Los Angeles

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