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How To Make Money In Medieval 2 Total War

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How To Make Money In Medieval 2 Total War

How To Make Money In Medieval 2 Total War

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In Medieval 2 Total War there are many factions to choose from. The Danish faction is a unique force in Europe and this guide will explain why. This guide will let you know the best strategy for Denmark in the early game. The rest of the game is entirely up to you but this guide will help you form a proper faction and stong under the Danish flag. This guide will cover the need to build a strong Denmark faction, the advantages of Denmark, and helpful tips on Denmark’s starting position. This guide will help you get from Denmark to the rest of Europe. This guide is meant to help semi-experienced and beginner players understand the Denmark faction.

Denmark is a restless faction that follows different strategies both on the campaign map and in battle. Given that Denmark is not like the other factions seen in Medieval 2 Total War. Denmark starts in the northern part of the European map and is in a good geographical position. You are automatically surrounded by rebel colonies and start with a good amount of money. Denmark is part of the Catholic Church. Given this it is important that you belong to the church. Limits will be made towards Denmark (I will explain later). Denmark starts in a closed area which makes it easy to expand. When it comes to later games you will have many opportunities in what you want to do. There are the British Isles to the west and Russia to the right. Having the Holy Roman Empire as your neighbor can create competition as you constantly try to outsize each other. Through my experience in gaming the real threat in Denmark is the Holy Roman Empire because of their military power. In the early game though Denmark has the military power to conquer nearby rebel colonies. Denmark has the advantage of access to the ocean which gives you great mobility when transporting units from one place to another. The real interesting aspect of Denmark is its selection of units throughout the campaign. They are the most effective soilders in the game (in my opinion).

These kid killing machines are by far the best early game soldiers I’ve ever seen. Viking Raiders are very effective on the battlefield and should pose a real threat to your enemies. These soldiers tear through armor as if the enemy wore none and are a threat to both light and heavy infantry. Viking Radiers are your Anti-Infantry soldiers.

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These archers are strong and reliable bow-carrying units. Norse Archers are actually stronger than your regular spearmen (wisdom wise). They have a decent melee attack since they carry a sword rather than a small knife like other archers. Norse Archers start with padded armor which is a huge advantage. Not only can they withstand enemy arrows while shooting back but they can engage in melee combat (Which most archers cannot do). The armor they have is a total of 16!

These swords are your main infantry and should be used against any faction you are at war with. With good attack and defense these soldiers can be very dangerous in any situation/location. Later in the game they will become the backbone of your military. These solid soldiers will provide powerful front lines. Norse swordsmen are very effective in melee and can hold their own against any type of infantry. They can pose a threat to Calvary. You can depend on these swords to fight until the end and therefore they are your military backbone. These soldiers count as heavy infantry (basically early heavy infantry).

Right at the beginning of the game the first step you engage in is “expanding”. You accomplish this by conquering nearby rebel colonies. Since Denmark has many rebel colonies nearby, it is advised that you expand as soon as possible. I’ve drawn up a plan of attack for you in this section of the guide. But first here are some things you must keep in mind while expanding your empire.

How To Make Money In Medieval 2 Total War

You are given two decent armies at the start of the game. One has a general and one doesn’t. The army and the general have strong soldiers and can attack immediately. Send the army to attack Hamburg right away, then you can take the settlement with ease. Now for the other army, it would be advisable to send them to your capital colony because they don’t have generals. There is always a small chance that an army with no generals will revolt against you because there is no leadership.

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You start with a ship on the west side of your capital. Send this ship to the interior of the islands to make it easier to transport troops. This will be very important when invading other colonies. It is good to have at least two ships at your command.

This is your capital. In order to form a proper army you must focus on military buildings. Start building what is indicated in the picture. This will allow the recruitment of wool. You will need these soldiers to take the colonies in the next stage of the attack plan. It is recommended that you do not build any unwanted buildings. Like ballistics or castle upgrade.

These policies will be harder to find. You will be in a race between Poland for colonies. It is important that you invade as soon as possible. Do whatever it takes to get these rules. The one marked in yellow will be more difficult to find due to time. This settlement is closer to Poland and is easy to take. Use the army of Humburg to invade the western settlement. Once you can recruit wool, use the army you have established in your capital plus some wool to raid the colonists. This policy has a bit of force so overwhelming is the best attack. In order to transport this army on the top regulation use the ship you have. This will transport the army faster. Once this army you have captured the top settlement, have this army invade the yellow settlement if you can. Given that Poland no longer has it.

There are two settlements above you to the north. The one outlined in red is your best choice to capture. The one indicated in white is very powerful. The settlement has Viking adventurers and crossbow men. It is recommended that you leave the settlement alone until you have more powerful soldiers in later games. If you invade now it will be a great price in money that you could use to take other colonies. Keep in mind both of these settlements have Viking Raiders so you must send appropriate armies to raid them. Use ships to transport your troops, it will be faster.

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There is no settlement above Poland and to the left of Russia. This is a good policy to find. It is easy to take and can be developed. It is a good policy to have if you are going to war with Russia. Use a ship to transport your army in this settlement.

Now that you have all the colonies you could take it is time for economic growth. There will be more details about this in the next section.

When taking over colonies, select the Bag option. This means that you will take more of the people’s resources and thereby increase your money.

How To Make Money In Medieval 2 Total War

In this section It is now time for your economic plan. With the colony you have now fortify them. Do not engage in any more battles because they will harm your economy. The key to a good economy is Trade and Agriculture. Your castle is usually Hamburg, this will be the settlement with the strongest of the military. In order to advance wherever you are

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