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How To Make Money In Pet Society Facebook

How To Make Money In Pet Society Facebook – Share All Share Options: How to Make Your Dog Famous on Instagram, According to a ‘Pet Influencer’

Instagram account dogs @HarlowAndSage works with Pet Influencer Manager Loni Edwards. Harlow and Sage via Facebook

How To Make Money In Pet Society Facebook

How To Make Money In Pet Society Facebook

In 2018, it may also have an added benefit that used to be attributed to dog shows, and their ubiquity is certainly a sign of our times: making good money off of them. The problem, of course, is that the animal must be famous. Instagram-famous.

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Today, there are dozens of pets that have gained enough followers on social media to earn the coveted title of “pet influencer,” and they can command tens of thousands of dollars to create content for brands. And it’s not just pet food companies and vacuum cleaner manufacturers; Fashion brands like Ralph Lauren and luxury hotel chains have written checks to include the talent of cattle in their marketing.

As the pet influencer field has become more crowded, a cottage industry has sprung up to help pets — or at least their owners — navigate the new market. Lonnie Edwards is one such entrepreneur: For the past three years, he’s run his own talent management company, Dog Agency, which works with “the world’s most influential animals.”

Edwards — whose Instagram dog Chloe the Mini Frenchie has amassed such a following that her death made local news last year — knows that hitting the jackpot in the pet influencer space isn’t as easy as just Create an Instagram account for your photogenic Labradoodle. I sat down with her after breakfast to talk about her impressive pet business and how she avoids clients who treat their pets unethically. This interview has been edited and condensed.

I was working as a lawyer and was very unhappy. I quit my job and started a glove company [with bags] that had the ability to charge a phone. Being an entrepreneur is lonely, and so about five years ago, I got a dog to keep me company, Chloe. She’s the cutest thing I’ve ever seen and I decided to start her own account so I wouldn’t be bombarded with pictures of her five times a day.

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He quickly amassed a large following. Within six months, he gained thousands of followers. People loved his personality so much that I would dress him up and have him sit next to me in business meetings. She was always smiling and a sweet and beautiful ball of love and her personality translated through the photos and in my way of copying.

Soon, pet brands like PetSmart and Purina were sending items and inviting us to parties. I started meeting other pet owners and realized that there was this new and growing world of pet influencers. Every time I meet someone behind a celebrity and they hear I’m a lawyer, they ask me for help with contracts, to read the terms and conditions they have to sign from brands. It seemed like the perfect way to combine my legal background and my obsession with pets.

Crusoe the Famous Dachshund has a book deal and a series of calendars with 2.9 million Facebook followers. Crusoe the Famous Dachshund/Facebook

How To Make Money In Pet Society Facebook

I help develop a brand, whether it’s deciding whether they should write a book or branch out in terms of content. I also connect them to the right companies and people. Most of them act on behalf of the owners. Brands cater to pet owners who have full-time jobs and can’t coordinate details. Some failed to negotiate prices or read the contract. It was a mess. Now I have relationships with both clients and brands, so I have a standard of how things are run and I get commission.

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No. We are very selective about who we appoint as a client, so they have to have a lot of followers, they have to have really good engagement and they have to have quality content. We take an influencer who has already proven himself.

The ways in which pets become popular are all different, but what they all have in common is that they stand out to build a following. So either they’re too unique or too cute a copy – until there’s something, whether they’re insanely cute or not really cute, that makes people go “Oh my god” and tag their friends. .

Check out this post on Instagram shared by Bruno Bartlett (@theebrunobartlett) on Nov 1, 2018 at 4:46am PDT.

Ella Bean is basically a fashion blogger in dog form. The fashion community loves him. Popeye the Foodie is the hottest foodie in Los Angeles, posing in front of amazing food. Food bloggers love him. Harlow and Sage are the dogs who hug all the time. Wolfgang is the guy who takes in all these older dogs and is the sweetest guy to follow. We just signed this cat Bruno who went viral for being fat. Like, really fat.

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Pets cannot work as many hours as humans. They need a break, they get tired, and that’s why we always have to make that clear to brands. “No, a dog cannot meet and greet for five hours!” Sometimes, creating content also takes a lot of time because you can’t interact with the dog to get them to bend their head that way. They are not as human as we think.

Human-centric brands haven’t quite got it. When I started the agency, my first focus was meeting with brands and convincing them that working with pet influencers made sense. I got a lot of views. But Chloe came to all the meetings, so she helped sell the idea. They would look at her and see and feel the connection.

The first brand I worked with was Dyson [which makes vacuum cleaners]. I had to convince them, but it made perfect sense to me because dogs shed and we clean up after them. I had similar scenes when I went to Body Shop and Urban Decay. These are brands that don’t test on animals, so why don’t they work with pets?

How To Make Money In Pet Society Facebook

Same with the Ritz-Carlton, since they are pet friendly – of course they want pet influencers to stay at their hotels in Aruba and Puerto Rico and show followers that this is a pet friendly hotel chain. Now we work with brands like Sony, Coke, Ralph Lauren, Barneys, Moda Operandi, Neiman Marcus.

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Check out this post on Instagram #ad Popeye was so excited to ride in this FIAT 500X to the LA Food Fest! How many gifts can this trunk hold? @fiatusa. . #popeyethefoodie #fiat #fiatusa A post by Popeye the Foodie Dog (@popeyethefoodie) on Sep 23, 2018 at 9:33am PDT

The price varies and usually depends on the number of followers you have, where, for example, 100,000 followers will earn you several hundred dollars and up. I have clients who have several million followers and earn $15,000 per post. There are a few variables, like if they make a video because that’s a higher value. People also make money selling books.

Yes, story posts cost less than internal posts. So someone with 1 million followers will get $2,000 per story post instead of the usual $15,000 post. We mainly create content on Instagram, with a bit of Facebook and YouTube.

People love looking at pets on social media. Pets increase endorphins and make people feel happy. They are interesting to look at and easier to connect with than human influencers. There is no obstacle like jealousy. You can comment without feeling weird, “Oh my god, you’re the cutest terrier.”

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As a society, we have evolved to the point where we now consider our pets to be our children. They are an important part of our lives and this has also helped it become such a big and important space. Human-facing brands want to work with pet influencers because they want to show that they align with their consumer’s values ​​and that their consumer loves dogs.

Dog Agency client owners Maya the Dox now have a range of accessories for their pets. Maya Docs via Facebook

I get a lot of requests from people asking me to help make their pet famous. I get inquiries about how people buy dogs based on how likely they are to impress and make money. They want to know, “[If] I get a dog that has no eyes, will they be affected?”

How To Make Money In Pet Society Facebook

How do you make sure you’re not working with an owner who abuses their animals for fame? Like babies and tiaras, but you know, rich fur?

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It’s definitely become something. As pet influencers have become more popular, people are actively trying to do it for them and all they care about is investing in their pet. We do not work with those people.

Oh, so easy to say. You can tell when someone hugs and kisses their pet and asks to be picked up.

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