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How To Make Money In Stick Rpg

How To Make Money In Stick Rpg – Heeeeey, Stick RPG Complete players! I play Stick RPG Complete ALL THE TIME and thought YOU, the person on this page, will find out some cool cheats, glitches, walkthroughs and fun facts to help you further in the game. 🙂

The number of points varies, but in the case above I had 27 points. Get as many promotions as you can before you have to go to college or go to college (both college) to become a CEO. If you are a CEO, increase your Intelligence to 250.

How To Make Money In Stick Rpg

How To Make Money In Stick Rpg

Then get a penthouse and a TV and don’t raise anything. Watch the news over and over again every day until you get over 330 pieces of information. There is a car outside the building. Click on it and wire it up short. It’s a faster way to get around than skateboarding or walking.

Live A Live

When you first start the game, go straight to the bank and transfer some money to your bank account. You don’t need everything in there, but you get more money afterwards if you put more into it. Next you sleep.

Over time, your bank rates will increase and you will slowly make more money. The more money in the bank, the more interest you earn. 🙂

Buy an alarm clock ($200) and caffeine pills and you can work four times a day. If you are a CEO, the maximum you can earn is $2400 per day.

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