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How To Make Money In Vancouver

How To Make Money In Vancouver – Have you ever wanted to make money from real estate developers? This could be your chance! This week Cory and Adam welcome Ravi Mann of PROPetual REIT and the Isle of Mann (IOM) Property Group to discuss their exciting new investment opportunities that can get anyone through the real estate investment door with as little as $5, 000. PROPetual REIT (Real Estate Investment Trust) PROPREIT has established a low-cost investment property development that is already underway, many of which are being readied by city councils. Be sure to grab your pen and paper because this episode does not disappoint!

I’ve been around development all my life; Dad started our family development company, Isle of Mann, 30 years ago. I did a finance degree at UBC and started working at CBRE as an analyst. I then worked for a national investment team, which was a great opportunity for me to improve my skills. From there, I decided to return to my family’s development business, bringing the great content I learned. That happened five years ago and what a journey it has been!

How To Make Money In Vancouver

How To Make Money In Vancouver

It really never occurred to me to do anything other than real estate! Growing up, I always felt that our main business in Vancouver was real estate. The thought of being anything other than that was strange to me.

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A REIT is similar to a mutual fund. With a mutual fund, instead of paying individual dividends, you can buy into a trust that holds a basket of equities, stocks and bonds. This allows you to diversify your portfolio instead of just buying one item. A real estate investment trust, also known as a REIT, is the real estate equivalent of a mutual fund.

REIT managers will bring together many investors and use those funds to buy properties. When someone buys into a REIT, they are different from different types of property, locations, etc. Each REIT has a unique strategy and we are pleased to bring a unique opportunity to the market that turns the traditional REIT model on its head.

PROPetual is the nation’s first pure land development REIT. Meaning, we are the first and only REIT operating purely in land development, particularly within Surrey and Langley. Other REITs play in development but we differ in this model by focusing only on development.

Development is not fluid; you have to invest for a specified number of years before you get that nice balloon payment. Most traditional REITs will pay regularly, and only invest in development opportunities after they’ve received cash flow based on their other assets.

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Land development is not accessible to the general public. With the PROPetual REIT model, we are changing that. Developers are not investment managers so they finance the project by going to one or two big investors. But the problem with that is that development becomes an elitist investment vehicle. PROPetual strives to allow the general public to participate in the discussion about land development and land valuation.

Many people dismiss any news they hear about land development or land appreciation because it doesn’t apply to them. For the first time in history, those people will have an investment vehicle open to them.

REITs are RRSP, RESP and TFSA eligible. This REIT also has a low barrier to entry, as the minimum investment is $5000. This allows people to tap into their long-term savings and make a return.

How To Make Money In Vancouver

When we started down the road, we didn’t think we were creating something completely new. We hope that there will be a template for replication.

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We looked at the returns we were making on our development projects in the Isle of Mann and compared those to the typical returns you get from mutual funds. As a company that likes to put our money where our mouth is, we have invested in our development. We are confident that we can do our due diligence in those areas. So how can we invest our TFSAs or RRSPs in these projects we believe in?

That led us to the REIT building where we quickly realized that there was nothing REIT for land development. Then we talked about small investments and decided to democratize investment in real estate development. It’s not fair to do these projects and not have a way for our employees, friends or family to participate.

The more we started talking to people about what we were creating, the more we realized there was a gap in the market. Generating the kind of returns that land development can generate while also providing the security of triple-A quality real estate is an area ripe for growth.

The project has been five years in the making and has taken over the village. We put the right partners in place that allowed us to hit the ground running on this. On the cusp of launch, we decided to differentiate ourselves from the Isle of Man and brand accordingly, which is how PROPetual was born.

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The Isle of Mann Property Group has diversified greatly over its 30 year history, always being open to any opportunity where the numbers work. That has given us expertise in many asset classes.

Everyone knows that the Canadian housing market is a tale of two cities. We don’t have strong secondary and tertiary cities like they do in the States. It’s Metro Vancouver and the GTA that, year after year, is moving up. If you’re a longtime player in Surrey and Langley, the fastest growing markets in Greater Vancouver, why would you want to leave?

It comes down to strategy. If someone wants a very different strategy when it comes to the markets, PROPetual is not for them. But if someone believes in the quality of Metro Vancouver real estate and believes that we are undersupplied in real estate, I think they will have a hard time finding a safer investment than the Isle of Man has been able to produce in their 30 years.

How To Make Money In Vancouver

We are looking for 15-20% annual return. We offer 8% preferred returns and then there is a waterfall profit sharing structure. In our informative webinars, we showcased the latest Isle of Mann properties and ran through the PROPetual model. We were able to demonstrate how the investment returns up to 18.45%.

How To Make Money Like A Real Estate Developer For Only $5000 With Ravi Mann

And this is a project that has not caught the recent price increase in the market; Our last unit was sold in October 2020. We sold that unit for $700,000 and transactions last month were $1.2 million. So that 18.45% becomes 20% or more very quickly.

PROPetual only buys projects when the rights risk is taken off the table. I strongly believe in this model and am excited to see what it can do in our current market.

To get involved, all you have to do is go to and click the “Invest Now” button. That will take you to our funding partner which makes it very easy to get started. Their job is to make sure this is the right investment for you and, if so, make sure it’s easy for you to get involved.

All developments in the Isle of Mann pipeline, approximately 25 projects in total, will be made available for sale to PROPetual REIT. We can purchase a certain interest in any of our projects.

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We treat real estate investment differently than usual. We trade based on a proven track record of success in the Isle of Man. Our target returns are the same regardless of property type. Investing in PROPetual REIT gives you access to our entire portfolio.

Never stop learning. The moment you think you know it all, is when you will start to see your career decline. The mindset of wanting to learn more and know more has led to a lot of growth in a short period of time. Always be a student and always learn. It’s a competitive business out there, so god speed. Will the NDP’s hypothetical tax really help the people who live and work in British Columbia? Policy critic Mark Milke doesn’t think so and sits down with Adam and Matt to explain how government intervention has consistently had a negative impact on Vancouver’s housing market. Throw the imaginary tax on the pile!

Mark was born and raised in Kelowna, where he loved living. Over the years, he has moved back and forth between BC and Alberta, most recently in Victoria from 1999-2002 to work for the Canadian Taxpayers Federation. Mark also worked for the Fraser Institute from 2010-2015. He has worked on promoting more careful spending by the government, tax issues and the Taxpayers Federation, as well as policy work for the Fraser Institute and others, including Canadian, American, and European think tanks. Currently, he is a full-time writer and columnist for the Globe and Mail, Maclean’s, the Calgary Herald, and occasionally the Vancouver Sun.

How To Make Money In Vancouver

In the discussion of his article in Macleans, the B.C. A real estate ‘speculation tax’ would save the homes of the super-rich:

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