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How To Make Money In Video Games

How To Make Money In Video Games – About 3 years ago, I found a way to make money by turning my video game obsession into a side job. It was finally time for me to level up.

I’ve been playing video games since I got my first Atari 5200 in 1985. It didn’t take long for my addiction to kick in. When the glorious Nintendo (NES) was released, I was glued to my tube television jumping over a deadly mushroom and being sucked into a green pipe. What I want in life is to play a new game.

How To Make Money In Video Games

How To Make Money In Video Games

As an adult, that desire in me has not changed. What has changed is now that I pay for this passion. One thing that all gamers know is that it is not cheap to play. Right now, I have a 1TB PS4, two dedicated gaming laptops (Alienware and MSI Area 51) that cost around $3,000 each, a Nintendo Switch, and an original NES. This does not include all of my other gaming gear and accessories.

How To Make Money Composing Songs For Video Games

Gaming is one of the largest industries in the world with over $150 billion in revenue. With that kind of money, there must be a way to make money. About 3 years ago, I found a way to make money by turning my video game obsession into a side job. It was finally time for me to level up.

If you’re like me and writing is a passion, you might want to start a video game review blog.

You have to spend money upfront to play the game once it’s released, then write a review within the first week. Once you gain followers, you can create a media kit outlining key facts and statistics about your blog. You can send this to game development and publishing companies, and potential advertisers you want to collaborate with.

Don’t be surprised if you start getting free digital game codes in your inbox and physical copies in your mailbox. If you are reputable and popular, the company will be generous and give you their game when it is released. On auspicious days, you may receive games before they are released.

Make Money Reselling Limited Video Games

Make sure to market your blog on social media platforms to increase your audience size and don’t be shy about your personality. Keep your reviews professional and fun. You can even add video reviews to your blog while building a YouTube channel.

This is one of the most entertaining ways for nerds. You can do this at a low scale level, or you can become a professional game tester and earn an average of $67,813 per year. Imagine a career testing video games?

I tried this on a low scale by signing up to be a tester at and Every company will reach out when they have the opportunity available. It is very secretive and very organized.

How To Make Money In Video Games

I was able to test out the DOOM Eternal alpha, which was released in early 2020. It was amazing to have me be a part of the production process. I also feel like a VIP playing a game that I can’t tell anyone I’ve played. I encountered some glitches while playing, and while I only made about $20 for 2 hours of my time, I’m glad that I was able to help Bethesda Softworks.

Make Money By Playing Video Games

Alpha testers identify all possible issues/bugs before releasing the game to everyday users. The focus of this test is to simulate real users using BlackBox (where the tester doesn’t know the game they’re testing) and WhiteBox (where the tester knows the game) techniques that perform tasks a normal user might do. .

Beta testing is the second stage of video game audience testing. This is where a handful of intended players try to play the game. Real users can provide input into the game’s design, functionality and usability. This is the final test before releasing the video game.

To become a professional video game tester, you need to gain a lot of experience in this field. It will take time, but it’s definitely worth it.

QA jobs are usually freelance opportunities. This is an ideal way to make money playing video games if you are up for a side job. Rates range from $15-$20 per hour depending on your experience.

How Video Gamers Are Making Money

The QA testers will play the different builds several times until they find the one they like best. They make sure that the game meets the expectations of the players after the game is released.

If you want to make this a career, you can get hired by a game development company and work your way up. Expect a salary range of $70,000 to over $100,000 once you prove yourself.

There are several streaming platforms that I recommend that I open soon. The first part of my advice is to make sure that you are set up properly for streaming.

How To Make Money In Video Games

First, you need a good gaming system, followed by a fast and reliable internet service. A stable connection is very important.

How Does Fortnite Makes Money? Here Are All The Ways

If you want to stream via your PC, I highly recommend using a dedicated video card (usually Nvidia). You will then need to use streaming software such as XSplit, OBS (Open Broadcaster Software), or Streamlabs OBS. I’ve also used CyberLink Screen Recorder 4 for live streaming and it worked great.

Finally, make sure you have a high-quality webcam and microphone. Your audience needs to see and hear you clearly. You can choose to use a green screen behind you if you want to remove the background or replace the background with a different image.

Twitch is the number one platform for streaming video games. How do you make money playing video games on Twitch? There are several ways for beginners.

Fans can donate money to you. Just add a “donate” button to your channel (I use Streamlabs), and wait for the money to come in. Don’t expect this to be an instant way to quit your day job if you don’t want to work anymore. It takes time, work and energy to build a fan base on Twitch.

How To Make Money Playing Video Games

Once you build a consistent audience, you can sell your own wares via TeePublic or Spreadshop on your channel. Your fans can start wearing your logo on their shirts in no time!

Viewers have the ability to subscribe to your channel every month. Rates start at $4.99 and can go up to $24.99 per month. Why subscribe? You can offer your customers special VIP perks such as special emoticons, merchandise discounts and exclusive chat rooms.

Also called “bits”, viewers can purchase these bits from the chat window. Rates start at $1.40 for 100 bits. Viewers can then give their favorite streamer a virtual cheer. The streamer then receives 1 cent for every bit used in their chat.

How To Make Money In Video Games

Pretend that you are streaming yourself playing Fortnite. A “buy now” button will appear on your channel where viewers can buy games and in-game add-ons. Twitch affiliates receive 5% for every purchase made through their channel.

Ways How To Make Money Playing Video Games Online 🕹

What every Twitch streamer has done over the years is become a Twitch Partner. This is not an easy task. I know several committed streamers who have been working towards this level for 3+ years. I’ve also seen several achieve this in one year. It’s up to how popular you become.

In addition to the benefits of being a Twitch Affiliate, Twitch partners can earn money from advertising. Also, when you reach this much popularity, you can get endorsement deals and brand sponsorships.

When it comes to marketing yourself, make sure you are on multiple social media platforms to promote your channel.

One thing that has worked for me is wearing a Twitch hat or shirt in public, which usually elicits comments like, “Cool! I’m on Twitch too. What’s your grip?”

How To Make Money Playing Videogames

I would then give them my “business” card with my custom info and logo on it. If you can’t design a logo for yourself, there are some top artists on who can create one for you. This simple strategy helped me become a Twitch Affiliate in less than 2 months.

Ninja (Tyler Blevins), one of the most popular streamers in the world, earns around $500,000 to $1 million per month on Twitch through his monthly subscriber program.

The gaming community was shocked in 2019 when Ninja left Twitch to join a new platform called Mixer by Microsoft. I wasn’t surprised to learn that Microsoft agreed to pay Ninja between $20-$30 million per year to play exclusively on Mixer. This is Microsoft’s attempt to quickly get a lot of attention for their new venture. In short it worked.

How To Make Money In Video Games

While Ninja’s fame helped boost Mixer, Twitch remained number one. Microsoft is struggling to reach the scale Mixer needs to compete with Twitch. During the summer of 2020, Microsoft shut down Mixer and partnered with Facebook Gaming. This redirects existing Mixer viewers and streamers to Facebook Gaming.

What Is Gamefi And Can You Really Earn Money Playing Video Games?

If you’ve moved on to Facebook’s latest design changes, you’ll notice that Facebook Gaming is a big hit. It’s easy to sign up and get started. One

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