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How To Make Money In Youtube

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This article was co-authored by Timothy Linetsky. Timothy Linetsky is a DJ, producer and music educator who has been making music for over 15 years. He is a certified Ableton trainer and creates educational YouTube videos focused on electronic music production. He has over 90,000 YouTube subscribers.

How To Make Money In Youtube

How To Make Money In Youtube

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Best Youtube Alternative Sites To Make Money From Videos

You’ve probably heard stories about regular people making money on YouTube and thought, “Hey, I can do this too!” You may have thought. While earning thousands of dollars may not be realistic, you can make money quickly, especially if you have a strong subscriber base. Follow this guide to monetize your videos and earn from YouTube ads.

This article was co-authored by Timothy Linetsky. Timothy Linetsky is a DJ, producer and music educator who has been making music for over 15 years. He is a certified Ableton trainer and creates educational YouTube videos focused on electronic music production. He has over 90,000 YouTube subscribers. This article has been viewed 11,616,596 times. Before looking at YouTube monetization strategies, start a YouTube channel and grow your audience.

Many YouTube monetization methods have eligibility requirements such as total video views or channel subscribers. So you won’t have access to every method on the first day. But once you’re comfortable growing your audience, there’s no limit to how much you can do.

We break down the pros and cons of each method and show you how to get started today.

Tiktok Vs. Youtube

The easiest way to make money on YouTube is through the YouTube Partner Program (YPP). In short, you can monetize your content with ads.

For those of you who don’t know, YouTube is part of Google. So you need a Google AdSense account to proceed. If you’ve run ads on a website before, you might be familiar with this ad network.

Not every channel is eligible for the program. Channels that feature certain types of content are not considered “advertiser friendly”.

How To Make Money In Youtube

For example, anything related to adult content, profanity, guns, tobacco, violence, drug use, and controversial topics cannot be monetized. You can review YouTube’s advertiser-friendly content guidelines here.

How To Make Money On Youtube In 2022 For Beginners

Once you’re accepted to YPP, you can set your advertising preferences and enable monetization of your content. Payments are made directly through AdSense.

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If you are producing high-quality content on YouTube, you can get users to subscribe. This monetization strategy is designed for YouTube content creators who have a large number of subscribers.

Your memberships may include content such as badges, videos, live chat, emojis, and other content that your subscribers find useful.

Make Money On Youtube: Start And Monetize A New Youtube Channel In 6 Simple Steps By Gina Horkey

Just make sure you’re finding ways to add value to your content and make your members feel special. Contests, lotteries, sweepstakes, in-person meetings and music downloads are all prohibited.

Once you’ve established a strong group of loyal fans, channel memberships can be the perfect way to benefit from recurring income every month.

Do you have an eCommerce website? If so, you can add merchandise to your YouTube videos by linking products or your storefront through YouTube.

How To Make Money In Youtube

You just need to make sure it’s on the list of approved shopping sites. Shopify sites are eligible.

Make Money On Youtube Without Monetization

Anyone with an ecommerce website should use YouTube as an alternative way to sell merchandise.

Here is an example. Let’s say you’re developing a new product, a hiking bag for photographers. They are running a campaign on Kickstarter to fund the project.

There is a good opportunity to use videos as a promotional tool to show all the features of the backpack. If you upload that video to YouTube, you can drive crowdfunding directly from your YouTube content.

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Two Ways To Make Money On Youtube Without Making Videos

If you have a strong social media following, you can use influencer marketing to get paid to upload sponsored content to YouTube.

This is a little different than some of the YouTube monetization strategies we’ve looked at so far. That’s because you get paid directly from brands, which isn’t facilitated through YouTube or AdSense.

You don’t need to be part of the YouTube Partner Program to get paid for sponsored content. There are also no minimum subscribers or video views.

How To Make Money In Youtube

Full disclosure is a big part of this policy. In addition to including something along the lines of “Paid Promotion” in your video content, YouTube requires you to check the “Video Contains Paid Promotion” box in your advanced settings.

Ways To Make Money On Youtube

As a video creator, the sky’s the limit with what you can do with influencer marketing. It is up to you to negotiate your rates with different brands.

If you are just starting out in this niche, you can negotiate free products on your niche before you start asking for money. This is a great way to build your audience and build long-term relationships with brands.

Affiliate marketing is similar to influencer marketing. The most important difference between the two is the way you get paid.

As an affiliate, you get paid a certain amount per sponsored post. For example, if you do a product review or mention a product in one of your YouTube videos, you’ll earn $500 regardless of the video’s performance. Whether the video gets 20 views or 20,000 views, your payment remains the same.

Ways To Make Money On Youtube

For example, let’s say you join Shopify’s affiliate program. Shopify Plus pays an average of $58 for each registered user using your referral link and $2,000 for each referral.

You can upload some “how to” videos related to Shopify and e-commerce on YouTube. Next, include an affiliate link in the description and encourage viewers to sign up for Shopify using your referral code.

Whether you’re a small business owner, freelancer, or have an eCommerce store, you can create and upload engaging content related to your brand.

How To Make Money In Youtube

Unlike a commodity strategy, there are no requirements from YouTube. You may not have direct product merchandising links or cards in your video.

How To Make Money On Youtube In 2022 (with Best Practices)

But that shouldn’t stop you from running product demonstrations or brand awareness campaigns about your products and services. The money here doesn’t come directly from YouTube. Instead, your business or personal brand will benefit.

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Super Chat and Super Stickers are some of the best ways to monetize your YouTube Live Streams. Viewers can purchase these items to be featured in your live sessions.

Depending on how much you spend, the user’s YouTube profile will stay at the top of the feed for some time. The more money you spend, the more those stickers stay at the top of the conversation.

Youtube Monetization Explained (how To Make Money From Youtube!)

This monetization strategy is facilitated through the YouTube Partner Program. Many users use this as an opportunity to promote their personal brands or channels. So in a way, it’s like selling ads in your live chat feed.

Videos that are age-restricted, private, unlisted, or made for children are not available for Super Chat and Super Stickers.

YouTube Premium is a paid membership for any YouTube user. For $11.99 per month, users can benefit from such upgrades as:

How To Make Money In Youtube

YouTube shares the revenue from premium subscriptions to creators based on how much their content is viewed.

How To Make Money On Youtube (without A Million Subs)

Media outlets are always looking for high quality video content. Whether it’s a viral video or topical footage for news, those companies know they have to pay to use someone else’s video.

Let’s say a hurricane or disaster occurs to capture it. A media site may want to use your footage on their website.

Media outlets like CBS, NBC, FOX, CNN, Animal Planet, The Weather Channel and dozens of others use Junkin Media to source video content.

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How Many Views Do You Need To Make Money On Youtube?

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YouTube stars today are self-made celebrities – people who have built an audience to educate, entertain, review and be awesome on the internet.

How To Make Money In Youtube

Most of these small screen celebrities do what they do, to create things and to scratch the itch to be in front of an audience.

How To Make Money From Youtube’s New Shorts Platform

Making money may not be the reason for starting a YouTube channel, but it’s exciting when you realize how many opportunities there are. You can also check out our how-to guide.

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