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How To Make Money On Fable 2 Fast

How To Make Money On Fable 2 Fast – The fable is about 2 choices. Almost everything you do has some effect on your surroundings, whether it’s deciding to help a local alcoholic get his booze back or passing gas to a potential mate (usually not a good idea…both in fiction and in real life). The choices you make will all impact your journey to some extent or the other.

While the choice is ultimately yours for better or worse, we’re here to help you make some of those tough decisions.

How To Make Money On Fable 2 Fast

How To Make Money On Fable 2 Fast

Well, maybe that’s not a completely correct statement, but it’s pretty close. Whenever you “die” in fiction, you just fall to the ground and magically resurrect mere seconds later. The only consequences are a slight loss of experience points (usually an irrelevant amount, unless you die all the time) and an extra scar on your face. So if you’re not concerned about your physical appearance, don’t sweat health too much.

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You have three main combat options: melee (swords, hammer), projectiles (crossbows, guns), and will (magic). You’ll no doubt use all three during your journey, however since you’ll be fighting most of your enemies hand-to-hand, we recommend focusing on everything except projectiles.

As you upgrade your melee attacks, you gain new abilities such as the ever-helpful “blooming” attacks. These handy moves are performed by holding the attack while pressing the control stick in the direction of the enemy. After a second or two, you’ll unleash a devastating melee attack that can often take out enemies in one hit (assuming you have a decent weapon equipped).

There are so many willpower options at your disposal that it can be difficult to narrow down your choices. Here are the three we’ve found most useful, but feel free to experiment with these strengths and find what works for you:

From the beginning, we strongly suggest to own “Shock” and upgrade it to at least level 2. This handy ability allows you to stun nearby enemies, temporarily stunning them. You can take advantage of this to re-stun them while they’re stunned, thereby killing them before they can react–awesome! The effectiveness of this technique decreases as enemies get stronger later in the game.

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Time control allows you to slow down time, making it much easier to dodge attacks and target enemies. Also, upgrading it to level 2 allows you to teleport behind any chosen enemy for a sneak attack! This can be incredibly useful when dealing with some of the more powerful enemies.

These handy spells summon a host of creatures to aid you. While they don’t seem to do much on their own, they allow you to distract enemies without being bombarded with attacks – indispensable for big battles, so keep them handy.

The epic journey of Fable 2 begins with you… hmm, what an adventure? Anyway, your sister, Rose, will come down to town begging you to accompany her. If you miss her, follow the glowing path that usually leads to your next target.

How To Make Money On Fable 2 Fast

You will soon meet a mysterious salesmen as well as a mysterious woman who will offer to help you for 5 gold coins. Follow the glowing path to encounter salesmen as well as a mysterious woman who offers to help you for 5 gold coins, but oh, where do you get that kind of money?

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Follow the glowing path to a citizen in front of you and you’ll have a task to do: collect five warrant papers. The reward? A gold coin. But we’ll worry about that later.

After accepting Albion’s quest, follow the glowing path to find Barnum, who will give you your first gold coin for standing there and taking an easy picture! Now continue ally to find Rex causing some trouble. Teach him a lesson by hitting him repeatedly with your stick! After the threatening retreat, continue down the street, but watch out for your first warrant for the arsonist on the right side of the street. Continue up a ladder to meet Balthazar with an infection problem.

It is up to you to destroy the 5 beetles, however Arfur will tempt you and they will talk to you through the window. He’ll offer you a gold coin in exchange for wrecking the place – not good! This is the first of many good and bad choices like this throughout Fable 2, and the choice is always yours. However, this walkthrough was written with the “good” path in mind, so we suggest that be the path you follow.

Go up to find 5 beetles easily, tap “Y” and pop a cap on each of them. Once you exterminate the animals, you will receive your second gold coin. After getting your reward, head back downstairs and check around the corner for the Warrant lurking by the dumpster. Now follow the path to find a drunk guy and his not so happy girlfriend.

How To Make Money In Fable 2

After accepting the drunkard’s request to retrieve his stolen bottle, look at the dog’s theft warrant to the right of the couple. It’s time to find the beggar magpie who stole the drunkard’s liquor. Go past the stairs to Bathazar and look for him in the corner. Carefully sneak around him to grab the liquor with the note on the right, then return to the couple. You can give alcohol to anyone, even if it’s the “good” way to give it to Betty. You will be given a gold coin and a warrant for shooting,

Look for the last warrant, Warrant for Assault, near the lamp post, to the right of the couple (near where the dog was). Now you have 5, follow the shining back to Albion. On the way, Arfur will harass you again, forcing you to exchange warrants for gold. If you try to be nice to me, get rid of him and proceed to Derek and he’ll give you your fourth gold coin for finding the warrants.

Collect the four coins, turn around and walk up to the person across the street and listen to their conversation. Talk to poor Zod later and accept his offer to deliver a letter to his loved one.

How To Make Money On Fable 2 Fast

After accepting Monty’s suggestion, he will give you…Monty’s suggestion. Take him to the house he was in earlier and knock on the door. Go inside, then jump up and give the letter to the girl and she will give you the final gold piece.

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Grab all five gold pieces and talk to the shady salesman just outside to buy the music box. Now follow the glowing path down the street and try the box behind the tree. what It disappeared! Damn! Follow your sister down the path to your humble abode and get some shut-eye.

You will be shocked when a mysterious man invites you to Castle Fairfax. Meet him on the street and accept their offer to take him to the castle.

Follow the butler to meet Lucian at Castle Fairfax. Stand on the circular podium when instructed

Wow, a lot has changed in the last 30 seconds…like 10 years have passed in game time. It seems that you have been friends with the stray dog ​​since childhood, because he will faithfully follow you by your side.

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Anyway, enough chitter-chatter, follow the flowing path to your caravan and open the nearby chest to acquire several items. Now head back to Teresa along the shining path. When you meet her, she will give you the Bower Lake Tomb Seal. Follow her now to learn about Lake Bower Temple.

A glowing path will lead you to a lake, where you can swim to reach the temple. But along the way, your dog will sniff out a place where you can dig, where you will find the rubber ball. Oh, and keep the children’s health potion inside the chest near the beach before swimming to the temple. When you reach the temple, examine the silver key on the right, then go inside the temple.

Go down the stairs and dive through the hole into the water below. Follow the glowing path from a small drop-off and prepare for your first real enemy encounter: giant beetles. A few slashes of your sword will wipe them out. But don’t forget to hold the right-trigger to collect experience orbs dropped by enemies upon defeat. Before leaving, look for a silver key hidden behind a rock just before the exit.

How To Make Money On Fable 2 Fast

Look for the glowing purple gate as you pass through the next cave – to find a chest that will yield a money bag (150 gold pieces). When you reach the closed gate, shoot the hovering switch with your crossbow to open the way. Passing through the tunnel, explore the tunnel on the left wall to find a rust maze inside the chest.

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When you get to the water room, search a skeleton on the left for Brendan’s diary

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