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How To Make Money On Saints Row 2

How To Make Money On Saints Row 2 – Santo is about to raise his gang and conquer the city away from Ilesso. But only willpower and fighting skills can take you so far. What you really need to take over the world is money, which can be harder than you think.

Guide, we will teach you how to make some startup money and then invest it to get rich quick.

How To Make Money On Saints Row 2

How To Make Money On Saints Row 2

, The new perk slot for your character can cost thousands of dollars, but it will exponentially increase your combat effectiveness. Weapons deal far more damage after you invest some cash in them, and the cars are much faster when you upgrade. if you are struggling

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Fighting, or enemies seem too tanky, chances are you’re dealing with sub-par equipment and need to spend a few thousand bucks on upgrades.

You will also need money to buy ventures, which are shady businesses run by your fellow sages. These will not only help you earn more money – more on that later – but they will also be needed to advance the main campaign.

Lastly, and most importantly, if you want to see fly as hell, you’re going to need money. Want a new suit? A cool hat? Great paint job on your car? You’ll need cash for all of that. And if you don’t look like the best boss in Santo Ileso, how will the other gang take you seriously?

Adventure. To get the money, you must complete the Side Hustle, or interact with the Gold Discovery icon on the map. You will also get some cash for completing the main story missions.

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If you’re really desperate, you can blow up an armored car, or intercept a loot and steal the money for yourself (these icons will show up on your mini-map as you pass).

Before you unlock the ability to set up your own venture, you’ll be able to work for GymRob’s Garage. He’ll ask you to get a few different types of cars for money and XP. That’s great, but what you really want is the Venture’s $30,000 full bonus, which is a ton of money in the early hours.

Of course, completing JimRob’s garage will also increase the amount of idle money his business brings to you, which brings us to our next point…

How To Make Money On Saints Row 2

But it requires two things on your part: discipline and a willingness to keep your game going when you’re not playing it.

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Instead of spending your money on fun items like gymrobes and guns and cars from your other crimes, play through the main campaign until you unlock the Empire Table. This will allow you to spend some of your cash building new ventures around town. Each Venture comes with its own mini-game and, you guessed it, its own $30,000 completion reward. But you know what’s better than $30,000 all at once? $700,000 is deposited hourly in your phone’s Cash Transfer app.

Each venture offers you a passive cash bonus over time – more expensive ventures pay more money. Your businesses will work for you while you’re on an in-game adventure. And the next time you check your app, you’ll have hundreds to millions of dollars waiting for you.

The best way to rake in cash is to buy as many ventures as you can. Then complete the next main story mission to upgrade your gang – the Empire Table will call this mission by name if you go to your hideout. Upgrading The Cents will give you access to more expensive ventures and increase the capacity of your cash transfer app, allowing it to store more money before it runs out.

If you’ve ever been short of cash – or haven’t been able to play for long – leave

How To Earn Money Fast In Saints Row

With your TV on or the monitor turned off (to prevent screen burn-in) and check back every few hours. Just make sure your game doesn’t stop when you leave.

If you follow our tips, you will be able to rapidly grow your criminal empire, which will give you a lot of money to spend after just a few days. Saints Row is a franchise loved by many. It’s been almost nine years and it has finally made a comeback. Money is one of the essential things you will need in Saints Row. Our Saints Row How-To Get Money Fast guide will walk you through the best ways to earn lots of cash.

Saints Row is always building your gang and aiming for the top. As you can guess, being the best gang doesn’t come for free. You’ll need a lot of money to accomplish your goal, and thankfully, there are many ways to make money in Saints Row.

How To Make Money On Saints Row 2

Like in previous games, you need money for upgrades, weapons, and all kinds of other stuff. This is where most of the grind from previous games comes from.

Easy Way To Get Money In Sr2!

Depending on the player, the grind can either be fun or can be really frustrating. However, one thing is certain, and it will be time-consuming. The rewards are worth it, but in our opinion, previous games rewarded the player with better things.

Plus, it’s very easy to make money in the new Saints Row reboot. You can make a lot of money doing almost anything in this game. We are going to tell you about the methods that give the most money in the least amount of time.

Now that we know how important money is in the game, let’s start our guide. Be sure to read our Saints Row how-to on how to get money fast until the end.

One of the fastest and easiest ways to make money in games is to make threats. The name of the activity may be a bit misleading. You may not be making any threats for money, but you will for the most part remove people from threatening areas.

Saints Row (2022): How To Make Money Fast

These are really simple and fun to do. The great thing about them is that they are very small, and you can do them even faster if you have extra useful weapons. Bringing along a rocket launcher can do wonders.

You can make about 5 threats in each district of St. Ileso. Most of this involves simply going somewhere and killing something, but there are occasional thefts from rival gangs. Before you can make threats, you’ll need to have a criminal enterprise in the area.

Criminal Ventures is by far the best and easiest way to get money in Saints Row in our how to get money fast guide. You can build these in specific areas, and once it’s set up, it will automatically fund you over time.

How To Make Money On Saints Row 2

A criminal venture will provide a player with a lot of money per hour. What’s extra cool is that you can find here 5 threats as well as some special ones that will unlock it. So making one of these gives you tons of ways to make money, and they’re all easy.

How To Earn Cash Fast In Saints Row Reboot

Plus, you won’t be able to commit criminal ventures until you’ve progressed through the story, completing the main mission of networking, and then you’ll be good to go. Also, keep in mind that criminal ventures cost a lot of money to build.

In our opinion, the initial investment is absolutely worth it. Once you’ve made a bunch of these, you’ll see a lot of money coming in fast. You won’t even have to do other stuff; How much do they earn you?

Another thing you have to keep in mind is that you will get all the money from these criminal ventures on your phone’s banking app. The app has a limitation, so be sure to transfer the funds to your personal account; Otherwise, regularly, you will lose a lot.

Here is another very effective method. Naturally, you’ll be doing the game’s story/main missions to progress. Well, it is actually one of the easiest ways to earn money. Just complete these missions, and they pay you a lot of money.

How To Make Money Fast

You’ll need to do these anyway to unlock the other two earning money options we mentioned earlier. So can progress through the game to earn extra money along with doing other stuff.

In addition, we recommend that you play Story Main alone for the first few hours of the game. They will give you lots of cash and of course, unlock other options to earn money.

You will mostly be spending money to buy some of the awesome weapons, vehicles, and other crazy stuff that Saints Row has to offer. Well, completing story missions unlocks some of the best and most unique weapons and vehicles in the game.

How To Make Money On Saints Row 2

A lot of the main missions in the game feel repetitive. This is why a lot of players refuse to do them and instead go for the fun side stuff. We understand this, but it is imperative to do so. They are a wonderful way to get quick money on Saints Row.

All Criminal Ventures In Saints Row

Now the last most effective way

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