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How To Make Money Online Playing Poker

How To Make Money Online Playing Poker – The origins of poker are somewhat mysterious. Some say it is a derivative of a game played in ancient Greece. Others say it originated from a French game

We may never know the true origins of the game we now call poker, but one thing is certain: poker has changed a lot over the years.

How To Make Money Online Playing Poker

How To Make Money Online Playing Poker

In its infancy, here in the US, poker was a game played only by the toughest cowboys and outlaws. That was until the 70s when players like Doyle Brunson and Amarillo Slim made poker their full-time career.

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By the early 2000s, people started trying to make money playing online poker because…

In 2003, an accountant named Chris Moneymaker bet $40 on an online poker site and entered a Texas Hold ’em tournament. Prize: A seat at the World Series of Poker (WSOP) ($10,000 value).

His first WSOP. Millions of people watched and learned Chris’s story, they flooded online poker sites and changed online poker forever.

There are many players who have made money playing online poker since The Moneymaker Effect, but one in particular is Phil Ivey.

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Phil Ivey is not only one of my favorite poker players, but he is also a huge supporter of online poker. Any time online poker is discussed, Phil Ivey – aka: “The Phenom”, “No home Jerome” or “The Tiger Woods of Poker” – has to be mentioned.

According to, Phil Ivey has earned over $19,000,000 playing poker, making him the highest (on record) poker player in the world.

However, Phil Ivey has been playing poker for many years (since the 90s he had to make a fake ID to get into casinos), which means that part of his income did not come from online poker. Instead, some are based on true events.

How To Make Money Online Playing Poker

Since it’s impossible to know exactly how much of his income comes from online poker, I thought it would be good to mention another poker pro.

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Tom Dwan, better known by the screen name “Durrrr”, is an online poker prodigy. He is one of the most feared poker players, which is a direct result of the Moneymaker effect.

Tom deposited his first $50 in an online poker site in 2004. By 2007, he had earned more than $312,000 – all of which came from online poker.

The reason why someone like Tom Dwan can hit the scene and make millions in a few years is because online poker moves at such a high speed.

Online poker allows you to play as many tables as you like. Most professional players have six to eight tables at a time. This is called “multi-tableing”.

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Not only does this increase the player’s ability to earn more money faster, but it also allows them to recover from losses faster than in live games.

If you watch events like The WSOP or Poker After Dark, you might think it’s all Aces and Kings, but it’s not.

Good poker players fold three-quarters of the hands they are dealt early on. Because you have more hands on the web, you also gather more often.

How To Make Money Online Playing Poker

In fact, extreme boredom is one of the reasons why many players like to play table games as much as possible.

Quick Poker Tips That Will Help Your Game

Sayings aren’t always so clear, especially in online poker (obviously). But they still exist. How you bet, when you bet, how long you wait – all this tells.

Every poker site has a hand history feature that allows you to go back and see all the hands you played during the last session.

Previously, the manual history function was sufficient. Although the process took several hours, everyone did it. Now using programs like Poker Tracker.

Being an online poker player without this software is like entering a drag race on a bicycle. You will lose.

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The problem is that online poker evolves just like the rest of the Internet. New software is created every year, giving you an edge over your competitors.

For the most part, the initial costs of becoming an online poker player are modest. You need three things:

This is the minimum deposit on almost any poker site. You may find some that require a little less, but I would avoid them.

How To Make Money Online Playing Poker

I’ve already mentioned it, I hope you understand how important it is. You cannot play online poker professionally without such software. There are two versions of Poker Tracker. The price of the basic version is 59 dollars. You will pay $159 for the full version.

Are You Ready To Play In An Online Poker Tournament?

In poker, money is your tool. If you don’t have it, then you can’t do the job. Bankroll is the money you set aside to play poker. This is your toolbox.

At a minimum, your bankroll should be twenty times the amount of your purchase. So, if you want to play at a table that requires a $5 buy-in (a very low buy-in), your bankroll should be at least $100.

I’m not talking about the day after Thanksgiving, when you go to the mall and fight people over game consoles and big screen TVs.

For reasons that are still complicated and unclear to me, the US government has charged PokerStars, FullTilt and several other poker sites with illegal gambling.

How A.i. Conquered Poker

What is important is that millions of American players were deprived of their main source of income without any warning.

We have no way of knowing exactly how many of them were making a living, but we do know that it was more than ever before.

The laws are still a bit sketchy, but slowly US players have been able to find sites that allow them to play. It depends on where you live and what sites you want to play on, but in some cases US players can legally play online poker.

How To Make Money Online Playing Poker

Unfortunately, online poker players can fall victim to the same thing that plagues many Internet entrepreneurs: trusting your earnings to a platform you have no control over.

Poker Players Aren’t Like Other Gamers

There you can find millions of “Make Money Online” programs that sound really good. But the truth is, like online poker, most of them are subject to someone else’s rules.

You do this on a website that you own and control. It’s like virtual real estate that you can build your online business on. But instead of paying $100K+ for a bank loan and another $2K/month to rent a shop, it costs $11/year + $10/month to run an online business.

If you enjoy playing poker, there is a huge market for coaching, software purchases, information and even entertainment content. People are already doing it with fantasy football, why not poker?

If you enjoy playing poker and talking about poker, you can create a website and become an affiliate for companies that sell poker related items. An example of this is the Poker Tracker program. This is what every player needs.

How To Make Money From Poker On Your Pc

If you have a website that helps newbies, you introduce the tool to them, they are sure to buy it, and you get a percentage of the sale.

No matter what you like to do – poker, movies, building chicken coops – the best way to make money online with it is through affiliate marketing.

There are thousands of different side hustles to make extra money on, and which one you “click” depends on your personality and goals. However, there is one side that makes incredible amounts of money and works for everyone.

How To Make Money Online Playing Poker

Starting an affiliate website is a great way to make extra money because you can do it from home on your laptop and work on your business in the evenings and weekends. The earning potential is huge and it’s easy to expand

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I’ve been blogging for over a decade and making six figures in a variety of niches including computer software, self-help, and home and garden topics. I do things a little differently and I hope you enjoy my perspective and teaching style. Making a living playing poker can be one of the most exciting professions in the world, but it’s not easy. It is important to assess whether you really have the necessary skills to earn an income.

Thousands of players make good money at the tables, but they have spent years honing their skills to improve their skills. While it’s impossible to know exactly how much money you can make playing poker, there are some things you should consider.

In fact, it is impossible to answer this question, but if we look at things from a pragmatic point of view, we can begin to form some common ground.

How To Play Online Poker: 4 Tips For Beginners

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