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How To Make Money Runecrafting

How To Make Money Runecrafting – . This guide will show you how to improve your Runecrafting as efficiently as possible while making about half a billion gp in the process.

Looking below, you will see a table of contents that will show you all the topics covered by this guide. There are two different ways to get to 99 and this guide will cover both: pure profit and quick exp.

How To Make Money Runecrafting

How To Make Money Runecrafting

Runecrafting training requires you to run. This means that having a higher level of Dexterity is very beneficial as it allows you to level Runecrafting more efficiently. If you want to reach 99 in Runecrafting, you should consider getting 99 in Agility first if you’re aiming for max.

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Another good skill to have is Combat, check out my Combat Leveling Guide if you don’t know how. This is because most good Runecrafting training methods have hostile groups such as the abyss and it is recommended to have high Defense and Hitpoints to help practice Runecrafting. Battles will also help you earn Rune Pouches!

Starting Runecrafting is the slowest part, here you just need to get enough experience to get to level 24. This part won’t make you millions, we just need to get high enough first.

To start you need to complete the Abyss Miniquest. This allows you to use the Abyss to create runes. You can start this quest by talking to the Zamorakian Mage in the Level 6 Wilderness north of Edgeville. I won’t give a quest guide here because the quest is very easy. This will give you level 9 Runecrafting.

After this you should complete The Eyes of Glouphrie which will take you to level 24 Runecrafting. These quests shouldn’t take more than an hour and provide enough experience to level up.

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Here you should make Fire Runes to level 44. At this level (depending on the price) you are most likely to lose some money. Before 44 there weren’t any runes that made much profit so at this stage we only got high enough levels to create Nature runes.

Go to the Castlewars bank and fill your inventory with full pouches and rune essences. You should wear a flame tiara, battle ring and slimming clothes. Activate your battle arena and go to the Duel Arena, run north a bit, do your fire run and teleport back to Castlewars. Repeat this until level 44 Runecrafting.

Here you can create a Nature rune. This is where you will start to make a little profit. Your equipment here should be a combination of keeping your weight below zero and keeping your defense bonus high. Focus on high range Defense as we will be using Abyss here.

How To Make Money Runecrafting

Invest in lots of Amulet of Glorys and start at the Edgeville bank. Go north and teleport to the Abyss. Go to the Nature Altar (use the picture on the side if you’re not sure) and create your runes. Remember you need pure essence here. Use your Amulet of Glory and return to Edgeville. Repeat this until level 59.

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You can now create double Cosmic runes that provide better gains than Nature runes. This should be done through the Abyss again and will give a huge gain to reach level 82.

Now you can create multiple Astral runes. This is a very good experience as well as very good money. This requires several quests to get to the altar so if the quest is incomplete then you should stick to the Cosmic rune until 91.

Now you’ve made it to the best part. Titles from 91-99 Runecrafting allows you to make double Nature runes, which will make you mega GP. Get your good defense equipment and weight reduction bonus.

This should also be done through the Abyss. Using the pouch here makes a big difference as each additional rune created gives more money. You’ll also need a pickaxe to mine through rocks in the Abyss – it’s recommended to have a higher Mining level to make it easier. A higher Dexterity level also makes it easier to get past obstacles in the Abyss.

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Reaching level 99 Runecrafting can be quite fast and can give you up to 50k experience per hour. To do this, you will make Lava runes up to 99.

This method requires you to complete the Lunar Diplomacy quest and have a level 82 Magic to cast the magic imbue spell unlocked in the Lunar Magic Spellbook. Making a Lava rune is done in the same way as making a fire rune except you have to carry an earth rune with you and use the Earth rune on the altar to make a Lava rune. This method is not profitable at all, you will even lose money getting level 99 this way.

! I hope this guide helps you improve your Runecrafting fast and make a lot of money along the way. This method is very profitable and I hope you find this guide useful! Feel free to leave any questions below and check out my profile for some more guides. Runecrafting is generally considered one of the slowest skills to train in the game. The conventional method of going to the altar and converting pure runes/essences into runes has been overcome by Runespan and getting 99 is now much easier than before. This guide will show you the best way to level Runecrafting whether you have little time or little money, and this guide will give you many tips to beat the boredom of getting 99.

How To Make Money Runecrafting

Runecrafting is definitely slow. Therefore, it is important that you get as much express upgrade equipment as possible. Using a clan avatar and bonus exp is the obvious choice, but there is also an item set that gives a 5% experience boost to Runecrafting exp. It’s called Master Runecrafting Cloak. These can be purchased in the Runespan shop for reward points and each of the four sheets gives a 1% bonus with an additional 1% when all sheets have been worn. Since you’ll mostly be training in Runespan anyway, these will eventually become available for purchase at around level 70 at most.

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Another useful item is any of the five levels of focused inhalation aura. This gives a 3-15% chance of successfully sucking a node in Runespan and it causes the player to receive more experience.

The fastest way to 99 is also the most AFKable, and that is Runespan. For those of you unfamiliar with Runespan, it is a vast dimension where players can absorb runic energy from creatures. This rewards them with runes, however, they cannot be taken out of the Runespan, but traded for reward points upon exiting. A map of where to find the best nodes can be found below.

Levels 1 – 33 can only use low level Runespan. As you gain higher levels in Runecrafting, you will be able to sip from more advanced nodes. At level 1 you should inhale Cyclone or Mindstorm, as these give almost the same exp rate at this level. You should switch to Water Pool at level 5, Rock Fragment at level 9, Fireball at level 14, and then straight to level 33 using Vines. At this level you don’t need to focus on any island in particular, however island number 16 has the best exp rate on low level Runespan.

At level 33 you unlock mid-level Runespan, allowing you to inhale far more advanced nodes and grant more experience than before. Here you should use Fire Storms or Fleshy Growths until level 35, then focus on Chaotic Clouds until level 40, and then use Nebula until level 66. Around 35,500 – 59,000 exp per hour can be gained using islands 16 – 23 at this level . Note that the best node available for you to use may not always be there, so using any high-level node is more than acceptable. If you’re a F2P player, this is the highest level Runespan you can reach, and only a few islands at this level are available. The best exp rate to 99 for F2P players is found on islands 5 and 6, this should get you to 99.

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At level 66 you finally unlock the high level Runespan. Here you have to train on islands 12 – 17 until you reach 90 Runecrafting. Focus on the highest level nodes available to you. When you reach level 90, you can earn around 93,000 exp per hour using islands 32, 30, 29, 27 and 25 to find the best nodes available. It contains less low/mid level nodes in favor of higher nodes like Living Soul and Bloody Skull.

Runespan also has two glitches and detours that players can take part in to gain extra experience. The first one is the lost wizard that will give you

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