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How To Make Money Selling Crack – “They hurt their constituents. They are underestimating risk reduction. These are health interventions that we know save lives and are evidence-based,” he said.

A safe smoking cessation device, used to help smokers and cocaine addicts avoid injury and death, is being distributed by harm-reductionists in Philadelphia. Read moreAubrey Whelan

How To Make Money Selling Crack

How To Make Money Selling Crack

Outrage over federal funding to help address the nation’s drug overdose deaths now has advocates worried it could harm public health services for drug addicts.

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Last week, conservatives seized one of the $30 million dollars from organizations that help prevent illness, injury, and death among drug addicts.

Some of the money was supposed to go toward syringes and “safe smoking equipment” for people who use illegal drugs like crack and meth. Contaminated substances themselves can cause illness and injury, so the main point of “harm reduction” is to help people who are not ready to stop using drugs to at least avoid other side effects. Smoking accessories mainly include cleaning tools such as alcohol wipes and rubber mouthpieces; sometimes they include the glass pipe itself.

The conservative media has had a field day, the headlines are catchy and misleading: “Uncle Sam to Offer Crack Pipes,” one Fox News chyron. The Biden administration has been quick to reassure the public that it is not spending money on sewers, but outrage is mounting.

This week, the Republican senator said he will push the government to end funding for risk reduction organizations. Several other Republicans (and a Democrat, Sen. Joe Manchin, West Virginia) have introduced a bill that would restrict US dollars from going to tobacco products and sterile syringes.

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Meanwhile, harm reduction advocates point to last year’s drug-related death toll of more than 100,000 nationwide and worry that misinformation will make it harder for addicts to access life-saving services. In 2020, Philadelphia saw more than 1,214 deaths; data for 2021 is not yet available.

“They hurt their constituents. They are underestimating risk reduction. These are health measures that we know save lives and are evidence-based,” said Maritza Perez, director of the Office of National Drug Policy Affairs, a national harm reduction nonprofit.

“What’s really damaging to me is the misinformation being spread around harm reduction, in general. They’re making it seem like providing people with the tools to use drugs is using taxpayer dollars to support drug addiction, without engaging in the conversation around it,” he said. rather than evidence-based health services.”

How To Make Money Selling Crack

Manchin’s bill, supported by Sen. Marco Rubio (R., Fla.), would prohibit the federal government from subsidizing any smoking or snorting equipment. The bill would also prohibit the federal government from paying for clean syringes, except in areas where we face or are at risk of contracting HIV or hepatitis C from drug use.

Uproar Over ‘crack Pipes’ Puts Biden Drug Strategy At Risk


“Abatement support on this level is unheard of,” said Jim Duffy, founder of Smoke Works, a Boston-based company that provides low-cost pipes for hazard reduction organizations. “People in the community created a bit of a stir when the money was announced. They are pushing to write these subsidies – some even write into the smoking cessation program, so that those who are there can reduce their risk. ”

A decade of evidence shows that risk reduction strategies such as syringe exchange can reduce blood transfusion rates and connect drug users with treatment. But they have long been touted as helping drug use, and many risk-reduction organizations wreak havoc on their budgets, sometimes in states that have banned their work outright.

Advocates say outreach is an important — and often overlooked — tool for reaching more drug users.

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“People get used to it at first — especially if all you’ve ever been given was a clean syringe,” said Adrienne Standley, who does drug outreach for the Philadelphia nonprofit SOL Collective.

“People were using very old, very broken pipes that were scattered around. [Networking] was a great way to connect with people — especially people who were only using hookah or metha, who you might not have been able to communicate with otherwise. From there, you can get them Narcan, and any other medical supplies they may need. The conversation begins in earnest. ”

Narcan, an opioid-overdose-reversal drug, was never thought to be useful for cocaine users. But now fentanyl — the powerful synthetic opioid that has replaced much of Philadelphia’s heroin — is now making its way into other drugs that include cocaine, Standley said.

How To Make Money Selling Crack

Jenna Mellor, executive director of the New Jersey Harm Reduction Coalition, sees more in the network’s chaos than stigmatizing addicts.

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“The outcry about the networks is rooted in anti-Black racism, and a long history of using the fear of cocaine addiction to target Black people and Black police officers,” he said. “We should have had a way to reduce the effects of cocaine resistance since the 1980s,” he said.

Black drug users are more likely than whites or Hispanics to report using crack, a form of cocaine that has the same molecular structure as cigarettes. But the penalties for trafficking and use are far more severe than for powder cocaine, and blacks have been disproportionately imprisoned for these crimes for decades.

SOL Group provides up to 140 pipes per week in the smoking sector and receives pipes partly from smoking.

Duffy knows exactly what safe smoking equipment can mean to someone in need. After he recovered, he was addicted to meth for many years. “I was a smoker, and the only time I ever injected was when there was no pipe available,” he said.

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“People [I’ve used] would see needles exchange — and I was like, ‘I’m never going there.’ “I didn’t need a needle – I needed a pipe. But if the exchange had offered something for non-needle drug users, who knows what other services I would have used.” and Oscar. Danilo Blandon’s role in the birth of cocaine in South Los Angeles and throughout the country. The investigation surveyed the social literature, reviewed information from law enforcement agencies and public health organizations, and interviewed social scientists and law enforcement officials to analyze the claims of the cocaine market.

The Mercury News reports three major allegations regarding the rise of cocaine in Los Angeles and the United States. At first, the Mercury News reported that cocaine was not available in South Central Los Angeles until Blandon and Ross did it. These articles described cocaine as “a drug that was impossible to find in black neighborhoods” until Blandon brought it to South Los Angeles “at a low price.” These articles indicated that Ross’s drug network was the nation’s leading cocaine trafficker and depended on Blandon’s supply of cocaine. (49)

The Mercury News’ second claim is that Ross was successful as an illegal drug dealer, thanks to his former friendship with a Colombian cocaine trafficker. According to reports, Ross was the first black, South Los Angeles drug dealer to have a relationship with a Colombian drug dealer. As a result, Ross reportedly became the only conduit for cheap, Colombian cocaine to the underserved black community in South Los Angeles. Because Blandon’s Colombian market was Ross’s source for the cheap cocaine that filled the streets of South Los Angeles in the mid-1980s, the Mercury News called Blandon “California’s Johnny Appleseed – Crips’ and Bloods’ direct -connected to the Colombian cocaine cartels.”

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Ultimately, the Mercury News series confirmed that Ross’ and Blandon’s drug network was responsible for the 1980s epidemic throughout the United States, not just in Los Angeles. According to one article, “Cocaine [through Blandon’s drug ring] helped bomb an American city.” In a June 22, 1997 interview with The Revolutionist, Gary Webb explained the point he wanted this article to make:

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What we were able to show was where things were being sold, which were the inner cities, especially Los Angeles. And we were able to show the impact of that. It was to help spread this terrible epidemic from Los Angeles to hundreds of American cities in the following years.

The investigation found little to support the Mercury News’ story about Ross and Blandon being allegedly involved in the distribution of cocaine in Los Angeles. Little or no evidence has been discovered to support allegations of Ross’ and Blandon’s involvement in the nationwide distribution of cocaine. We have found conflicting evidence about the diversity of Ross’s interactions with Colombian merchants. Ross may well be one of them

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