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How To Make Money Selling Things On Ebay

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How To Make Money Selling Things On Ebay

How To Make Money Selling Things On Ebay

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If you’re looking to bring in some extra cash or maybe start a new career, selling on eBay could be the answer you’re looking for. There is money to be made by becoming part of the eBay seller community. Take some time to read the steps below, and this investment could pay off in a big way.

Is a “wiki”, similar to Wikipedia, which means that many of our articles are written together by different authors. To create this article, 38 people, some anonymously, worked to change and improve it over time. This article has been viewed 309, 135 times.

To make money on eBay, decide what you want to sell, take high-quality photos of your items and create listings that are clear and detailed. Be sure to price your items competitively by looking at what similar items have sold for in the past! Once you find out what sells well, look for more of it so you can continue to sell that item. As your sales and feedback rating increases, you will start to win more customers and bring in more money. For tips on taking great photos and creating strong lists, read on! Sometimes I feel like a really inefficient side hustler, which is not entirely inaccurate, but writing the last few posts, and this one, reminds me that it wasn’t always the case. While substitute teaching was definitely my first side hustle (oh, that’s a lie actually, I think pet sitting my neighbor’s cat when I was 12 could claim that title), the most consistent over the years has been my friend eBay.

I made my first eBay sale on June 12, 2003 and even without looking it up (I don’t think their records go back that far), I can tell you it was textbook. For the first couple of years that eBay and I met, I bought and sold most of my textbooks on it, because the funny thing is that if the campus bookstore doesn’t want to return your textbook and the workbook that goes with it, because you wrote all over it – other students really don’t care. And if you notice that the workbook is filled out and you attach a picture of your transcript with an eye next to the picture of the book…ka-ching.

Ebay: Sell On Ebay And Make Money With A Profitable Business From Scratch, Step By Step Guide

However, my true love affair with eBay didn’t really begin until I started working on cruise ships. Work schedules there are a bit strange – you work for 4-6 months straight without a day off and then you have a month or two at home, rinse and repeat. The exciting thing about a 4-8 week vacation is that you can do some awesome things with that time. When I had summer off, one of my best friends, who is a teacher, and I went to Paris and Edinburgh. Another time my cousin managed to get a few weeks off and we went to Peru. Such trips were a piece of cake for me. They were also expensive and required advance planning and savings (not a problem really, life at sea is cheap). The problem I realized after my first vacation though is that I had no concept of how expensive that month would be.

I realized I was easily blowing through hundreds of dollars every vacation. Gas is super expensive and I wanted to see my friends. Most nights were dinner out, hanging out, or sometimes we grabbed drinks (or a whole fish bowl of a drink). I wanted to catch up on all the movies I hadn’t seen while I was working. I loved catching Broadway shows and had a few friends who felt the same way. It adds up. Quick. I always managed to get by, but I would break flat on every new ship, dying to pay my first paycheck for my credit card. And that was not a good system. So I thought I’d just have to cut back on this stuff… but the more I thought about it the less I liked it because really, if you think about it, I bet you make a few hundred bucks all that stuff also…just normal people don’t pull their entire year’s worth of friendship and entertainment in 2-3 months. I had to. And I decided that I would not compromise that. It’s hard enough to keep your friendships alive when you spend 5/6 of the year in the middle of the ocean. So eBay became my answer.

Despite all the company and travel, most of the people I caught up with had pretty normal lives, meaning from 9-5 Monday-Friday, I was alone. Even my family was busy. I would hang out with my grandmother a lot (which was awesome because she’s awesome), but even that didn’t eat up my time. So I started scavenging things to put on eBay and between 2010-2012 I made almost $1,900 and managed to cover about half of my expenses during each vacation (and just learned not to be a dork and save during my vacation) contracts to cover the rest).

How To Make Money Selling Things On Ebay

There are some things that are solid high sellers on eBay: DVD collections, full sets of popular book series, Coach purses, video games and name brand nothing. And let me remind you of a little secret, I remember stressing about selling a lot of stuff – what if I miss it? What if it’s not for a lot of money? Today I checked my list of sold items so I could give you some accurate info and realized there isn’t a single thing on that list that I’m missing. And some of them took me years before I went in and sold them.

How To Sell On Ebay & Realistically Make Money (2022)

Every month your first 50 ads are FREE. eBay also has “free listing days.” You will see regular emails where you have to pay for a certain period of time – a day, a weekend, etc. Take advantage of it! Personally, I look at eBay as a virtual garage and I list EVERYTHING I sell for .99 or less. .99 is also the trigger for the lowest insertion fee (which I believe is .10) if you go beyond these 50 listings. I clean out of my closet and just go, I figure even .99 is better than it just clutter my home. Good pictures are a world of help and no one is likely to buy what you list without a picture. I take mine with my camera phone and it definitely works well enough. For clothes make sure you get the front and the back. Sometimes I will also show a photo of me wearing it if I have one. Also, if there is any imperfection, take a close-up photo and document it. If in doubt, under sell the item. I’d rather my buyer be happy that something isn’t as bad as it seems rather than that I told them the truth. This is because buyers leave reviews and they are a BIG DEAL. I don’t buy from people with crappy reviews and when someone buys from me I immediately check their rating and have a good idea if this is going to be a good transaction or a pain in the butt – 99% of the time, it’s right. I’ve managed to sell some really surprising items over my time with eBay: my pig collection (seriously, the weirdest collection of stuffed, ceramic and every kind of material imaginable pig from my teenage years), plaid pants from my high school ska lovin days , some seriously HIDEOUS clothes from my grandmother that I labeled vintage (even though the pictures don’t lie), my antique TV from college and one of my baby blankets.

It doesn’t hurt to let your friends and family know that you like to sell things on eBay. My mom is a chronic non-returner, and by that I mean she buys clothes without trying them on and then never returns them if they’re not right. It’s crazy. They are literally throwing money away. At the height of my eBay-ing, she went through her closet and gave me about 20 brand new items, tags still on, to do whatever I wanted with. They were some of my best sellers. Unwanted Christmas gifts also do well on eBay. I have no idea why, but so many people in my family seem to think I like Coach purses…I have the same purse

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