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How To Make Money Stock Trading

How To Make Money Stock Trading – By William J. O’Neil of IBD should be mandatory reading for any serious trader or investor. This book outlines the author’s high-performance CAN SLIM system in great detail, providing readers with all the essentials needed to achieve above-average gains in the stock market. If you are looking for a proven method that has the potential to make huge profits, this book is a must own.

, William J. O’Neil is the creator of the popular CAN SLIM investment strategy and author of several bestsellers, including

How To Make Money Stock Trading

How To Make Money Stock Trading

. Born on March 25, 1933 in Oklahoma City, OK, O’Neil grew up in Texas and eventually received a bachelor’s degree in business from Southern Methodist University. In the early days of his financial career, he worked as a retail broker and then bought a seat on the NYSE at age 30. After years of using computers to compile investment research databases, he began

Beginner’s Guide To Stock Trading

Provides a detailed, step-by-step breakdown of O’Neil’s well-known CAN SLIM investment system. O’Neil’s approach has influenced some of today’s top entrepreneurs, including Mark Minervini, David Ryan, and many others.

In addition to learning the ins and outs of O’Neil’s CAN SLIM strategy, we also love the fact that there are over 100 charts in the book with detailed notes that provide valuable insight into price and volume. action, based on standards, and market recognition. ends.

“This is the unique combination of your finding stocks with big increases in sales, earnings and return on equity plus strong chart patterns that reveal institutional buying that together will improve your stock selection and timing. .” (page 9)

, William J. O’Neil provides the reader with 100 charts of the best performing stocks from 1880 to 2009. These charts are very helpful and should be studied again if you want to become more good at buying and selling stocks.

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“Fortunes are made every year by those who take the time to learn to interpret the charts correctly.” (page 111)

In the second chapter, O’Neil discusses the importance of charting stocks because history often repeats itself. He also outlines key price patterns to look for including:

“Following the CAN SLIM income-focused strategy ensures that an investor will always be exposed to the strongest stocks in any market cycle, despite any temporary, highly speculative ‘bubbles’ or euphoria .” (page 154)

How To Make Money Stock Trading

In the third chapter, you will begin to dive into the CAN SLIM strategy. In addition to the technicalities, this approach provides a strong emphasis on the company’s fundamentals and O’Neil breaks down the most important things to watch for including increasing EPS (Earnings Per Share), outstanding management , and sales growth.

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“It’s the combination of strong earnings over the past few quarters and a record of strong growth in recent years that creates a great stock.” (page 162)

If your goal is to correctly identify stocks capable of delivering superperformance, it is important to keep in mind the annual growth rate of a company’s earnings. This chapter also discusses the fact that P/E ratios are exaggerated and abused.

In chapter five, you will learn about the various factors necessary for great returns. O’Neil also explained the importance of looking beyond the traditional “buy low, sell high” mentality and focusing instead on “buying high and selling higher” after a stock completes a healthy pattern of basis.

“…if you’re choosing between two stocks to buy, one with 5 billion shares outstanding and the other with 50 million, the smaller one will generally be the better performer, if the other reasons are the same.” (page 180)

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Chapter six covers the importance of supply and demand as well as insider buying, low corporate debt-to-equity ratios, and the potential danger of stock splits.

“When you have a portfolio of stocks, you have to learn to sell the worst performers first and keep the best ones longer.” (page 188)

In chapter 7, William J. O’Neil explains why it’s important to focus on buying the strongest stocks in the best industries. He only buys stocks with a high Investor’s Business Daily Relative Price Strength rating (RS) and describes how he identifies the next wave of super stocks in the market after a correction.

How To Make Money Stock Trading

“…only buy stocks that have at least some institutional sponsors that have better-than-average recent performance records and that have added institutional owners recently which are quarters.” (page 198)

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Institutional support is a major key when it comes to pricing a name and chapter nine explains the specific criteria O’Neil looks for when it comes to mutual fund, hedge fund, and other stock purchases. institution. Also discussed is why excessive institutional interest can be negative for a stock.

“…in your analytical tool kit, you absolutely must have a proven, reliable method to accurately determine whether you are in a bull market (developing) or a bear market ( downgrading).” (page 199)

In chapter nine, you will learn about O’Neil’s method for anticipating market direction and why it is so important to master if you want to reduce your amount of losing trades. He discusses how to protect yourself from major market downturns, stop loss orders, identifying major market tops, and how to find bottoms for a timely entry.

“The whole secret of winning big in the stock market is not being right all the time, but losing the least amount possible when you’re wrong.” (page 240)

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Cutting losses is a big part of making a steady income. In chapter 10, you will learn when to really lose and why it is important to maintain strict discipline in this area.

“If you don’t sell early, you will be late. Your goal is to make and earn big gains and not get excited, optimistic, selfish, or emotionally carried away as your stock’s progress accelerates.” (page 254)

Knowing when to book profits is one of the most important aspects of trading, yet it is one that many traders rarely manage. In this chapter, you will discover why it is important to make a profit and loss plan, if pyramiding is something you should implement, the major technical trading indicators that should be monitored while your stock is rising, and the importance. to be patient.

How To Make Money Stock Trading

Chapter 12: “Money Management: Should You Diversify, Invest for the Long Haul, Use Margin, Sell Short, or Buy Options, IPOs, Tax Shelters, Nasdaq Stocks, Foreign Stocks, Bonds, or Other Assets?”

Can You Make Money In The Stock Market?

“…diversifying is good, but don’t overdiversify. Concentrate on a small list of well-chosen stocks, and let the market help you determine how long each of them should be held. (page 301)

In the twelfth chapter, a wide variety of topics are discussed including diversification, buy and hold strategies, day trading, IPOs, options, and other popular asset classes.

“By far the biggest mistake 98% of all investors make is not spending time trying to learn where they made their mistakes in buying and selling (or not selling) stocks and when what they need to stop doing and start doing to become more successful.” (page 302)

Trading is a skill that is developed over time and requires one to eliminate bad habits in order to consistently make a profit. In chapter thirteen, O’Neil goes into twenty-one of the biggest mistakes he’s seen entrepreneurs make over the years.

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“If you think you’re just looking at a bunch of charts, think again. What you’re seeing are pictures of the price accumulation patterns of the biggest winning stocks—before they even started their major price movements. (page 315)

Chapter fourteen presents more CAN SLIM success stories as well as useful chart patterns to study. This is a very helpful chapter that should be studied carefully as it provides important price patterns to be aware of.

“Most of the top stocks are usually in the top industries. Studies show that 37% of a stock’s price movement is directly tied to the performance of the industry group in which the stock is in. The other 12% is due to on the strength of its overall sector. Therefore, about half of a stock’s movement is driven by the strength of its individual group. (page 323)

How To Make Money Stock Trading

Investor’s Business Daily gives you access to an incredible amount of useful data, and in chapter fifteen, you’ll learn how to use IBD to quickly identify the strongest market sectors, groups of industry, and individual names.

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“The entire focus of IBD is on solid database research and extensive historical model building to serve as examples—facts, not personal opinions.” (page 341)

And provides more compelling reasons to consider subscribing. O’Neil guides you through the many features of the newspaper and also provides a detailed outline of how he uses it on a daily basis., the online partner of

“Bernard Baruch emphasizes the importance of separating the facts of a situation from tips, ‘inside dope’, and wishful thinking. One of his rules is to beware of barbers, beauticians, waiters, or even who brought those gifts.” (page 383)

In chapter 17, O’Neil discusses the dangers of listening to financial television networks, stock tips, and the rumor mill. The best traders stay the course and avoid being swayed by the noise and emotional traps. Also covered is the importance of keeping a journal detailing market reactions to various news events.

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“Mutual funds are wonderful investment vehicles if you know how to use them properly. However, many investors do not understand how to manage them to their advantage.” (page 393)

In this chapter, mutual

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