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How To Make Money Teaching Music

How To Make Money Teaching Music – Looking for a way to earn extra income as a music teacher, but struggling to attract more students?

What if I told you that there are creative ways to make money as a music teacher without teaching your students face-to-face?

How To Make Money Teaching Music

How To Make Money Teaching Music

In this post, you will find unusual ideas that you can try to increase your income as a music teacher.

Have A Better Career Teaching Music! — Ryan

If you know how to read music and feel confident writing music, you can start offering transcription services and earn extra income this way.

Typically, this service specializes in specific instruments such as guitar, piano, or even drum transcription. You can recommend it for transcribing multiple instruments or even an orchestra, depending on your skills.

The easiest way to offer this service online is to join an online job market, platforms such as Fiverr, Upwork or PeoplePerHour and create an offer.

➡️ Quote for each project – in this case, the client sends you the material and you provide the quote

How To Make Money With Music Online

You must transcribe the music using this software and provide the files to the client, usually in the software’s native format, which is PDF or PNG (images) with notation.

The next step would be to start offering this service through your own website and as part of your own online business, and walk away

If you have a home music studio that some music teachers have or have access to a local studio, you can start offering remote session work.

How To Make Money Teaching Music

This is the same as old-school musician work, but it’s easy to do remotely these days as quality home recording studios emerge and equipment evolves in this direction.

Ways To Make Money At Home

As with transcription services, you can find this work through online job platforms like Fiverr, Upwork, or PeoplePerHour, which is a great way to get started quickly.

Clients will send you various projects detailing what music tracks you need to create and record (or just follow the notes they provide).

These projects will range from commercial zinger music tracks to film soundtracks and recording tracks for solo artists.

As a music teacher, there are two important things to be successful in offering a remote music recording service:

Simple Ways To Make Teachers Feel Appreciated

You can choose what you would like to write about. First, you need to find your niche audience and drive traffic to your blog.

Blogging means creating a simple website to start posting articles that you write about topics that interest you.

If you do this, you can monetize your blog by attracting new students who will take private lessons from you after reading your educational blog articles.

How To Make Money Teaching Music

Music teachers can also provide resources for other teachers teaching the same instrument. In this case, you might consider selling those digital resources (or physical ones like textbooks, software, etc.).

How To Market Your Music Studio

You can write reviews of tools, books or even albums. You can then earn income from those blog posts by using affiliate links.

These are special links that allow you to earn money when, for example, someone buys a musical instrument from Amazon after reading your article and clicking on a link you include on your blog.

If you’re not into writing, but you love teaching music and you’re comfortable with videos, you might want to consider starting a music teaching YouTube channel as a source of additional income.

It’s not easy on YouTube now, but the good thing is that you can start this career as a side hustle.

The Benefits Of Music Education

To make it on YouTube as a music teacher, you need to consistently upload new videos on interesting topics that your audience will enjoy watching.

This is a great opportunity to take your teaching to the next level as the YouTube format will make you more involved in your delivery, storytelling and more.

I know you may need to invest the time to acquire the necessary equipment to shoot high-quality videos and learn video editing, but this is a great side hustle that you can turn into a significant additional income stream.

How To Make Money Teaching Music

They say you need to be online for at least a year posting every week and that you need at least 100 videos to start seeing your channel grow.

The Importance Of Music Education For Piano Students

This is much the same as any other online business endeavor you undertake as a music teacher.

This can be relatively simple for you as a music teacher because you may already be teaching a specific curriculum to your own students.

You can sell it through online marketplaces like Udemy, Skillshare, or offer it through your own website that you build.

To be successful, you need to provide a high-quality course that helps your students learn the instrument and overcome the obstacles they face.

Teaching May Be The Perfect Side Gig

Once you’ve created a digital music course and decided where you’re going to sell it, you can move on to promoting it to a wider audience.

The good thing is that even though this course will take you a long time to build, it can act as passive income for a longer period of time.

I have my courses published both on Udemy and offered through my own website, and it’s a great way to make more money as a music teacher.

How To Make Money Teaching Music

If you’re overloaded with students and don’t have a free slot machine, or you’re just looking for a new way to earn income as a music teacher, distance learning may be the way to go.

Make Money Teaching Music

Usually it happens like this: students buy a package of remote lessons. For example, weekly part-time guitar or piano lessons that students can purchase a month in advance.

You deliver learning materials via email as a PDF lesson or even as a pre-recorded video lesson.

The main thing that differentiates correspondence lessons from standard online music lessons is that the correspondence is not done in real time.

This class format is great for adult students who don’t have a lot of free time to attend live classes or practice.

Music Industry Investigation Report

All the ways listed here are ways to earn money online as a music teacher.

Something that is especially true about the changing circumstances of the last few years, where digitization is kind of mandatory.

As a music teacher, you have to adapt, and creating new ways to earn money online is a good idea.

How To Make Money Teaching Music

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Teach Music Online in 2022 – 5 Ideas to Get You Motivated to Teach Music Online I was already busy with after school jobs and honors classes, but I was looking for a simple, realistic way to earn money for shopping. Teaching piano seemed like a natural choice since I had been playing since I was a child. Bonus that I could do it outside my house.

Making money from home wasn’t necessarily as important to me as a teenager as convenience, but now as a mostly stay-at-home mom of three boys, it definitely is. Even though I hadn’t been teaching piano for a long time, it was a great, easy way to spend some extra money without taking up too much time. And the best part is that I can start teaching again at any time.

In Richmond, Extra Money For Arts Education Is An Equity Issue

First of all, you obviously need to know how to play the piano. (Or any other instrument if you plan to teach another instrument.)

I had been taking piano lessons since I was 8 years old, so I had the necessary experience to teach. If you are starting to teach young children (5-8 years old), you don’t need that much experience. Yes, you need to understand the basics of playing. And, yes, you need to know how to read music. But you don’t need to be a concert pianist to teach beginners piano.

You also need a piano. I don’t recommend using a keyboard because it’s not the same as learning the piano. There is a certain skill that needs to be developed from the very beginning, practicing on the piano keys that the keyboard does not allow, for example, gaining strength in the fingers and getting a feel for the piano keys that is different from the keyboard. .

How To Make Money Teaching Music

You will also need some beginner piano books. You can find them almost anywhere, but here is a good place to start. The key is to find a good series you like that works well with young children and start from the beginning. As the child progresses, you can work your way through the series of books.

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I also recommend this practice book. They help the child keep track of their practice time and are also a great tool for you as the teacher to assign pages to practice each week and from which books.

I have also used a few of these

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