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How To Make Money With Camera

How To Make Money With Camera – Now.. let’s face it – do you know how much money you spent on your camera gear in the last year?

Well, I just went through all my orders from last year and I was quite surprised, how much money I spent on camera gear. In total it was 8954, 87 € !!!

How To Make Money With Camera

How To Make Money With Camera

But… one thing has changed compared to previous years! I didn’t pay for the gear – my client did.

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Don’t get me wrong – spending thousands of euros on your hobby and the only thing you get in return is a sense of satisfaction, being good at what you do is basically the definition of a hobby in my opinion.

But don’t underestimate the value you have with all your camera gear and being able to manage it. You have years of experience, thousands of hours watching tutorials on YouTube and you train your eye and mind to always find the best shot, wherever you go. This is not something that one can learn in a day. To put it in the words of Ash Ali and Hassan Kiba: “This is your unfair advantage”. You have everything you need in a world where digital media has a huge impact on a company’s success. Every business – even the smallest – needs professional photos and videos to attract new customers through their website and social media channels. It’s a huge playground with unlimited possibilities for your creativity and creativity: you can use it anywhere in the world.

Let me share with you my 10 lessons that I earned about 20.000€ in my first year as a freelancer alongside my full-time job as a pilot.

Now this may seem unnecessary. But it may have the biggest impact on your success. Remember that all your motivation to be free must come from within yourself. No one will tell you what to do and when to do it. Especially freelancing alongside your full-time job requires a lot of internal motivation, because you don’t really need extra money. Not having a clear mind about your goals, easily puts you back on autopilot, doing what you’re used to. Describing your goals on paper will help you commit to yourself and make it harder to go back to your old ways. As Robin Sharma writes in his book “The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari”: “A goal that is not committed to paper is no goal at all.”

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If your goal is to earn 10.000 euros from your freelancing in your first year, write down the steps you need to take for this goal.

You can break these sub-goals into even smaller sub-goals to make them more accessible. Getting started as a freelancer isn’t a sprint—it’s a marathon. So keep your steps easy and clear and you will find your way to the finish line.

It sounds like a silly phrase, but there is a lot of truth in it! Getting customers is almost impossible without ever doing any work for the customers. Nobody wants to pay you, if you say, that you have never done client work, unless you do it for free. I’m not saying you should lie, just adjust the truth a little, to make it more attractive. If you’ve already done some photos of your friends just for fun, talk about it, as if it were a client project. If you are 30 years old and you got your first camera at 14, you have more than 15 years of experience in photography or filmmaking.

How To Make Money With Camera

If a client asks you, if you can do something, which you have never done before, your answer should always be yes! Think “what’s the worst that could happen”, rather than “I can’t do this because I’ve never done it before”.

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A couple of weeks ago a client I did some drone videos with asked me if I could do a long lapse of a construction site. I immediately said yes, even though I had no idea how to pull it off. YouTube has once again been my greatest friend. I upgraded my skill set and had some extra income.

This goes in the same direction as my previous point. Just because you can’t do something for a customer, doesn’t mean there aren’t online resources that can help you achieve it.

Use stock markets like Envato to enhance your projects and make them look more professional. They have an extensive library of music, sound effects, title animations, video transitions, logo animations and graphics. It is 16, 99 € / month and has helped me with every customer project so far.

If you can’t find a solution there, go to platforms like Fiverr and see if other freelancers can help you. For example, if a customer needs a logo! It is more expensive, but you can charge your customers with a small bonus for yourself.

How To Make Money With Your Camera

At first I thought, I can’t charge such a high hourly rate. I have never studied photography and videography professionally. It’s just a hobby, I don’t have the skills to charge high prices.

You help your customer sell your product or service for the next few weeks, maybe even months or years. Their return on investment is very fast and they can even deduct the expenses from their taxes.

On the other hand, you also have to pay taxes and invest in new equipment. If you charge too little, there won’t be much money left.

How To Make Money With Camera

There’s a little trick to justifying your price tag—especially in the beginning: offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee! If the client is not satisfied with your work, he does not pay for it. Just make sure to watermark your work. It’s less risky for you, but increases your chances of getting more per hour.

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What Didn’t you just say “Don’t sell yourself below value”? You are right, but let me give you an example in which case I would work for free.

A few months ago my friend Mark asked me if I could do some of his portraits for his website and social media. Mark is the founder of a food startup and he has a large network of entrepreneurs, freelancers and small businesses, which are my target audience. I told him to do it for free, if he promoted my work in his network. He agreed. In the end it took 5-6 hours to shoot and edit my photos, but in return I got 4 new clients. One even with recurring projects.

Now this is one of the pain points of freedom. Initially it may not be worth hiring a tax accountant and all the tax rules and calculations may be overwhelming.

Here I return to my previous point: use as many sources as possible. There are many clever minds out there, who are trying to make math easy for you in the form of apps and software. Of course it will cost you a little money, but think about the time you will have to do it all yourself. You can use the time saved for client work and your return on investment is much faster.

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If you live in Germany I can only recommend combining a bank account in Kontest and using the accounting software from Lexis Office. They work perfectly together, are easy to use and the best thing is: it shows you how much tax you will pay at the end of the year. So there will be no bad surprises

Most businesses, which are just starting out, usually need 2 things: a simple website and images for the website. This is their online business card and often the first point of contact with their customers. So it is very important for them to enter professionally.

If you can offer not only the photos, but the website as well, you increase your value to the customer enormously.

How To Make Money With Camera

Creating professional looking websites is no longer rocket science. There are many tutorials on YouTube and the software is very easy to use. I use wordpress and website builder element pro. A weekend will be enough to get basic knowledge of everything. There is no need for coding skills and Elementor itself offers a large library of website kits, which are a good starting point for creating a unique homepage.

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If you want to learn more about WordPress and Element I can recommend YouTube “Living with Pixels”, who has a lot of valuable lessons.

One of the mistakes I have made many times. Being too optimistic with your estimated time to finish the project will cost you more money and motivation. No client wants to pay more, if you tell them “I miscalculated my time, I will need 30% more fee”. It’s unprofessional and the client won’t be willing to work with you again, if he can’t meet your expectations.

It is better to do otherwise

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