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How To Make Money With Knol

How To Make Money With Knol – Just announced on the official Google blog, Knol is currently a private, invite-only knowledge sharing service (updated July 2008: it’s now live at Google says Knol is a “knowledge unit” and, in the style of the old-school website, experts are invited to write introductory articles about their expertise. Google wants to provide. writing, posting content, etc. so that experts can focus solely on the content. all tools. You can then share the ad revenue those pages generate.

Knol pages will be available for indexing by search engines, Google said, including appearing in Google Search itself. Google’s Udi Manber says, “Our job in search quality is to rank Google appropriately when it appears in search results.” (It’s not 100% clear from this statement that Google treats Knol pages as another organic web source, or gives them a special one-box or special organic result format.)

How To Make Money With Knol

How To Make Money With Knol

Also, if the screenshot** is correct, Knols may be released under a Creative Commons license. It’s good to see Google starting to use this type of licensing (as many of their services still don’t).

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According to Google’s Woody Manbury, one of the most important aspects of Knol is that the authors of articles are prominently displayed:

Books have authors’ names on their covers, news articles have authors, scientific articles always have authors, but somehow the Internet has evolved without a strong standard for distinguishing author names. We believe that knowing who wrote what helps users make better use of web content.

This is partly a strawman argument – author names are included in many blog posts and news articles these days. However, if Udi is talking about Wikipedia, he might have a point.

In systems like Wikipedia, which have excellent introductory articles for many topics, this page is a true team effort, with no single author considered lead. Knolls (one knoll, two knolls…?) seem to go the other way. This can also become a problem for Knol: if one author is in charge and all edits must go through that person, the article may not be as fact-checked and updated as its Wikipedia counterpart. Even the peer reviews and possible editing suggestions that might be offered to the author – the screenshot provided by Google, as shown above, with Wikipedia-style “Edit” links and Google “people can submit comments, questions, edits, additional content” – revealed that encouraging someone else to edit an article is a real team project. may be much lower than helping to edit the article.

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Again, Knol seems to want to offer incentives to experts in terms of recognition, two aspects that Wikipedia lacks. Also, if projects like Wikipedia have good scale competition, it might help Wikipedia as well. Currently, for example, Wikipedia’s editing tools are a bit messy and not the best user-friendly. If Google removes experts from Wikipedia because they provide easy tools, it might help improve Wikipedia instead.

(Subject experts don’t really need a new service – they can already create a website on their domain and run some ads using various tools. Depending on how well it’s implemented, what might make Knol better for this? , of the recommended editing toolset type… and possibly how Knol results are highlighted in search results. For those concerned about search result neutrality, this section may be an area to look into in the future.)

Regarding what content is eligible for the Knol project, Google states that “Google does not act as an editor in any way and does not endorse any content.” Previous projects of this nature at Google have shown that this is not the case at all; usually there is a policy that bans certain content, sometimes leading to banned pages… think Google Page Creator, Blogger or Google Groups***.

How To Make Money With Knol

One of the last attempts by Google to bring together experts from around the world for its project was Google Answers, a paid question-and-answer service, which has since been discontinued. Let’s see how the “knoll” goes.

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**If the screenshot fonts show the final layout, I think the body text is too small.

***Quote from Google Groups Terms of Service: “If Google detects Content that does not comply with the Terms of Service, Google may review and decide, in good faith and in its sole discretion, to remove or delete the Content.” Wikipedia is an online encyclopedia where (almost) anyone can create and edit articles – as long as that person has access to the internet.

Founded in 2001, Wikipedia has become one of the most widely used websites in the world. More than 56 million articles have been published so far.

Wikipedia is an online encyclopedia edited and maintained primarily by anonymous volunteers (over 300,000 in fact).

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Almost anyone with Internet access can write and edit more than 56 million Wikipedia articles in 300 available languages.

In some cases, often in relation to common pages such as Brexit or the COVID-19 pandemic, only a selection of accredited and vetted editors can make changes to ensure the accuracy of the information.

Button in the upper right corner of the website. All changes made to the page are then logged

How To Make Money With Knol

However, due to its aggregated pattern, information on Wikipedia is not always completely reliable, especially on pages that do not receive much attention in the first place.

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There is also a dedicated community portal where users can ask questions, suggest new features and discuss policy issues.

In addition, Wikipedia’s main home page encourages readers to learn new information by displaying featured articles, showing events that happened on the day they visited the site, or simply listing random facts (underneath it, “

In addition to its website, Wikipedia can also be accessed by downloading its mobile and tablet apps (available for Android and iOS devices).

Welsh, who grew up in Huntsville, Alabama, made money as an options and futures trader in Chicago after graduating from Auburn University with a degree in finance.

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Inspired by the dot-com boom, he launched his first Internet company in 1996. He ended up co-founding Bomis, which started as a search directory about the city of Chicago.

Wales used the money from this business to start Nupedia, an online encyclopedia written by experts in the field (such as research scientists).

To begin this project, Wales recruited Larry Sanger, who was then pursuing a Ph.D. in philosophy from The Ohio State University.

How To Make Money With Knol

(MDOP). Wales contacted Sanger a year later to discuss several topics he had previously discussed. Their relationship has developed since then.

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In January 2000, Wales contacted Sanger again, pitching him the idea of ​​a user-reviewed and supported encyclopedia.

Sanger moved to San Diego and works full-time at Nupedia. Unfortunately, it turned out that the implementation of the project will be much more difficult than initially expected. Due to high publishing standards, Nupedia was only able to publish a few dozen articles in a few months.

There are several different stories about what happened next, so we’ll focus on the one that’s been referenced the most. According to Sanger, on January 2, 2001, he had dinner with Ben Kowitz, a friend he had met through a Welsh mailing list.

” (“wiki wiki” means quick in Hawaiian), which allowed users to edit websites directly from their web browser. Sanger pitched the concept to Wales, who immediately liked it and installed it on Nupedia (later renamed Nupedia Wiki).

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Unfortunately, the existing Nupedia community disagreed with the simplified processing method, which prompted Wales to register its own and domains. On January 15, 2001, the Wikipedia website announced to its users “Hello, World!” congratulated him and started working directly.

Wikipedia, unlikely, its predecessor, appeared immediately. By the end of January, the site had 600 articles. By May, this number reached 4,000. Although Sanger was partially involved with Nupedia, most of his attention was devoted to creating Wikipedia. Nupedia finally shut down in 2002.

What took Wikipedia to new heights was the 9/11 attack on the Twin Towers. Whenever people are looking for reliable information about what is going on, most of them end up on the website.

How To Make Money With Knol

By 2002, the Wikipedia website was attracting millions of visitors each month. Until now, the site could be accessed mainly through a dot-com domain. Wales suggested placing display ads on Wikipedia to leverage website traffic.

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To his detriment (or perhaps his luck), the community strongly rejected the idea. Fortunately, Wales had the foresight to start Wikipedia to get the dot-org domain.

Therefore, in June 2003, he founded the Wikimedia Foundation, a non-profit organization that manages Wikipedia.

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