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How To Make Money With No Job

How To Make Money With No Job – The monthly report on the “Employment Situation” published by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, most recently for January 2016, see here, regularly makes headlines in all forms of media. The first response to these may be the impression that the government collects and reports on these numbers out of concern for the plight of the unemployed. However, this is not the main reason for the importance of these reports by politicians and capitalists.

The importance of the data depends on its ability to provide an accurate short-term assessment of the overall production level, relative to its potential. Capital unemployment, not unemployment, is the main concern. Unemployment data is like an indicator of the past and is important to policymakers and businesses for that reason. The capacity utilization rate, which indicates more directly the level of “work” of capital, is difficult to monitor, especially on a monthly basis. Unused building materials, empty or unused retail stores, the use of equipment and IT infrastructure that are not up to date – these are the main concerns of capital and its ability to profit from the workers it employs.

How To Make Money With No Job

How To Make Money With No Job

Although many workers are laid off when production declines, companies cannot reduce their overall workforce, especially those employed by “white-collar” workers, to the same extent.

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The Federal Reserve’s response to economic developments should be closely watched, as described in the report of the Open Market Committee, giving us the “official” continuous reading of the government’s interpretation of it and the data. different.

At this point the Fed is not entirely convinced that production is returning to normal. While the official unemployment rate continues to decline, the Fed noted that last month even real wages saw a significant increase, a very real effect of the decline in unemployment. . While workers welcome this, of course, the Fed sees it as justifying interest rate hikes to prevent “too fast” growth, and the possibility of wage increases (not heaven forbid!).

Therefore, it is important to understand that reducing unemployment is NOT the goal of the government’s economic policy, but at best, it is the result of their relentless support for profits. and capitalist accumulation. Of course, things are not always so lucky! See more pictures.

The work is 20th century. Welcome to the “gig” economy, where more than 20 million Americans are “freelancers,” “consultants,” “independent contractors” and other code names for “real” unemployment [source: Greenhouse]. It’s true that the Great Recession forced many workers into the ranks of the self-employed, but more than half of solopreneurs choose the unemployed lifestyle [source: Florida ]. No clocks, no cubicles, and best of all, no bosses.

How To Make Money Without A Job From Your Home

But how much can you earn without a regular job? It depends on your skills, experience and self-promotion skills. There are some very popular bloggers who make six figures a month, but the general trend is that freelancers make less than their cubicle counterparts – on average $15.60 an hour and $20 an hour [source: Florida ].

Of the more than 200,000 members of the Freelancers Union — one of the fastest-growing unions in America — 58 percent earn less than $50,000 a year and 29 percent earn less than $25,000 [ source : Greenhouse].

While you won’t get rich as a freelancer, there are many other benefits to being unemployed: You can better fit your schedule around family life. You can explore many different projects instead of doing the same thing every day. And, best of all, you call the shots.

How To Make Money With No Job

But what if the private life is still too narrow? What if you want to do but never work? Is it possible to keep food on the table and a roof over your head without doing the bare minimum of work? It sounds too good to be true, but let’s look at the options, starting with the simplest economic transaction: selling goods.

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Did you inherit your grandpa’s treasured old baseball card collection? Is your room full of beer glass ads? Has your daughter gone through an American Girl doll phase? One of the easiest ways to make ends meet is to sell what you already have. With sites like Craigslist, eBay and Amazon Marketplace, the world is your garage sale.

Of course, to do the resale market, you need to offer something that people really like. Craigslist is already full of people selling old electronics and rusty appliances for five bucks “or best offer.” If you’re selling used items, it’s best to focus on rarities and collectibles, which lend themselves well to auction sites like eBay, where avid collectors can barter [source: Spors ].

Or you can be crafty. Do you have a knack for quirky embroidery, homemade soap making or vintage jewelry design? Welcome to Etsy, the online marketplace for DIYers of all stripes. Note that Etsy charges 20 cents for each listing and keeps 3.5 percent of each sale.

If you don’t have the skills to make your own produce, why not grow them? There are more than 7,800 farmers markets in America, and consumer interest in local food is hot [source: USDA ]. Farming is a full-time job, but growing a small garden of tasty and attractive vegetables is like a part-time hobby (and doubles as dinner!).

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If these ideas are as dubious as the work, there is another option: sell pieces. For example, you can sell plasma – a part of your blood – to a plasma collection center for about $35. Long-haired women and men can sell 10-inch (25-centimeter) feathers for $10 per ounce or try auctioning them on eBay. It can reach $400 or more [source: Bonander].

And then there is sperm and egg. Men can earn about $60 per sample, but can donate up to three times a week [source: Seattle Sperm Bank ]. Women can earn more — between $5,000 and $10,000 — but egg removal is a surgical procedure that can cause complications [source: Center for Human Education ].

In the age of Facebook and LinkedIn, everyone is a brand too. If you want to do a normal job without working, you need to develop and market your own skills. You may be the best “beat box” in the tri-county, but no one is going to pay you to record birthday cards if they can’t see you. That’s where comes in.

How To Make Money With No Job

On Fiverr – and copycat sites like GigBucks and TenBux – you can offer your services to the world for five dollars. Advertising your services is free, but Fiverr charges a dollar per sale. Popular services include voiceovers in a variety of funny accents, short writing projects, custom cartoons, logo design, Photoshop editing and website development.

What To Do If You Need Money Urgently

Do you like to do research? (Check box A for “Yes” and box B for “No”). Companies like Harris Polls will pay you to take a 15 to 20 minute online survey. Points can be redeemed for gift cards at sites like Amazon and iTunes. There are other polling companies that pay, but beware of scams.

You can also sign up to be part of clinical trials – and get paid much better than doing online surveys (sometimes thousands of dollars). Tests for weight loss, depression, diabetes and other problems are offered throughout the country. The US government has a website that lists them but hospitals and private websites also advertise for volunteers. Of course, you need to weigh the risk of the test against the potential gain.

Then there is the fine art of blogging for dollars. Do you have something interesting to say about technology, movies, politics, food, sports and/or celebrity news? Can you produce 300 words of scannable copy per hour? Are you on Twitter and Facebook? Then you may be ready to become a professional blogger. The best way to blog your way to “riches” is to use Google AdSense. Google automatically sends ads to your website that it believes are relevant to your audience. Every time a visitor visits an ad, you get a discount on the fee paid to Google. Warning: You need a lot of traffic to your website to make decent money.

If you have financial skills and a gambler’s instinct, “day trading” offers the opportunity to do Wall Street in the comfort of Main Street. In the late 1990s, when the stock market went online, there was an explosion there.

Deepak Chopra Quote: “a Job Is How You Make Money. A Career Is How You Make Your Mark. A Calling Is How You Acknowledge A Higher Vision, Whate…”

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