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How To Make Money With Rss Feeds

How To Make Money With Rss Feeds – Twitter is a great tool for keeping up with everything that’s happening: news, hobbies and interests, celebrities and influencers. However, some users prefer to monitor this information through feeds using readers, widgets or custom integrations within their own applications.

Allows users to create feeds from any public Twitter user feed, hashtags, mentions or keywords, as well as feeds from their own Twitter timelines without writing a single line of code.

How To Make Money With Rss Feeds

How To Make Money With Rss Feeds

All public Twitter accounts can be turned into a feed. Simply copy and paste the Twitter URL into the Twitter Generator to get the feed. Customize the feed to your liking by selecting a widget.

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This option creates a feed of all tweets that a user has liked. One benefit of using this type of feed is monitoring user engagement and curating trusted sources for tweets.

Simply enter the @username (eg @elonmusk) you want to follow and click create to get the feed. You will see all tweets liked by this user.

In this feed I search for a user (bill gates) and get a feed of all his tweets.

With this option, users can get a feed of their own Twitter timeline, which includes their followers’ tweets, retweets, and replies.

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As the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) began to spread globally, more and more users are contacting us daily asking if we can recommend coronavirus-related feeds and websites that post updates about it.

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How To Make Money With Rss Feeds

You’ve learned how to start a podcast and are creating content for your podcast. If you enjoy what you do, love the art of podcasting, you want to maximize your audience. If your listener enjoys your content, they will also want to find an easy way to come back. Rss Feed Problem

The really simple syndication, or RSS feed, is the solution to both of these problems, allowing content creators to reach listeners and listeners to find their favorite podcasts on their favorite podcast platforms.

A podcast-only RSS feed sends audio content around the web, hitting all kinds of directories and updating them as new content is created. An RSS feed will push your audio content to your listeners, so it’s at the forefront of their listening platforms like Apple Podcasts and Google Play.

Besides the audio file itself, here’s a list of recommended tags for popular podcasts like Google Play and Apple Podcasts:

It is highly recommended to include a full transcript of your podcast episode in the show notes of your podcast. It’s easy to get your podcast transcribed with , and copy and paste the transcript into your RSS feed.

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To create an RSS feed URL for a podcast, you first need to host your podcast. There are a variety of tools to make this possible, each of which you should check out. These include:

This is a very popular tool for creating an RSS feed for any kind of podcast. If you have a website running on WordPress, this works easily as it is a plugin for the platform. You can publish your podcast, get your RSS feed URL through it, and away you go.

Another common and popular service is When you enter the site, you first create an account. From there you start adding audio files of your podcast to the dashboard and also add a description. You will then have access to the RSS feed URL through the Service.

How To Make Money With Rss Feeds

Squarespace offers rich podcast capabilities with the ability to create blogs with an RSS feed of all recommended podcast data.

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You don’t need any special type of website to create an RSS feed. If you go the freelance route, you can use almost any type of website to create your RSS feed from scratch.

You also have the option to create an RSS feed from scratch. If you already host content on a website, have a server, you can also host your podcasts and create your RSS feed. RSS Builder is a great free and open source RSS creation program to do this. With the app, you can upload your podcasts to your website and manage the stream independently.

With theRSS Builder app, you can start by creating a new feed, giving it a title, and adding the URL to your website. You then enter a description of your stream and queue it for generation. When adding content, enter each content’s unique URL in the RSS feed. Once you’ve done this, you can create an XML file that allows people to subscribe to your RSS feed.

Now that you understand how to create an RSS feed for your podcast, you need to upload your podcast audio content. Your RSS feed only picks up the new content you create and upload.

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If you go the freelance route, you’ll want to make sure you’re uploading your new podcast files to your website, at the same URL that the RSS feed is pulling from. When you upload new podcast files, add the URL to those files to your RSS feed via RSS Builder so it recognizes the file extension and pushes it out to podcast distributors like Google and Apple.

With a hosted podcast platform, you simply upload new podcast content as quickly as possible. If you use, upload a new podcast to the platform and the RSS feed will pick it up.

The goal of any podcast is to be available on as many platforms as possible. You want to submit your RSS feed URL to Google Play, iTunes, and other platforms to reach your audience on all of these platforms.

How To Make Money With Rss Feeds

How do you find your podcast RSS feed URL? You may be in a situation where you already have a website that hosts your podcasts, or you already have your RSS feed set up. Now you need to find the URL for the RSS feed itself to send to the major podcast distributors. You can do this by working through various podcast tools.

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If you’re using a site or service like, you’ll want to go to the site to pull down the RSS feed URL. If you are using the PowerPress plugin for WordPress, accessing the plugin provides the RSS feed URL.

If you want to learn more about all the tools and their options available, check out PowerPress for WordPress, Squarespace RSS Feed for Podcast tool, as well as SoundCloud RSS Feed for Podcast tool.

If you want to get your RSS feed available on Apple Podcasts (formerly iTunes), you need to rely on a service called asiTunes Connect. When you go to the iTunes Connect page, you’ll need to sign in with your Apple ID. Once you’re on the platform, clicking on the iTunes Connect dashboard will give you access to a button to add to your RSS feed. Once you’ve added the feed, click the “verify” button and a verification step will take place. Until the verification is successful, the RSS feed is added to the iTunes system.

You need to start by going to the Google Play Podcast Portal. Once you’re in that area, click the button to add a podcast. Take your RSS feed URL and paste it into the text box. You then confirm that you have the RSS feed through your email, see the information and click the publish button. The Google Play Podcast platform will review all submissions before they are accepted and published in the distribution tool.

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Optimization is key for any RSS feed. The RSS feed is the foundation of your podcast distribution. You can have the best podcast in the world, but if you don’t optimize for search results, you might not be heard.

Adding a solid description for the RSS feed and adding audio in the comments is valuable.

The best way to do this is to get your podcast transcribed for $1.50 per minute of audio. You created the content, now get it used by users with an optimized RSS feed!

How To Make Money With Rss Feeds

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