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How To Make Money With Smithing

How To Make Money With Smithing – One of the features included in Taleworld’s newest entry in the Mount and Blade franchise includes a new

System. In Mount and Blade: Bannerlord, players can create their own custom weapons using an in-depth customization system. This can include different hilts, blades, handles, and what have you! However, this does not mean that you can start crafting beautiful Tamaskene swords from scratch.

How To Make Money With Smithing

How To Make Money With Smithing

Ability that will limit the power of the weapons you can create. By leveling up the blacksmithing skill, your character can start crafting more powerful weapons. What are some of the best ways to level up the blacksmithing skill in Bannerlord? Read on to find out!

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In Mount and Blade: Bannerlord you can develop a total of 18 different skills. Some of these are combat related and help you swing a sword or shoot a bow and some are non-combat related. Blacksmithing is a non-combat skill that is only used to create weapons in the city smithy. (That said, some of the blacksmithing perks can actually increase your combat skills.)

To the weapon The difficulty of creating the weapon will depend on what parts you would like to add to the weapon and what type of weapon it is. For example, creating a basic wooden polearm with a rake for a head is very easy to do. A blacksmith with very little skills can do this. However, crafting a large two-handed steel ax with an engraved handle will be much more difficult.

If your character tries to craft something that is out of his difficulty range, that doesn’t mean he can’t forge the weapon. What this means is that the stats will be lower than expected if your blacksmithing level doesn’t improve. As you can see in the image above at the top left there is a bar. This will show you how difficult the currently crafted weapon is to forge and will show you where your character’s forge level is.

So you are on your way to becoming a master blacksmith. Forging weapons in Bannerlord is a great way to earn in-game currency. In fact, it’s probably the best and easiest way to make a lot of money fast. But if you’re going to craft great and expensive weapons, you’ll need to raise your blacksmithing level first. All the ways you can increase your smithing level are done at the smithy in any city. Basically, any action you can take in this menu will increase your blacksmithing level.

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As you may have guessed from the header, the best way to increase blacksmithing skill is by forging great weapons. “But I thought you’ll need a high level of skill to create expensive weapons?” Wrong! When you craft new weapons, the amount of experience you gain seems to be relative to the value of the weapon you crafted. In simple terms, crafting expensive weapons will give you more experience. That doesn’t mean you have to go all out and use the best materials to create anything.

There are some great ways to make weapons out of very cheap materials that are worth a lot of money and therefore worth a lot of blacksmithing experience. Some of the best things you can do is make really long slashing weapons. For example, take a look at this polearm in the image below.

Using just one unit of iron, 1 hardwood, and 1 coal, we’ve created a long pole weapon with very high slash damage. This polearm is sold between 3,000 and 4,000 denarii. Once you’ve crafted a few of these and unlocked some new parts, you can start finding other customization options that will have even higher stats. Another great thing you can do is craft a two-handed sword at lower levels and find the blade with the highest slash damage output. Slide it to make it huge and throw it on the biggest handle you can find. These usually cost a lot of money too.

How To Make Money With Smithing

In my game right now I’m making two-handed polearms that are worth around 25,000 deniers when traded in-game. I am using Long Glaive Head and Long Ash. They only require two fine steel units and one hardwood unit to craft, so there’s a HUGE markup on them. My character also gains a level in blacksmithing every 2 or more times I create it. So keep forging high difficulty weapons and you’ll have a master blacksmith in no time! Blacksmithing is the best way to earn money and get amazing weapons in Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord.

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However, to craft the most expensive and powerful gear, you’ll need to unlock high-tier blacksmithing pieces first.

Unfortunately, these can be unlocked through smelting and crafting, and are tied to specific weapon types and tiers.

To help you out, here’s how you can quickly and easily unlock blacksmithing parts in Bannerlord for your preferred weapon type.

Blacksmithing is pretty straightforward. You can smell items for resources (or just buy them) and then you can craft new weapons using them.

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You can use this vital function in a blacksmith. This building can be found in every town in Calradia and can be used by clicking the “Enter the Blacksmith” option.

Every time you do something in the blacksmithing menu, you will slowly lose stamina. This can only be recovered by resting in a settlement.

Players will lose 10 Stamina for each weapon smelted and between 10 and 50 Stamina for each weapon forged.

How To Make Money With Smithing

You will slowly gain stamina as you level up your Smithing skill (+1 per 2 Smithing levels). This is why most players should quickly level up their blacksmithing skill if they want to use this mechanic properly.

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When you create a weapon in Bannerlord, you have the opportunity to customize almost every aspect of it. You can choose the shape and size of the blade, the look and length of the pommel and armguard, and the materials of the hilt.

By choosing special weapon parts, players can change the weapon’s weight, range and speed, and piercing and slashing damage.

That’s why you need to unlock as many smithing pieces as you can to fully customize Bannerlord’s weapons and turn them into true killing machines.

When you start to smelt or craft a type of weapon, you will slowly receive all the forging parts for it.

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For example: if you smelt and craft two-handed swords, you will gradually get two-handed sword smithing parts.

There are also five levels for blacksmithing pieces. You can’t get a level 2 smithing part before you get all level 1 parts. This works the same for all levels above.

So to get level 2 smithing parts first get all level 1 parts. To get level 3 get all level 2 parts. This process continues until you reach the final level.

How To Make Money With Smithing

Smelting is the most efficient way to obtain blacksmithing parts. If you were to craft 10 two-handed swords and then smelt them, smelting would unlock more pieces than forging.

Making Money With Crafting

Also, to unlock parts faster, it would be better to smelt or craft higher tier weapons instead of lower tier weapons.

If, for example, he smelled 140 of the highest level two-handed swords, level 6 swords, he would unlock all 254 two-handed sword smithing pieces.

If you tried this with thousands of lower level two-handed swords, you wouldn’t even be close to unlocking all the blacksmithing parts.

So casting is the way to go. However, crafting should not be ignored. Or, better yet, blacksmithing orders shouldn’t be.

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Blacksmithing orders offer the most experience when it comes to blacksmithing. By completing high-paying special orders, you’ll get parts and experience in no time.

So, in theory, these are the best ways to unlock new blacksmithing, on a scale of 1-10, with 10 being the best:

By using the methods we outlined in our previous Blacksmithing guide, you can easily unlock all the blacksmithing parts in the game.

How To Make Money With Smithing

Forge, Smelt, Repeat is as easy as it sounds. Collect as much hardwood, raw wood, forged wood and normal iron as you can and start crafting weapons.

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Then just smell them and get better parts. Then craft better weapons from the newly obtained parts and melt them down until you get the parts you want.

The Order Adventure works exactly as you would expect. You go from town to town, completing the highest paying Orders in each town.

This method is great for players who really want to have fun while playing, as it will also give them the opportunity to enter many tournaments and win absurd amounts of money in Bannerlord.

That’s everything you need to know about how to unlock blacksmithing parts in Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord!

Smithing For Money

Based in London, UK, Adrian Oprea is a guidebook writer. As a professional single player RPG player, Adrian has often been stigmatized. He has decided to take his frustration out on writing guides! Weaponsmithing is probably the most profitable craft profession.

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