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How To Make Money With Tailoring And Enchanting

How To Make Money With Tailoring And Enchanting – Greetings travelers! We continue to talk about various aspects of WoW: Classic. Today we’re going to talk about one of the essential elements of vanilla WoW – gold mining and how it can work in the upcoming classic. In this article, we will go over the basics of gold farming, talk about different approaches, and find some tips and tricks that will make your gold farming efficient.

Classic WoW is all about efficiency, especially when it comes to making money. While in Battle for Azeroth and previous expansions we’ve become accustomed to gold as a fast-moving currency that comes and goes easily, gold in WoW Classic really matters. It is often earned by manual labor at a low rate, 20 to 30 gold per hour at best. Looking at this figure, you will spend at least 30 hours farming to reach the 900 gold milestone for an epic mount. Not to mention learning all the spells and abilities, learning how to ride, buying consumables, repairing, etc. Buying a mount is one of the best things you can do to increase your efficiency as it cuts down on travel time.

How To Make Money With Tailoring And Enchanting

How To Make Money With Tailoring And Enchanting

Many addons that are very useful for gold mining rely on the game API, and knowing what API functionality we will get from Classic is quite an important question. In the retail version of the game, players have long been accustomed to such addons as TradeSkillMaster, Auctionator, Auctioneer. Back in the days of Vanilla WoW, the Auctioneer was effectively the only Auction House add-on, and this raises questions in the community – should other add-ons even be present in Classic WoW, or will it work against the goal of recreating the original gaming experience. . There is no official position on this yet, so we’ll just have to wait and see how it turns out.

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As many of you know, the amount of space in the bag in the classic game is quite limited, and depending on your class, you may have to carry additional equipment, arrows, protective equipment, etc. Not to mention the need to carry various consumables, reagents. and other things you need. Bags were much smaller than they are these days and every space in a bag counts. Since there are no guild banks in the game and much less storage space, having an alternate bank will be essential in WoW Classic.

Having bank alts was a common practice, players sent their things to them for storage or immediately sold them at auction. For the pot, select the race/class combination you would like to play later. It takes about 1-2 hours to mail from your main character to your alt, but if you don’t pick up the item on your alt, you can use the RETURN button to instantly send mail back to your main character, without any delay. This gives you an additional repository for your items. The mail limit is 100, after which you cannot send mail to that character.

Another benefit of having a banking alt is learning craft trades. For example, you take gathering skills like skinning and mining from your main character, and then choose leatherworking and blacksmithing from your alto. We don’t recommend taking both Mining and Herbalism at the same time for a simple reason – each one grants a spotting skill on the minimap, and switching between them can drive you crazy or just miss nodes. It’s better to handle one detection at a time, but if you think you can do both, nothing will stop you. Since the mailboxes are scattered all over the place, you can simply send the collected reagents to the alt, freeing up valuable space in the bag on the main page and having two crafting skills instead of one at the same time. The only downside in this case is the skill level of the profession – in order to pass skill level 225, your character must be at least level 35, so we recommend choosing a race/class wisely so that you can level up that character later.

ALWAYS keep your alternate character in the tavern as you will gain rest experience faster there, the same advice goes for the main character. There is no Rested XP cap, so you can get multiple levels of Rested XP if your character doesn’t log out for a while, which comes in handy when you decide to level up your Alt to advance in crafting professions.

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Here are four main ways (and one special bonus) to make money in World of Warcraft to help you understand the process and get started:

There are so many things you can collect in the game – ore, leather, herbs, fish, flax, magic cloth, gems, stones, etc. A lot of gold can be made from all these reagents. Collecting is a good way to start making money. Just find resources to collect or mine by leveling up your character, especially if you’re trained in skinning. Please note that you cannot pass the 225 mark in your professions until you reach level 35.

The main tip here is that you should always auction off collected items and use your bank alts to streamline the process. You should also try to find regular buyers for mats, they are there – just ask in the chat and follow the trade chat. This will keep your sales stable and save you the time it takes to install AH mats.

How To Make Money With Tailoring And Enchanting

Farming is more suitable for higher level characters (level 40-50+). Farming works around passing instances, killing named bosses multiple times, re-running dungeons to get the drop you want, and farming mobs in different areas and locations.

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This approach to crafting gold takes longer than the collection path, and the payout can be higher depending on the value of the various items in the auction. This means that you can earn 20 gold per day, or 100 gold, depending on which drops you get (which is random).

If you have something good but don’t know how much it costs, try comparing it with similar products and price it accordingly. If you’re still unsure about this, we suggest setting your desired price as the base price and a much higher amount for the 24-hour redemption window. You should do this on the weekend because there are more people online at that time and you will have a better chance of selling your items, otherwise you could just lose your money if your auction doesn’t sell. It costs very little to put items up for auction, so you should always store your items in the bank until Friday/Saturday/Sunday. It is best to put them up for auction during prime time, around 19:00. Friday night with a 24 hour rate and repeat this the next day. An advertising element in the trading chat can also work. Good luck with your trades!

Arcane Crystals – Required to craft Arcanite, they are mined from Thorium Veins, and the best place is along the edges of the zone in southern Silithus. Alternatively, Un’Goro Crater.

Abominable Slug – Dropped from Green Mud in Felwood near Blood Poison Falls, just south of it. Very low drop rate, lots of gold. The second farming location is the cave north of the road, the farthest east of Western Plaguelands.

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Crusader’s Enchantment – Dropped by Scarlet Mages in Tyr’s Hand (they also drop Good Greens and Cloth). It’s best to do this at level 60 or with a friend, because the incoming damage can be quite large.

Chimerok A cut from a level 60 chimera on the Isle of Dread, south of Feathermoon Isle. Needed to make the best tank food in WoW Classic.

Felcloth, from the Jadefire Satyrs (Jadefire Hellcaller, Jadefire Betrayer, Jadefire Trickster), which can also be farmed for some other notable drops: Demonic Rune, Corrupted Soul Shard, Runecloth, Major Healing Potion. Location – northwest of Felwood. Another place to farm satyrs is Azshara. Similar to Felwood, you will find another group of satyrs known as Legashi (Legashi Hellcaller, Legashi Satyr, Legashi Rogue). These enemies will drop the same items as their Jadefire counterparts.

How To Make Money With Tailoring And Enchanting

In the beginning after the server launch, when the server economy is not yet developed to the point where efficient auction deals can be made, it is common practice to farm mobs and items with a somewhat high seller cost. Bats in the Eastern Plaguelands (Plaguebat, Noxious Plaguebat or Monstrous Plaguebat) are a good example.

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Evil Eye of the Bat: These stack up to 10 in the bag slot, and the max stack will sell for 2 gold and 8 copper;

Large Bat Fang: These stack up to 10 in the bag slot, and the max stack will sell for 1 gold and 59 silver;

Smooth Bat Hide: Up to 10 per bag.

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