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How To Make Money With Your Body

How To Make Money With Your Body – With so many fitness instructors on YouTube making money helping people get in shape, you might be wondering how you can start monetizing fitness videos.

Well, when it comes to making money on YouTube, there are a few strategies you can choose from.

How To Make Money With Your Body

How To Make Money With Your Body

Think of it like a squat: If you know proper technique, you’ll have a better chance of being successful with your lift.

Ways To Make Money By Selling Your Body To Science

In this case, we will take the weight off your shoulders and tell you how to make money as a fitness instructor on YouTube.

This is where your YouTube monetization starts, and there are a few ways that Youtube allows you to monetize your videos directly from their platform.

To unlock these benefits, you must first enroll in the YouTube Partner Program, which allows you to receive a revenue share from ads placed on your fitness videos.

Keep in mind that you will need at least 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watch hours in the last year to be eligible to join.

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Once your fitness channel is ready to monetize, you can increase your earnings by hosting live streams more often.

And just like reps, the more you make them, the higher your chances of earning money from Super Chat and Super Stickers.

For example, our client Walk at Home hosts live streams on their channel so clients can follow their total body HIIT and strength workouts from home.

How To Make Money With Your Body

By going live regularly, they connect with their customers and grow their audience — plus, they get the chance to earn money from Super Chat and stickers.

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Well, now you’re ready to add some weight so you can start building your muscles — or should we say your earnings?

Branded workout towels, water bottles, or exercise mats with your logo — you name it, there’s business for it.

Getting creative with your merchandise and selling it online can bring your fans together and earn you some extra cash.

See how client Barre Body sells branded dumbbells and exercise mats on its platform. This way their members can really feel as if they are working together in a barre body studio.

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Now it’s time to stretch: the secret behind all workouts — and one of the most important parts.

Just as the cooldown will ease you into the rest of your day, turning your YouTube channel into a marketing tool is the secret to how to make money as a fitness instructor.

Create a video on demand (VOD) platform where you can host your videos and live streams and charge members to access your content.

How To Make Money With Your Body

That way, you’ll make some money on YouTube, but the bulk of your revenue will come from your VOD platform.

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You’ll then upload your content to the platform, set your membership price, and customize the platform to match your brand.

After that, you’ll be ready to use your YouTube channel as a marketing tool to drive members to your platform.

Makes it easy for you to build your own VOD platform and set up your branded apps. You will also have the opportunity to build your own community and host live streams.

Take a look at TheWKOUT’s YouTube channel as an example of this. They feature a lot of workout videos on their channel and even offer the first day of the treadmill series for free so viewers can keep up with the series on their platform.

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Just as energy drinks and pre-workouts give you the energy to exercise, we have something to fuel your journey.

*This is a list of some of the most popular fitness YouTubers. Calculated by

And multiplying by the total number of videos on the channel. It does not account for other earnings from merchandise, memberships and sponsorships.

How To Make Money With Your Body

Here are some fitness instructors who followed our secret to monetize their videos by linking their YouTube channel to a VOD platform.

Exercising On A Budget

Walk at Home is an on-demand workout platform with hundreds of workouts, including monthly routines you can follow. Their routines are different every month and are personalized to you.

On their YouTube channel, they release short workout videos and often promote their app with trailers about new workout releases and challenges.

The total estimated earnings from Walk At Home’s YouTube channel alone is around $1.8 million. And they bring in additional revenue by charging $6.99 per month to access their exclusive platform.

Along with her platform, she offers paid memberships to access Pilates workout series for all levels and even challenges you can choose from. She differentiates herself by offering live Zoom classes as a one-time purchase.

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She also links her platform to her YouTube channel, where she offers short Pilates routines that you can participate in with just an exercise mat.

Lottie promotes her video-on-demand platform on all of her video descriptions, and her estimated YouTube earnings were $43,000. She also bundles her earnings with her platform membership, for which she charges $19.99 per month.

Making money as a fitness YouTuber is a lot like working out — you need to follow a specific routine.

How To Make Money With Your Body

If you consistently follow our tips on how to make money as a fitness instructor on YouTube, you will be set up for success.

Ways To Make Money As A Fitness Instruction On Youtube

And if you really want to maximize your earnings on YouTube, we highly recommend monetizing your videos with a video-on-demand platform like this.

Request a demo from us, and we’ll walk you through all the ways you can set up your own fitness platform. We’ll make it as good as post-workout endorphins, but we’ll do all the work, so you get paid in full.

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How To Make Money With Your Body

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How To Make Money With Your Body

One way you can make real money without any hassle is to participate in market research. It’s pretty easy money

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