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How To Make Money With Your Camera

How To Make Money With Your Camera – Renting a camera kit before deciding to buy is always a good idea. This way, potential buyers will be able to take a piece of equipment out on a trial basis and see if it’s something they want to invest in. Independent filmmakers also often rent advanced cameras and lenses that they do not have in their fleet for projects that require high production costs. The same goes for photographers who rent medium format systems for occasional high-end shooting for prestigious clients – hiring allows businesses to reduce their costs and avoid tying their own money around the entire system. They do not want long-term tenure.

Then there is the opportunity for innovators with a lot of old equipment collecting dust to supply the growing demand for equipment rental and create a passive income stream. We have covered many different ways you can make money as a videographer, whether it is active income from photography / video real estate or passive income through stock video sales. Today we are going to discuss how you can make money from renting your camera equipment on ShareGrid and renting platforms from one to another.

How To Make Money With Your Camera

How To Make Money With Your Camera

If you know the business model of Airbnb, the idea behind the peer-to-peer rental platform is not far off. Camera rental markets like ShareGrid prepare a list of equipment rentals from your local photographers / filmmakers. It creates an innovative rental network that can rent or lease their equipment locally with other professionals. Rental platforms make their money from operating costs (renting and / or purchasing equipment) and in turn they offer equipment insurance programs, owner protection and customer support, which is a sweet deal if you ask me.

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How much money you make on these sites largely depends on a number of things. First, what is the market value for your device? Typically, high-spectrum camera devices will command higher rental rates. Second, how is your risk tolerance? Of course, there are safety measures for landlords and tenants, but are you willing to take the time and effort to pursue the claim? Then how many days a month can you rent your equipment? Surely you will have your own plan and you just want to rent your equipment to pay the late week.

To get a rough estimate of what you can find on ShareGrid, check the current rates for the devices you intend to rent out. Here is a quick search I ran for A7S III registration in LA:

As you can see, the range starts at as low as $ 60 / day, but can quickly go up to hundreds if you pack your gear with glasses and accessories.

Depending on the type of equipment you can rent, if it involves photography or video production, you can rent it on ShareGrid. Everything from gimbals, video lights, medium format systems, to grip devices like ladders – all of these are available on the rental market. If you need more insight, here is a great video from Pedro Borges of Kitchen Films who made some sweet and savory passive income in renting Moment Glass for iPhones on ShareGrid.

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Here are some tips to help you get started with renting out your camera kit. Note: There are rental sites that focus on low-end camera devices out there that you can use, but we are focusing on the two largest platforms that prioritize camera devices. These general guidelines should still be applied regardless.

Choose a Marketplace – Currently, the largest leasing platform from North American friends is ShareGrid and KitSplit. Both forums have the healthiest communities in the largest cities across the state, so your location should not be a problem, but check out the official list of any forums for sure. Both ShareGrid and KitSplit provide excellent protection for owners (which we will discuss a bit) and require short / annual insurance plans for tenants. So instead of choosing just one platform, consider registering on both camera rental sites to increase your visibility. However, this will require you to pay more attention to tracking your listings on various platforms to avoid the hassle of double booking your device.

Photograph List – You are renting your camera equipment, chances are you take a decent photo. Take the time to take a picture of your personal list, as these are the first things potential potential tenants will see on search results. Avoid stock photos of your device if you can like the original image will always be more eye-catching than the regular photos that many people are using.

How To Make Money With Your Camera

Write a detailed description – Again, take a moment to write down everything you will include in the package. All the SD cards, media cables, ND-filters, flashguns and lenses you want to throw in your list. Your potential tenants will appreciate your attention to detail and can really convince them to join your listing instead of your competitors – people do not like to ask unnecessary questions. When shopping!

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Keep your prices competitive – Both ShareGrid and KitSplit have great price guides so you should not lose them completely. But a little market research will increase your chances of getting more inquiries. ShareGrids recommends reviewing individual vendors and rental rates for your device to gain a better understanding of how you should price your listing.

Manage rental requests – With your equipment rental you will always be the last resort. Ask questions, try to measure the tenant’s ability to use your equipment properly and safely. Examine their assessment and see if there have been any previous complaints about their behavior. Finally, when you get your device back, check for signs of damage and / or missing pieces thoroughly, and immediately you will want to be 100% sure that you will not cover the repair cost later. You give them all – obviously.

Probably one of the greatest problems people face when deciding whether or not to rent a camera is security. Understandably, the thought of someone running away with your RED can be very frustrating. Thankfully, both ShareGrid and KitSplit have internal monitoring and verification systems for tenants as their first line of defense against baddies. Tenants are also required to purchase a short-term or annual insurance plan before they can rent equipment that should cover most types of damage. However, unfortunately, these systems do not protect against real bullets.

Voluntary separation, the legal name for tenants who run away with your equipment – theft – has been a hot topic in rental forums from these friends in the past. They have insurance options for theft when the equipment is stolen from the tenant, but it is another matter if the tenant decides to skip the city using your device next door. Its long and short term is that “voluntary distribution” is interpreted as subject to insurance fraud and the market will not be liable for any attempt for “insurance fraud”.

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But in 2019, both ShareGrid and KitSplit (link to their respective proprietary policies) decided to increase and include anti-theft protection for devices worth up to $ 20,000. At best, these owners’ warranty policies are free and you will be covered for all transactions. Before you start creating listings on any platform, it is best to have a read according to their principles so you know what to expect if you run into problems with fraudulent tenants.

Renting old equipment that you plan to deliver or even some essential equipment in your camera bag can attract you more market value for your equipment in the long run. Of course, there are the typical risks associated with a rental business, but if you play by the rules and know your insurance well, there is a golden opportunity to let your equipment make money for you!

I am Jay Soriano. Founder of. Entrepreneur, photographer and YouTuber. It’s about inspiring creative people to earn their first $ 1,000 a month doing what they love (and with less tools!) I’m happier to give interviews on this topic and everything. All related to photography and film production. Contact me directly at [email protected] The dream is you can do what you love and earn money doing it. For many filmmakers and photographers, it is possible today. There are many opportunities to start making money with your camera.

How To Make Money With Your Camera

In fact, Jake Weisler from full-time filmmaker Parker Walbeck has 10 ways you can make $ 100,000 a year using your camera. It is a comprehensive list of opportunities and industries that filmmakers and editors can start working with to find a job. Maybe there are some that you have already thought of and some that you have not yet. If you want to build this career, you should watch this video.

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Before we begin, it should be made clear that you must be a professional filmmaker. Being able to produce and produce high quality videos will give you more skills than any other.

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