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How To Obtain A Business License In West Virginia

How To Obtain A Business License In West Virginia – Thinking of starting a new business in West Virginia but not sure where to start? Don’t worry, this article will be a step-by-step guide to discuss all the necessary information.

We’ll go over basic licensing procedures, state and local requirements for new businesses, and the responsibilities of obtaining a business license in West Virginia.

How To Obtain A Business License In West Virginia

How To Obtain A Business License In West Virginia

The West Virginia Department of Taxation states that “Before engaging in business activities, each individual or business entity must obtain a West Virginia Business Registration Certificate from the State Department of Taxation.”

West Virginia Incorporation & Registered Agent

This means that regardless of your location or type of business, you must have a business license (also known as a business registration certificate) to operate within the state. Even if your business doesn’t pay sales tax or you don’t plan to hire employees, you’ll still need to obtain a business registration certificate.

Additionally, there are certain professions/occupations that require state-level licensure before offering their services in West Virginia. Such trades/occupations are reviewed by the WV Association Licensing Board, which includes more than 30 agencies across the state. Below are some examples of occupations with licensing requirements:

West Virginia has licensing requirements in certain cities of the state, but does not offer a general business license. We will discuss the licensing obligations as well as the licensing process in WV’s most populous cities one by one.

Fill out the business registration form to start your new business in Charleston. The Charleston City Collector’s Office handles business license regulations. If your business operates out of a physical location, the building must be inspected by the Building Department, Fire Department, and Planning and Zoning Department. A general business license in Charleston is $20, but may be higher depending on your business.

How To Get A Business License In 3 Simple Steps (2023)

The City of Huntington requires all businesses to obtain a business license from the Department of Finance. To obtain a business license, fill out an application and pay an initial fee of $20 (depending on your business activity, it may be higher). If your job is from where you live, you must obtain a home occupation permit. Businesses selling alcohol, limited video lottery or tattoo parlors and body piercing will have additional requirements.

To establish your new business in Parkersburg, you must first visit the Zoning Office to obtain a business location permit. Once the location is approved, an inspection must be conducted by the Code Department and Fire Inspector. After completing these steps, your business will receive a Parkersburg Certificate of Occupancy and Business License. You can find out more information on the official website of the city of Parkersburg.

Every business operating in West Virginia must apply for a business registration certificate from the State Department of Taxation. You can file online through the Business for WV website or file a BUS-APP with the Tax Commissioner.

How To Obtain A Business License In West Virginia

There are only a few businesses in West Virginia that do not need to be registered. Such businesses include, but are not limited to:

How To Get A Copy Of Your Business License

You can get more information about registering a business by checking the business registration procedures at the WV Department of State Taxation.

To request a copy of your business license, you must first submit a Customer Order Request form. After completing the application form, you can bring it to the following address:

You may also request a copy by calling the West Virginia Secretary of State’s Business and Licensing Division at (304) 558-8000.

As a seasoned creative writer and SEO content writer with 2+ years of experience, I can’t think of any other profession that I could spend my life doing like writing. As a proud member of geek culture, I love to read, write, and watch Sci-Fi gems, all while advocating for young, intelligent girls and women to pursue STEM studies. The latter was mainly the result of working as a scientific journal editor at the UNESCO Chair, International Postgraduate Center for Life Sciences. In a goodwill gesture to support businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic, the West Plains City Council voted 3-2 to opt out. business license fees for the year. The new business license year begins on July 1, 2020 and ends on June 30, 2021.

Get Your Appraiser License In West Virginia

The $30 fee is waived year-round, and businesses must obtain a business license to legally operate within city limits. For businesses that have already paid for the year, they will receive credit for the following year starting July 1, 2021. Any business operating without a license may be subject to Section 1-10 of the City Ordinance Code, General Penalties and fines of up to $500 per day.

Upgrades sent with a $30 fee will be activated and waived until July 1, 2021.

Licenses are required for new businesses and occupancy inspections are required along with other inspections deemed necessary to suit the business. Business applications are available online at or at City Hall, 1910 Holiday Lane.

How To Obtain A Business License In West Virginia

Business licenses are required to help verify zoning requirements for emergency response, sales tax requirements and other utility requirements. Certificates, taxi licences, liquor licensing fees and residency checks will also be charged this year. After your LLC is approved and before you can start doing business in West Virginia, you must apply for a West Virginia Business Registration Certificate (aka business license).

How To Get A Business License In West Virginia (2023 Guide)

You must obtain a Business Registration Certificate for your West Virginia LLC before you can conduct any business in the state.

Depending on how you set up your LLC, you can get your business registration certificate online or by mail.

If you formed your LLC online through One Stop, the Certificate may have been included with your application. There are two versions of one stop in the state:

Because of this, it is often confusing for people to understand whether they have a business license or not.

Change In Id Law Coming Oct. 1, West Virginia Dmv Commissioner Reminds

Pro tip: If you haven’t received your business registration certificate after a month, or you’re not sure if you’ve submitted one, you can call the West Virginia Department of Taxation at 304-558-3333 and they’ll let you know if your certificate is available. registered business.

If you formed your LLC through One Stop and it included filing a West Virginia business registration certificate, you should receive your certificate in the mail within 2-4 weeks. You just need to check for additional business license requirements, such as a city business license or local authority permit.

If you formed your LLC in another way (for example, you filed by mail or you chartered a company), you must apply for a West Virginia business registration certificate by mail using the BUS-APP form. Follow the step-by-step instructions below.

How To Obtain A Business License In West Virginia

Tip: Make sure you have an EIN number (Employee Identification Number) before submitting the BUS-APP form by mail.

City Of West Plains To Waive Business License Fees

Note: The instructions on this page are specific to new West Virginia limited liability companies. If you are applying for a Business License for another type of business, these steps may serve as a guide, but may not be exact.

If you do not have a DBA name for your LLC, leave it blank. And go to question #3.

If you have a DBA title for your LLC, you may only need a West Virginia business registration certificate. Or you may have to apply for two (or more) certificates. It depends on how each DBA is used.

(If you have more than 1 DBA name (all running the same business in the same location as the LLC) enter them on the DBA schedule and attach them to the BUS-APP file.)

West Virginia Business License

If the address is in West Virginia, answer whether the address is within the city limits.

This field is optional. Please enter your mailing address if you would like your mail to go somewhere other than the Physical address above.

This field is optional. Enter your email address if you would like to receive notices from the Tax Department by email.

How To Obtain A Business License In West Virginia

If you are a member (owner) of an LLC, you are simply an owner, not an employee. An LLC member is only one employee if your LLC elects to be taxed as an S-Corporation. Business License Frame Michigan 8.5×11 (heavy Duty)

Enter the date you want to withhold state income tax from your employees’ paychecks. Alternatively, enter the date you begin paying West Virginia employees.

Enter the date in MMDDYYYY format. For example: If the date is June 1, 2023, enter “06012023”.

Enter the number of West Virginia employees you have. This number is updated every year when you file your withholding tax return with the IRS, so it’s a good idea.

For example, let’s say your LLC has 2 employees in West Virginia to start a business. If things go well, you plan to hire 3 more people in the next few months. You should enter “2” in question 6B. When you (or your accountant) file your Income Tax Withholding Information next year, that form will tell the Tax Department that you now have 5 employees.

Wv Secretary Of State Talks Business License Renewal Before Deadline

If you created your LLC within the last few days or weeks, you can enter today’s date. Or you can enter a date in the future if you haven’t done business yet. However, this date cannot be exceeded

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