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How To Start A Dvd Rental Business

How To Start A Dvd Rental Business – Last fall, when Blockbuster announced it would close the last of its storefronts, it seemed to officially end the era of the physical video rental model. Family Video, the country’s largest operating video rental chain, is proving otherwise.

At a time when Blockbuster and other video rental chains are gone and discussions of the video market largely focus on Netflix and premium cable offerings, little attention is paid to the old fashioned video rental center. However, the Family Video chain is not only still in existence, with almost 800 locations mainly in the Midwest and Canada, it seems to be expanding and quite profitable.

How To Start A Dvd Rental Business

How To Start A Dvd Rental Business

The company is very careful about what figures it releases to the media, but more than two dozen new Family Video locations have opened over the past two years. Company owner Keith Hoogland told a

Video Store Closing Reflects Industry Trend

Blog that, “The video business, as far as I’m concerned, is cranked up,” and that same-store sales for Family Video have increased in 29 of the last 30 years.

How did Family Video do, especially during a stretch when the brick-and-mortar video rental business almost collapsed? Customers credit low prices and friendly service among the reasons they keep coming back. New releases rent for $2 or $3, and older titles can go for two for $1. For that matter, some movies are borrowed for free, and kids can get free movie rentals by showing A’s on their report cards.

Low costs aren’t the only draw, however, and there are perhaps more important reasons why Family Video is still in business. Legacy Pro, a real estate investment company also run by Hoogland, owns the vast majority of Family Video locations. Often times, the Family Video site shares space with gas stations and other businesses that give consumers a reason to stop even if they aren’t specifically in the market to rent a movie or video game. Dozens of Family Video stores now operate directly adjacent to Marco’s Pizza, a Toledo-based restaurant chain, and hundreds more Family Video-Marco’s Pizza combos are planned.

In some cases, customers get free movie rentals with, say, a large pizza order. In addition, the model offers quick collection and delivery of the films, through pizza delivery drivers. “If you order a pizza, we’ll deliver the movie with your meal,” a regional manager of Family Video told a Wisconsin newspaper. “If you have movies sitting at home that you want to return, the drivers will bring them back.”

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There is also a small but significant portion of the population that simply prefers the process of browsing and selecting movies in person. “They are really friendly here,” one customer of Family Video in St. Louis told the Post-Dispatch, also mentioning that he usually picks up a pizza during his visit. “I like to look for passages. I’m old like that.”

“I always thought that the experience of being in the store, browsing, getting recommendations from a clerk who knew what he was talking about were very valuable experiences,” said Russ Crupnick, video industry analyst for NPD Group, to the Sun s’ Grid blog. . “Frankly, I don’t think they’re experiences that digital has replicated quite as well.”

Another factor that makes Family Video stand out is that, despite the company’s name, an undisclosed number of locations have back-room sections that contain (pornographic) rentals for adults. Family Video did not respond to a request for how many locations host adult titles, nor adult rental and sales data. But at a time when porn has flourished on the internet even more than mainstream videos, it’s very interesting that Family Video still finds it useful to keep the old-fashioned “adults only” back section in stores.

How To Start A Dvd Rental Business

In some cases, the presence of such sections has drawn impressions from locals who don’t think porn belongs in their area, especially not in a place called “Family Video.” Over the years, residents of small towns in Pennsylvania and Indiana have filed complaints against their local Family Video stores that rent porn. But apparently, pornographic DVD rentals are still available in many places, along with the latest action movies, Disney classics, and often, pizza. The goal seems to be giving every member of the family a reason to swing by Family Video.Business It’s 2018 and somehow Netflix’s DVD business is still thriving, while Redbox tries to keep the renting DVDs is so 1998.

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Netflix, your favorite reason to stay home and ignore whatever shred of social life you pretend to have, isn’t just a streaming network of original programming and a reminder of how terrible it is.

It was It’s also still a DVD rental service. A DVD rental service that is profitable as hell for Netflix. For the amount of $ 56 million in profit on only $ 99 million in revenue according to a report from CNBC.

Netflix isn’t one to generally talk about its DVD rental business, which was spun off from the now-mainstream business back in 2011. However, the fact that enough people still have DVD players in their living room to keep this Blockbuster replacement service active and profitable. it is surprising enough.

While Netflix’s DVD business hasn’t exactly seen exponential growth – it went from 50 fulfillment centers at its peak to 17 now – it was still successful enough to kill Blockbuster, bury the corpse in the desert and wear its skin as a jacket.

Redbox Stock Cut In Half After Company Warns Of Multiple Pressures On Its Rental Business

The biggest threat to Netflix’s DVD business is twofold. First, there’s Redbox, which still requires people to leave their homes. Cleverly though, Redbox has set up locations outside like 7-11 and Walmart, so people can get their DVDs while picking up lottery tickets, drinking, and smoking. The second is the eventual death of DVD technology.

Anyway, Redbox is not too much of a threat because of everything that leaves the house a little. Who wants to go beyond the mailbox? In addition, Netflix has more than 100k titles on its DVD rental service, compared to a mere 5,600 on streaming.

Redbox is trying to catch up though. It has just released 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray rentals in select markets. It’s not like your tiny, smoky human eyes can tell the difference anyway.

How To Start A Dvd Rental Business

Frankly, the perception still exists that if you’re renting a stack of DVDs every weekend instead of streaming, you’re putting them in a DVD player hooked up to a big CRT television you picked up off the curb.

Home Entertainment Business Grows 2% In First Half

The best thing is not only that the Netflix DVD business is thriving, it’s that it’s 2018 and we’re still talking and using DVDs. These are the things that sit in the dust in $5 bins at Walmart along with travel toothpaste and boxes of movie theater candy. These are the things that replaced VHS tapes but at this point they have about the same relevance to the speed and advancement of technology.

DVDs will soon be on their death beds, reaching for a cold, shiny hand and begging you not to put them in the microwave. Streaming technology has already replaced them and it’s only a matter of time before the savages who still rent DVDs do the math on paying for streaming and finally start watching

Every other weekend. Meanwhile, Netflix can also profit from your inability to join the rest of us in the 21st century. Ruth Graham, a staff writer for New Hampshire-based Slate, decided to go retro last year and replace her subscription to the streaming service. with a stream of red envelopes full of DVDs, courtesy of owned by Netflix. Shocked by the abundance of movies the affordable DVD-by-mail service offered that couldn’t also be streamed on Netflix, Graham “binged” — albeit on a schedule handed out by the post office and a limit on how many discs she could have out. at any time — on classics like 1931’s

“You realize that your taste has all these rifflets and little corners,” she says of watching through a DVD, without the distraction of an endless sea of ​​suggested choices from the click-only algorithm. far away “My husband and I would be watching David Lynch, then Orson Welles, and then random Westerns, and think, ‘The algorithm would never have put this together for us’.”

America’s Last Video Rental Chain Has Lost 200 Stores In The Pandemic

In 2011, Netflix’s DVD-by-mail service boasted 14 million subscribers nationwide, who could choose from a vast library of both popular and rare films that was hard to compare. . (Reports estimated that the service offered more than 100,000 titles at its peak.) Netflix was the ultimate video store, with no fees and late deals that far surpassed any other option. At one point, it was shipping 12 million DVDs a week. It seemed to put the final nail in the coffin of the video store; DVD-by-mail is the present and the future.

But also in 2011, Netflix removed its DVD option from its primary platform, eventually establishing on-demand streaming as the status quo. Netflix has promised to continue shipping DVDs, but with a catch. They will be siphoned off to a separate service, now called, fully divorcing physical media from digital.

Netflix’s persistent DVD business, which went from

How To Start A Dvd Rental Business

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