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How To Start A House Clearance Business

How To Start A House Clearance Business – Our professional house clearance services in London and Kent are available to book now from Rubbish Cleared, London’s largest household waste removal company. We are able to quickly and efficiently remove and dispose of any unwanted household waste you have accumulated over the years. No matter how big or small the job, we are able to carry out the job in a safe, responsible and professional manner that our customers expect. We can remove any household items from sofas and dispose of them. From beds and wardrobes to washing machines, cookers and fridge freezers.

Why use Skip for your household waste? Rubbish Cleared’s experienced two-man house clearance teams can arrive in your area, load up our fully insured, purpose-built house clearance trucks and safely remove all your rubbish and unwanted items in just one day. By using our services, you eliminate the headache of obtaining skip permits from your local council, as you will need to do when hiring a skip. You don’t have to worry about dropping yourself, or paying extra labor to do the loading on your behalf. We do all the work for you and at much lower prices than skip hire companies can offer. To satisfy yourself that this is true, we recommend that you contact a few skip hire companies and inquire about their prices. When doing so please remember that our home clearance trucks can hold up to 12 cubic yards of trash.

How To Start A House Clearance Business

How To Start A House Clearance Business

There are many different reasons why you may need to hire a professional house clearance company. Unfortunately the most common reasons for probate are: Our friendly, yet respectful staff know and understand that these are very difficult times for customers and therefore take great care to perform the tasks as you expect them to. During a probate clearance our house clearance operators come across items that may be of sentimental value to the client. This can be anything from photographs, to pictures taken by the children of the deceased when they were young. Our staff is trained to find and bring these types of items to the attention of customers, as we understand that such items can be of the most sentimental value to customers and are, of course, irreplaceable.

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Another popular reason for requiring our services is termination of tenancy approval. It’s a well-known fact that homeowners are regularly left with piles of unwanted junk by their previous tenants. Of course the landlord must dispose of the property before letting it out again. We are able to offer a fast service (we can often provide same day service) so that as a landlord you do not lose any rental income due to your property becoming habitable.

We are highly experienced in executing forced hoarder clearances. If you find that your property is now full of junk you’ve accumulated over the years, we can help you remove and dispose of items you no longer want or need.

So go ahead, give us a call, we’ll handle all aspects of the job from start to finish. Rubbish Clear is the leading place to book your house clearance in London and Kent.

So if you are tired of seeing piles of rubbish and rubbish in your home, or if you have a tenant who has littered your home, please don’t hesitate to contact us here at Rubbish Cleared. Our friendly team are always on hand and will be more than happy to give you an estimate of the cost of the works over the telephone, or we can come to your location in London or Kent. A professional at Dave and Jane Cotton can offer a fixed price for a home clearance. ABC also runs House Clearance, its third store in the city. | Photo: Alice Caron for The Lincolnite

Hyndburn House Clearance Business

The husband-and-wife clearance business in Lincoln has grown rapidly since forming just two years ago and their success has culminated in a new shop on the high street.

Dave Cotton, 59, and his wife Jayne, 51, founded ABC House Clearance in 2019 after years of part-time service.

Since launching the website in 2019, they have opened three shops in Lincoln on Corporation Street, on West Parade and most recently on the High Street at the former Linkage site.

How To Start A House Clearance Business

The new store is on Lincoln High Street, next to Peacocks and Shoezone. | Photo: Alice Caron for The Lincolnite

Foldable Vintage Antiques And House Clearance Signboard Isolated On A White Background Stock Photo

The new store opened a few weeks ago, and the business has been in the family for years, as Jane’s uncle started a home clearance business in the 1950s.

Dave worked at HMP Lincoln before setting up the ABC and says that since starting the business he hasn’t stopped despite the Covid-19 pandemic.

: “Businesses in general have struggled with the pandemic, but this is crazy for us, we’re working six days a week non-stop.

“Due to the lockdown, our shops were closed for four and a half months but we were still working on cleaning offices, buildings, you name it.

House Clearance Services In Warwick

“I think having a space on the high street will help get our name out there. Even if people don’t come to the store for a few days, they still see our signs and our business. It’s so hard to get a site here so we’re glad we did.

“We saw this as an opportunity to expand, we currently have 15 active landlines responding to calls across the country, it’s relentless but good.”

Shops on the high street sell a variety of home goods and accessories. | Photo: Alice Caron for The Lincolnite

How To Start A House Clearance Business

The couple often like to donate leftovers from their clearance to charity, as well as the health and social care sector.

The Green Clearance Company

The shop has a cool model airplane on display, but it’s not for sale! | Photo: Alice Caron for The Lincolnite

“It’s better to place these things than to throw them away,” Dave said. “It feels good to be charitable and do your bit.”

He is well respected in the city of Lincoln, completing clear-out jobs for various businesses, including Laura Ashley, which closed on the high street shortly after the first coronavirus lockdown.

Inside the shop are some gems to look out for. | Photo: Alice Caron for The Lincolnite

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Dave and Jane plan to open another store in Lincolnshire, this time possibly in Skegness near the clock tower.

As the business is expanding, they are looking for more employees. To contact them, visit the ABC Clearance website.

Drill’s ‘heartwarming’ return is example of Town Deal projects rescued with cash from government and Lincoln College

How To Start A House Clearance Business

The arts venue was saved from closure by £1 million of Town Deal funding and reserve funds from new owners Lincoln College Group.

Rubbish Removal Southampton

The change was described as “encouraging” as the Town Deal Board met at the venue to discuss future investment.

Councilor Rick Metcalf, leader of Lincoln City Council, said it was “heartwarming on many levels” to see how the historic arts venue had come back.

“The reborn version has given the city a lot of value — much more than it used to. Lincoln College has done a great job,” he said.

James Foster, managing director of Lincoln College, said the change was “more than bricks and mortar – it changed people’s mindsets” and could be a template for future developments.

House Clearance Thanet

Ursula Leadbetter OBE, retired CEO of Lincolnshire Co-op, added that the reopening was “inspiring” and showed what could be achieved with Town Deal money.

Drill’s panto returns this Christmas with a production of Rapunzel’s favourite. | Photo: Steve Smiles for The Lincolnite

The venue – formerly known as the Drill Hall – was on the verge of closing in 2020 after funding cuts and staff were made redundant.

How To Start A House Clearance Business

Inflation could lead to ‘tough decisions’ for Lincoln Town Deal projects Unclear if government will offer more cash

White Elephant Services

Around £7 million is expected to be spent by the end of 2022 – however rising inflation could mean the money doesn’t last very long.

Angela Andrews, chief executive of City of Lincoln Council, agreed that projects would need to “resize and rescale” accordingly.

She added: “There is no clarity from the government about what can happen”, and projects need to be more flexible in terms of timetables.

Ursula Leadbetter, CEO of Lincolnshire Co-op, said: “Inflation has caused the price of some tenders to increase dramatically.

House Clearance Services Yorkshire

Council officer Kate Ellis, director of strategy, said: “We must ensure that contractors are realistic and honest about costs. We need to be aware of problems earlier rather than later. They should not struggle in silence.

“Since this is a flagship program of the government, they may be open to discussions [on more money] but that remains to be seen.”

One of the early success stories of the Town Deal, the meeting was held in the reopened Drill | Photo: Steve Smiles for The Lincolnite

How To Start A House Clearance Business

Development of a creative hub at the Barbican Hotel and

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