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How To Start A Laser Tag Business

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As an entrepreneur, the cost of starting your own laser business can be as low as $10,000 or as high as $50,000. can use both looks and money. However, laser tag space can provide family fun and profit at the same time.

How To Start A Laser Tag Business

How To Start A Laser Tag Business

You will need more space for the laser tag center. Look for spaces that are at least 6,000 square feet. You will not only need a place to play laser tag, but you will also need an arcade area, a place for birthday parties and a place to eat. Rental rates may vary by location. Choose a location close enough to shopping and restaurants to get a lot of traffic.

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Hire a construction worker to build a laser tag arena. You will need at least two levels, and platforms and structures to hide behind. Everything must be padded for safety. One of the best ways to identify what works and what doesn’t is to visit other laser tag sites and participate in a few games.

Purchase control station, base sendry and phaser packs. You may also want to purchase additional LED lights. For the arcade area, buy the game machines. You can buy these products to save a little money. For the snack area, you will need a small commercial grade toaster oven, microwave, popcorn machine and soda.

Contact the secretary of state to obtain a business license. Requirements for licenses vary by state, but this license will allow you to collect sales tax. If you plan to have a snack bar on your premises, you will need a food service license. Food permits are available from the local health department.

You must purchase liability insurance. Contact an insurance agent and find out what the current rates are for this insurance and if the agent recommends other types of insurance for the laser tag center. Some business owners buy an umbrella policy in the event of a personal lawsuit.

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Plan a grand opening event to get the word out about the new laser tag center. Send invitations to local media and entertainers inviting them to a free event where they can try out the new laser tag arena. Prepare to have snacks and fun. Send out press releases to local newspapers, TV and radio stations and mention a few local artists planning to attend.

Take out an ad in the local paper with a coupon for the first visit to the site. Set up a website and use social media.

Lori Soard has been a writer since 1995, including many articles for local newspapers and magazines such as “Woman’s World.” For five years, he has been a site editor for a large data online portal. Soard is also the author of several published books, both fiction and non-fiction.

How To Start A Laser Tag Business

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In gene ral an outdoor laser tag business uses laser tag equipment that is mainly used outdoors (hence the description “outdoor laser tag”) and is mainly used in the daytime fist Yes, the discussion is also true that the same product can be used indoors and at night. The main difference between outdoor laser tag equipment and strictly indoor laser tag equipment is that strictly indoor laser tag equipment can be used indoors and is usually reserved for the laser tag arena. franchise such as Laser Quest or Ultrazone . To date I have not come across any outdoor laser tag manufacturers setting up franchises due to the many variables that outdoor laser tag businesses can operate. Franchises need consistency and control for their structure to be successful as a franchise business, and outdoor laser tag doesn’t allow that today.

Some outdoor laser business owners choose an outdoor location as their complete laser location. This can be in the form of property, undeveloped land, trees, parking lots, painted parks and other areas that they may own or have access to. permanent law. I have met many people who have land before, trying to find a cheap way to make money from land, and stumbled upon outdoor laser tag. (And by stumble upon I mean search the internet.)

Other people who have managed to fall on the outdoor laser tag idea but do not have land owners have chosen to take their business on the road through Mobile Laser Tag. Mobile laser tag requires a truck to transport the laser tag equipment to the customer’s chosen location, for example the customer’s home, a park near the customer’s home, a private club , schools, churches and other places where the customer is allowed to set up. for outdoor laser tag parties. A mobile laser tag setup usually includes portable obstacles for players to hide behind and always includes laser equipment. I recommend commercial grade laser tag equipment over consumer grade even though the price difference can be significant.

How much revenue your outdoor laser business generates depends on many factors. But the three main factors include: how many clients you get, how many clients you can help and your schedule fees. There is no “rule” on how much you charge your customers. The price you pay depends on your specific situation such as the number of laser guns you have, whether you pay per player, per game or per hour, and the cost of fun competition available in your area. Laser tag contractors should do their due diligence to answer these questions for themselves.

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Some operators charge per player on an hourly basis. For example, a mobile operator in Los Angeles, CA set up a park for a 10-year-old’s birthday for twenty players for two hours to play. The operator has twenty guns so that all players can participate in two hours. He, through passion, set his price at $27.00 per player. So for these two hours the operator received $540.00. As another example, the same worker organized a Father/Son event at the school with the same twenty guns but this time there were 60 participants each who would take turns in and out of the game in two hours. Once again through the diligence the operator decided it was best to charge an hourly rate of $300.00 an hour thus generating a net profit of $600.00. Outdoor laser tag dealers with fixed locations usually charge a per player fee, a gambling fee or a transaction fee.

To start this business you first need to invest in your own quality outdoor laser tag gun. How much depends on you and what you can afford. I recommend at least ten units if possible financially. As you grow your business over time, you’ll need to invest in more room as demand dictates. As your business becomes more popular in your area you will find yourself doing more groups (including double bookings) and larger groups (perhaps larger than the number of guns you have) so be sure to more guns to fit. When one of these problems becomes important then you need to expand your arsenal. Remember that you are hoping in the business to make as much business as possible, don’t give up because you can’t work.

Current and future outdoor laser tag owners should keep in mind a few important aspects of their business. These issues include things like advertising, business cards, websites, business insurance, and more. Determine your initial goals for the business. Are you starting to pursue this as a full-time or part-time job? An outdoor laser

How To Start A Laser Tag Business

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