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How To Start A Medical Recruiting Business

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How To Start A Medical Recruiting Business

How To Start A Medical Recruiting Business

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How To Start A Medical Recruiting Business

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The Best Healthcare Recruiting Strategies In 2022

If you have a medical sales position to fill, you need to know the most effective talent acquisition strategies. Maybe at one point the process was as simple as placing an ad and sorting through a handful of applicants. However, today’s top salespeople have options, and hiring managers must use different strategies to find the best ones.

For our discussion, we assumed that your role is to hire and manage sales representatives. And even if you’re tasked with recruiting on your own, there are things you can do to make the process easier. Let’s start by understanding who you are looking for.

Although the most successful salespeople can come from any background, they have in common a love of achieving goals. Sure, they’re usually well paid, and money is a big part of their motivation, but not everything. As a result, they enjoy a challenge. At the same time, from experience, they know that not all sales roles are created equal and so will want to understand how you measure performance.

How To Start A Medical Recruiting Business

Your next sales star could come from anywhere. If hiring was as easy as picking only Ivy League grads or ex-Marines, every company would do it. However, as we know, doctors, who are usually key decision makers for most medical products, come from all walks of life. Why shouldn’t the reps who use them be just as diverse?

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The same goes for diversity of interests or personalities. For example, you might find that your hardest-working rep is a former marching band saxophonist instead of a star quarterback. Speaking of sports analogies, also consider that your strongest candidate may be the oldest (maybe even older than you). After all, if professional athletes can perform after decades (e.g. Tom Brady or LeBron James), why not a salesperson?

As part of your company’s HR policies, try to streamline your interview process as much as possible. Remember that successful salespeople drive results by using their time wisely. So if they have a choice, the less they need to interview for your position, the better.

And while often the complexity of your company’s interview process can’t be avoided, also consider that by the time you’ve scheduled his fourth interview, he may have accepted a position with your competitor. Ultimately, your goal should be to be more accomplished in every interview, and that can mean asking questions that are directly relevant to the role instead of those designed for shock value.

Talent acquisition has never been harder, and there will always be candidates who are great in interviews and nothing else. At the same time, consider that a high-performing sales rep probably doesn’t believe they need your job — at least not at first. So if you try to confuse or scare them with high pressure situations or questions, you can annoy them and make them say “no thanks”.

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Hiring will always involve risks. No matter the candidate, there will always be a chance that things will not work out. As a leader, you must accept this risk and be prepared, at some point, to trust a candidate. Otherwise, what you think will be a motivating interview challenge will inspire them to stay in their current job where they are already exceeding their goals.

Whether in your job posting or during interviews, don’t be afraid to share job performance metrics and how well they fit with your sales and business goals. So, rather than being afraid, a good candidate will be curious. In their mind, they will relate how selling your product is related to what they have sold in the past and whether your goal is more or less aggressive than the ones they have achieved. If a candidate asks for details, consider that a sign of interest.

While it may seem obvious, the key to talent acquisition is remembering to research talent first. It means you are looking for the potential for greatness. Of course, sellers will be proud of their accomplishments. And they will boldly list them on their resumes. First, you want to sort lone wolf co-workers with questions about working with team members in positive and negative situations.

How To Start A Medical Recruiting Business

Instead of asking cliché questions about weaknesses, ask them to tell you about times they failed and what they learned. And find out when they encountered unethical situations and what they did in response. Finally, ask them if they mentored another representative and how they would advise them in these situations.

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No matter how many candidates are in the market, the competition for the top performers is always fierce. Some managers take pride in their extensive network and others in their interviewing skills. However, it is advantageous to employ more than one method of sensitization.

For example, job postings on paying sites like can provide you with serious candidates who have paid for the opportunity to apply for jobs like yours. And whether it’s former team members or solid reps you’ve interviewed in the past, your network is always a vital resource. Plus, feel free to get creative, like contacting reps directly via LinkedIn or finding candidate names from lunchtime schedules at doctors’ offices.

If the position you are filling is an entry-level one and recent college graduates are an option for you, do not hesitate to contact the career placement offices of local universities. Typically, they are one of the most underutilized resources on a college campus. Consequently, the students they work with are motivated to excel.

Try to pay special attention to guidance counselors who have worked with the university for a long time, as they are often familiar with the degree programs and even specific students who are actively seeking work in sales or have the skills for it.

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There’s no simple answer to hiring your next President’s Club winner. As mentioned, strong salespeople have options, and they can come from anywhere and be anyone. However, with patience, a thoughtful approach to interviews, and some creativity, you can prepare with the best chance of landing the right candidate.

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How To Start A Medical Recruiting Business

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