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How To Start A Mobile Nail Technician Business

How To Start A Mobile Nail Technician Business – The biggest advantage of starting a mobile nail technician business is that you can work whenever you want. Your clients also benefit because they are getting an at-home manicure and pedicure from a professional nail technician. How do you become a self-employed mobile nail technician? Where do you start and what is required of you?

Requirements to become a licensed nail technician can vary across the United States so make sure you’re qualified according to your state’s requirements and regulations. Many nail technician training courses train and prepare students for the required licensing exam. If you are moving to another state, make sure your certification is transferable. As a newly qualified nail technician, it is advisable to get experience in a salon before starting your own business. While gaining experience, note what you would like to do in your mobile nail salon and what would not work for your mobile nail salon business.

How To Start A Mobile Nail Technician Business

How To Start A Mobile Nail Technician Business

Research existing mobile nail technician businesses in your area. Who are their customers? What kind of services do they offer? Where is the gap in the market that your competitors are not reaching? Who are the potential clients? Do you want to focus on individuals, pamper parties, events and celebrations, or do you want to extend your services to organizations, nursing homes or hospitals? What services can you offer that they may or may not? In other words, what makes your mobile business different from theirs? You can stand out from the crowd by just using quality products or creating trendy nail art. Perhaps it’s your soft touch when working with seniors that sets you apart from your competitors.

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Although you may have been taught safety precautions during your training, it is a good policy to familiarize yourself with the safety regulations applicable to your industry. The chemicals you work with may be harmful or irritating to sensitive skin. Make sure you know how to clean your equipment to avoid transferring nail fungus or other diseases between clients. An additional risk to health and safety may be the environment in which you offer your services. Your tools and equipment may be disinfected but the premises may not be cleaned. If it was your salon, you could keep it clean, but you have no control over the home, office or facility you visit. Have clients sign waivers against bacterial and other potential health issues to protect your business.

How much you’re going to earn depends on how many hours you work, your clients, how busy you are, and what services you offer. There is no reason you should earn less than other nail technicians. Your pricing structure should be in line with industry standards but not necessarily the same as the big nail salon prices. You don’t have overheads, like paying staff, rent, water bills, etc. Hence, you can charge lower fees for your services which gives you a competitive edge.

Do you have a van with a full setup like a nail salon on wheels or do you use a foldable table? Both have advantages and disadvantages. If you want to equip your van, make sure you know what the regulations are in your state. Keep the admin simple but effective. You don’t want to spend hours on admin instead of clients. Use the app or an expat spreadsheet to create a client database and schedule appointments. Make sure you are licensed and have the proper certifications your state requires.

Advertising your services is important to increase your clientele. Designed around how you are going to promote your business. An online presence is a cost-effective way to market your nail salon. Social media and having a website are ways to promote your business. Branding helps create an image of success and attracts customers. Your mobile nail technician business name should be easy to remember. Have plenty of business cards to hand out. Advertising your salon on letterheads with your logo and on your vehicle are ways to improve the branding of your business. Keep branding consistent so customers can easily recognize and remember your business.

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Team up with like-minded business owners. Consider joining other businesses that complement yours. A makeup artist or hair stylist may have clients they can refer to you, and vice versa. Offer discounts to customers who set up a series of appointments for you. For example, your customer may invite a few friends over to their home. Give it a discount to organize a series of meetings. Continue to market your business and stay up-to-date with trends and your industry. Add funds to your budget for training on new techniques and products. ScratchStars Mobile Nailist of the Year 2015 and 2017 winner Meta Francis reveals her top tips for fellow techies…

Setup as a mobile nail technician is relatively straightforward. You complete relevant training, purchase products and equipment, obtain insurance and register as self-employed or as a company. You can then start working on members of the public. What is not so easy is building and maintaining a sustainable business. It takes time.

Most new businesses fail within the first few years so if you’re still working as a mobile nail technician, congratulations! Most people will give up, so reward yourself and reflect on your successes – whether big or small. It’s easy to forget how far you’ve come when you’re living life and doing nails and business, especially when you’re having a bad day.

How To Start A Mobile Nail Technician Business

This is a great activity when you’re starting out as a mobile nail tech, but also to revisit if you’re getting lost or frustrated. Take the time to put together a profile of your ideal client, including age range, income, lifestyle and interests.

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Once you’ve identified your ideal client, research where you can find them. Check local forums and directories to find relevant places in your area and contact organizers directly to see if there are any opportunities to advertise or advertise your services. Connect with other suppliers who target the same market, because synergy and collaboration can be very powerful!

This method is a good way to remind yourself who you’re trying to target and you’ll feel less guilty about targeting clients who don’t match up, for example. Clients who aren’t willing to pay your prices and those who don’t. You don’t understand the value of the service you provide.

A personal recommendation about your service can be more effective and valuable than paid advertising. Your existing clients are literally a walking advertisement for you so think about giving them an incentive to spread the word and encourage their friends and family to book. You can add incentives during off-peak hours to promote business and this can include anything from discounted treatments to complimentary service add-ons and products.

The rise of online beauty booking websites means there are even more potential clients looking for mobile manicurists on the web. As well as being a good business website, it’s worth checking out beauty booking websites such as Treatwell to see if they serve your area. You can usually set up a business page for free and a commission is charged for every booking made through the site. It’s a good way to generate new leads you might not have gotten otherwise and can help fill any gaps in your diary. Just don’t forget to check the Ts&Cs!

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If you haven’t seen a client for a while, don’t be afraid to contact them, ask for feedback and encourage a return if appropriate. It’s always a good idea to understand why clients don’t book more and can help you identify areas that may need improvement.

With social media at our fingertips, it’s easy to compare yourself to other nail technicians. However, comparison is the cousin of delay! It doesn’t help to improve your own situation and you never know what struggles and hardships someone has gone through to achieve their success. Social media doesn’t reveal everything about a person or their business – it can tell you about their lack of sleep, clients who never came back, jobs they lost to a competitor or their financial struggles. Does not show. Give a round of applause to your fellow nail technicians because every time they’re winning, they’re helping our industry, which in turn helps you! It’s great to get inspiration and see what others are doing, but focus on your own activities and business and you’ll see more results.

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How To Start A Mobile Nail Technician Business

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