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How To Start A Parking Lot Cleaning Business

How To Start A Parking Lot Cleaning Business – You can literally do anything to make money AS LONG AS you are solving some kind of problem. The problem we are going to tackle today is… trash.

I’m going to show you how to make money picking up trash from my friend Brian Winch, who earns over $650,000 a year. YES, SAY THAT RIGHT $650,000 a year working 4-½ hours a day.

How To Start A Parking Lot Cleaning Business

How To Start A Parking Lot Cleaning Business

This job does not require any special skills, education, or a large amount of money to get started.

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If you feel that this job is not right for you, be sure to check out our most popular article on 30 Tried and True Ways to Make Money from Home.

The idea is to help you earn more money so you can pay off debt, supplement your income, and live financially free.

The beauty of this job is that the service hours don’t interfere with a typical day job, so you can do it on the side and grow as big or as small as you want.

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Can you tell us a little about yourself and how you got started with your car park waste removal business?

I was working a full time job when I decided I wanted to work for myself. The problem I had was the lack of money, education, and skills to start a business. My father (who had died months before at the age of 61) always had a secondary income to supplement his income from being a school janitor.

Mow the grass, shovel the snow and clean up the litter outside a nearby shopping plaza. I remembered going with him once or twice to clean up the rubbish. I couldn’t tap into his contacts or knowledge, so I decided to test the litter cleaning market myself.

How To Start A Parking Lot Cleaning Business

I called property management companies to see if they would be interested in this service, and my 3rd or 4th prospect was interested and gave me 3 properties after I sent my prices.

Parking Lot Sweeping Servicse Near Me Brooklyn, Nyc, Queens

I learned a lot from doing these first properties – how to price, what was the best time to serve, what were the best tools to use, customer service, etc. I quit my job a few months later to devote my efforts full time. to build my business. I owe everything to my father for a simple side hustle idea.

Commercial Real Estate Management Companies. They are contracted by property owners to manage their commercial properties and use me to keep the parking lot clean of litter.

There is no need for any power equipment such as a sweeper or vacuum truck as we are not sweeping dirt, sand or gravel material.

Parking lot litter cleaning is often a daily service whereby litter is cleaned from the entire property – lot, sidewalks and landscape. By using a simple hand tool, you provide a more economical service that saves your customers money while providing for cleaner, litter-free properties.

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I scaled my business to about $ 650, 000/year, maintenance about 150 commercial properties. I personally service about 17 properties for about $60, 000/year.

I work 4-1/2 hours a day cleaning when the shops are closed. My Schedule is M-F, 3:00 – 7:30 am, and another hour or so I manage the cleaning business.

No, you really only need a broom and trash bags. A special litter box tool can be found at your local cleaning supply store for less than $50.

How To Start A Parking Lot Cleaning Business

Take a drive. Look at all the commercial properties in your area. Shopping plazas, office buildings, warehouse sites. All are potential contracts. Most property managers don’t want to do the “dirty work” of cleaning themselves. But you do it, and they pay you too much to do it. Month after month. Year after year.

Reilly Sweeping Inc.

Brian is confident that you can earn $50,000 – $100,000 per year as a one man operation with a simple business plan.

So, how do you get started? Brian wrote an operations manual (step-by-step guide) on how to start and run a parking lot cleaning business for just $79.95, and you know what else comes with that price? Phone/email support with Brian Winch to grow your business!

That’s what this Tried and True Mom Jobs site is all about, learning from people who are making money today (tried and true) to help you avoid pitfalls that can save you time and money.

So, if you’re serious about starting this side hustle, buy the step-by-step manual and take advantage of Brian’s help and learn

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For all my international people, Brian can only help those in the US as that is where he has the experience.

Whitney is the founder of Tried and True Mom Jobs, a blog about legitimate ways to make money from home. She only writes about things that work. Hence the name “Tried and True”. She does the research, so you don’t have to. Spring Cleaning Your Parking Lot: A DIY Guide If your parking lot is looking gray and old, it’s time for a spring refresh. Cleaning the car park is easy to do it yourself – here’s how.

Before a potential customer or tenant steps inside your establishment, the first thing they usually notice is the appearance of your parking area. How well maintained a parking lot is, or how run down it looks at first glance, says a lot about the upkeep of your business. Cleaning and maintaining the car park can be a task all year round, however, it is during the spring – after all the winter snow has melted – that it requires more attention so that your car park restores its pristine appearance. Before the actual repairs and restoration can be done, you need to prepare your lot. Otherwise, the sealants and fillers will not adhere well to the pavement surface. Below are some steps to ensure a thorough cleaning of your parking lot. Get rid of unwanted vegetation. Weeds, fallen leaves and broken branches are some of the most common forms of vegetation littering car parks. During the winter, the vegetation can be left unchecked. This can cause obstructions that can lead to accidents and injuries. Sweep up leaves, twigs, and any other visible debris. Pull out the weeds from between the cracks to prevent further damage to the pavement. Clear loose debris. Use an asphalt broom with strong, sturdy bristles to sweep up any loose pavement chips, dust or grit particles, sand, and deicer residue. Sweeping, with the help of a reliable and powerful blower, would be ideal, to ensure that no particles are left behind. Clean cracks and potholes before filling. Using a wire brush, sweep cracks and holes completely, until they are free of sand or dust. Dirt in the cracks can prevent sealants and fillers from sticking properly. Wash vigorously. If your space is small enough, power wash the whole lot, paying close attention to cracks, holes and curbs. This is to ensure that no debris is left after sweeping and blowing. Remove stains. Oil, grease and gas spills are common stains found on parking lots, and they can be a nightmare to deal with. Asphalt Kingdom’s Universal Degreaser Cleaner is an environmentally friendly yet powerful degreaser that works wonders in removing stubborn stains from your pavement. Fill cracks. Now that most of the actual cleaning is done, it’s time to fill cracks in your sidewalk. Ensure that the surface and side walls of cracks and pits are clean and dry, and use the appropriate type of crack filler – whether it is cold or hot pour. Cold pouring is recommended for small, shallow cracks, while hot pouring is ideal for cracks and holes that are 1/2 inch wide or larger. Hot pour crackfilling requires a special machine to melt rubber blocks, but it is much more durable than cold pour. Crack filler machines like the RY10 Pro can melt and apply the crackfiller so you can be on top of your pavement maintenance. The crackfiller also has a shelf life of several years. Sealcoat, as needed. When the pavement starts to lose its color, or starts to turn grey, it is a sign of deterioration. Oxidation can cause your pavement to fail prematurely if not addressed in time. To test for oxidation, pour some water on your pavement. If the water forms beads, the surface is sealed. However, if water gets inside, the surface is not sealed and is vulnerable to UV and moisture damage. If this is the case, seal coating is highly recommended, to extend the life of your pavement. Batch restriping. Whether a fresh coat of sealant is needed or not, the lines and markings on your parking lot should be clear and visible at all times to ensure smooth traffic and avoid bad accidents. If the paint is starting to peel and peel, it’s time to redo your parking lot. Using proper and reliable line striping equipment can ensure fast and accurate application. Cleaning the parking lot can be time consuming, but a well maintained space

How To Start A Parking Lot Cleaning Business

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