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How To Start A Silk Screen Business

How To Start A Silk Screen Business – Ready to start screen printing? It’s a big leap, but so worth it. To build your shop, you will need to acquire certain equipment and materials. Our team of experts has put together a handy checklist of everything you need to know and think about for your future store.

The screen printing market has an abundance of screen printing machines. All these presses have different features, capabilities and prices. You want to make sure you’re getting the right stamp for your goals and/or your customers’ needs. How do you even begin to choose?

How To Start A Silk Screen Business

How To Start A Silk Screen Business

First, you choose a trusted brand. If you’re looking at Riley Hopkins press, you’re in the right place. With over 30 years of experience in the screen printing industry and a professional reputation, Riley Hopkins makes some of the highest quality and most cost effective screen printing machines you can buy. The favorite printing line is known worldwide for its premium features, quick adjustment and premium appearance.

Riley Hopkins 300 Complete Screen Printing Shop Kit

If you’re new to screen printing, consider starting with the Riley Hopkins 150 press. The 150 is a simple, high-quality press that will help you master the craft. If you are planning to start your screen printing business, consider the Riley Hopkins 250 press.

If you plan to print multi-color designs, you will need gel or ink flashing equipment. A heat gun can work, but it is very difficult to maintain consistent heat across the entire print.

The best option for gel ink is to use a blow dryer. A flash dryer provides even, consistent heat throughout the entire print. The most popular flash dryer for new printers is the RyoFlash Dryer.

You will definitely need equipment to treat the clothes (you don’t want the prints to wash off). Many new printers use their flash dryer to treat clothing. It works well for people learning the trade while saving money. If using flash to cure clothes, note the various variables such as room temperature (pay attention in winter and height of summer,  weather can change the conditions outside the parameter, how long it takes to heat the plates); the type of t-shirt material; type of flash, plate type; and the temperature of the ink, shirt, and plate. These variables will affect how long you need to flash the garment to achieve an adequate cure.

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Printers may also use a heat press for curing. A heat press is more reliable than a blow dryer because it provides a steady heat source. It will share a reading of any temperature fluctuations while you use it. A heat press is essentially a conveyor dryer without a conveyor belt. If you already decorate with vinyl, a heat press will be a great multi-use tool for you.

The best case scenario is to invest in a conveyor dryer. Conveyor dryers go through multiple shirts at the same time which helps speed up production. You will need to adjust the belt speed and warm up accordingly to the clothing and ink you are using. It may not be credible to buy now, but it could be a good target for the future.

The exposure unit is a very, very important part of the darkroom. Necessary for capturing images on screens, the quality of the exposure unit is important. Some may start with a bulb, while others get the X1620 LED exposure unit. If you can spare a little more money, invest in an LED exposure unit like the X2536 LED Exposure Unit. LED units are a game changer because they a) last MUCH longer compared to UV bulbs, b) use SLIGHTLY less power, saving you money, and c) produce the optimal wavelength so the dies are even sharper. It is worth the investment.

How To Start A Silk Screen Business

If investing in an exposure unit isn’t feasible for you right now, some businesses offer to print screens for you, such as NorCal Screen Printing and Supplies.

Letterpress, Silkscreen Or Digital

To flush freshly burned screens or restore old screens, you’ll need space to accomplish those tasks. The most optimal way to clean screens is in a washing cabin.

For some, getting a flush stand right out of the gate isn’t in the cards. You can use a bathtub or laundry sink as a wash booth, but you’ll need to be careful about what goes down the drain. Inks and emulsions cannot go down the drain as they can lead to clogging of the pipes. Place some kind of trap in the train to catch the waste. You should also consider the chemicals that go down the drain, as some are dangerous. Use Sgreen® chemicals,  you won’t have to worry about it because they are environmentally friendly. If you’re using your backyard as a wash booth, grab a black garbage bag and a spray bottle. After exposing the screen, spray both sides of the screen, place it in a plastic bag, and run it outside to a hose or power washer (if you have a power washer, don’t set it to more than 1600 psi). As soon as you take it out of the bag, spray the screen immediately.

To make stencils, you will need a film printer. There are many types of film output printers. The most common is an inkjet printer. Inkjet film has one side that is coated and one uncoated side. The coating is important because it holds onto the ink from the printer. The coating also helps maintain the density and shape of the image.

When printing on film, the printer uses one of two inks. The ink can block UV (Epson printers use this ink) or it is a dye ink that is supposed to completely stop all light. sells the Epson T3270 printer with UV-blocking ink and works beautifully with high-detail prints or halftones.

Software Needed To Start A Screen Printing Business

Asking a local print shop to print film positives for you is definitely an option if you don’t have the funds for a film printer at the moment. Ask around to see if stores will provide that service and how much it will cost.

You will need several programs to create the art and print it properly. To create art, screen printing experts suggest using Adobe® Illustrator or Photoshop. If you have a background in graphic design and know how to draw, consider sketching your design first in Procreate and then transferring it to Illustrator to prepare it for printing.

To print movies, you will also need software. There are many different programs to choose from. Make sure you use one that works well in your store.

How To Start A Silk Screen Business

OK, screens are pretty important in screen printing. Displays have different networks, which are used for different applications. What is net counting? Well, mesh count is a measure of how many polyester threads cross each other per square inch of the screen. For example, a 110 mesh screen will have 110 cross threads per square inch. The higher the number of meshes, the finer the holes in the screen.

Tips To Buy The Ideal Screen Printing Machine For Your New Business » Just Create App

Don’t forget thin thread vs. standard thread, white vs. yellow screens, wood vs. aluminum, etc. There’s a lot to learn, so take it one step at a time, but keep it on your radar.

The two most common screen printing inks are plastisol and water-based. Plastisol inks are the most straightforward way to start screen printing because they are easier to print, do not dry on the screen, cure painlessly and are vibrant and opaque. Water-based inks are fine if you want a softer feel, but the ink will dry on the screen and it’s much harder to get a proper cure.

Hypersensitive emulsion is very sensitive, exposes faster, has a longer life and captures fine details beautifully. The downside of this species is that it is very sensitive. In fact, it’s so sensitive that daylight on a cloudy day will start to overexpose your image. If you wash the screens outside, the emulsion would overexpose even the matrix. It is not for beginners.

Diazo (mixed) emulsion requires the addition of Diazo powder before printing. This must be mixed into the entire base before it is opened and printed for the first time, and is often referred to as the “sensitivity” of the emulsion. Diazo mixed emulsion takes longer to set but is more forgiving. The 10% error window also applies to diazo-mixed emulsions. Because diazo emulsions take longer to expose, your window of error is larger. Let’s say you expose the screen for 10 minutes, you can go over or under for a minute.

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Other factors such as ink, type of exposure unit, and lighting in the wash area will also affect the emulsion you use.

Yes, there is more. You’ll need masking tape, screen tape, an ink spatula or ballpoint pen, chalkboard adhesive, a digital non-contact laser thermometer, rubber bands, tape, and cleaning brushes.

Don’t forget the cleaning chemicals! First, go with Sgreen® chemicals. The line is environmentally friendly, biodegradable and non-hazardous. They are safer for you, the screens, the plumbing and the environment. What chemicals do you need? Supreme Wash should be in every store. Everything is clean. Cleaning water-based inks will require Aqua Wash. To restore the screens, you will need an emulsion stripper to remove the emulsion

How To Start A Silk Screen Business

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