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How To Start A Small Business In Philippines

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How To Start A Small Business In Philippines

How To Start A Small Business In Philippines

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How To Start A Small Business In Philippines

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Pasig is the first city in NCR to launch PalengQR plus in partnership with the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) and the Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG)… There are many good reasons to start a business this 2020, especially. You have the skills, opportunities and resources to start something new. Ever heard of the phrase, omission bias? Omission bias is the tendency to favor an omitted action. When you start worrying more about doing something than not doing anything. When you start a small business and then things start to go wrong and you fail, you worry about people thinking you’re a failure. If you don’t create a business, nothing will go wrong, and no one will see that something has gone wrong.

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It’s this kind of attitude that stops people from doing something great. This is what kills great ideas and stops businesses from flourishing.

In this 2020, try to get rid of that mindset if you have it in you! Then ask yourself again. Interested in starting a business in the Philippines?

If your answer is yes, here is a list of possible small business ideas and investment opportunities that you can explore today. Time to put on your entrepreneur hat!

How To Start A Small Business In Philippines

Agriculture has always been successful for entrepreneurs in the Philippines. And with growing interest in organic farming and farm-to-table initiatives, there is a growing demand for services and retailers that bring fruits, vegetables and other agricultural products to the heights. Take business like Session Groceries for an idea.

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Year after year, tourists visit the country on leisure trips and vacations. Normally, people would only seek out these activities in the summer, but surprisingly, the number of tourists has steadily increased throughout the year. So there are always great reasons to start a business that can take tourists. It can be accommodation, transportation services, tour guide services, whatever works for you!

Filipinos are always after the latest technology, which is why smartphones, tablets, computers and other accessories are selling like pancakes. We also have entire commercial buildings just for this purpose. This means that people support such initiatives and you will have a large market to cater to. If you can find a supplier that can import high quality tech devices, you should take advantage of this opportunity!

Like how agribusiness flourishes, the country remains a good market for processed foods. Think meat products or canned fruit. You just have to find that one great recipe that will stand above all others. Who knows? You could be the next Delimondo or 7D Mangoes if you play your cards right.

Water is life, so what better idea than to create a business around it. It is profitable. It doesn’t come out of the offseason. Everyone needs it. Water businesses fall into different categories. There would be water filling stations where people can come to buy clean drinking water. Or you can add a little twist to regular water and make it more fancy, like designing your own craft water or water cheese to sell in special bottles. Do some research first to see what works for the specific audience you want to target.

Raise Capital For Entrepreneurs In The Philippines

There are many unique markets in the metro that offer clothes and shoes. They are always crowded with people from different walks of life. You can do many things. You can start your own clothing line, produce accessories and other fashion items. Some would even go so far as to design an entire shoe line despite the presence of more established names in the market.

If you are interested in the real estate industry in the Philippines but cannot afford the required investment, you can become a real estate agent. These people make a lot of money without much capital other than their people skills.

Speaking of houses and lots, another business you can start right away is about vehicles. Companies in this sector fall into different categories. Some of the most popular are car rental or van rental. There are also those who use the vehicles for ride-on-demand platforms like Grab. Some choose to be involved in something as simple as school service businesses. There is so much movement happening every day here in the country, especially in the big cities, so there is always a constant need for people movers.

How To Start A Small Business In Philippines

Another small investment business would be parcel or mail delivery services similar to Lalamov. As online shopping has become huge these days, the demand for delivery services has increased. Such businesses also offer flexibility to people as the drivers can do it when they want and at the most convenient time.

Where To Find Startup Micro Small Business Loan In The Philippines

If you are an electrical engineer, plumber or any other professional trade, you can easily start a maintenance business. More and more Pinoys are realizing the need for these services because it is always better to fix things than replace them completely.

It’s also easy to start a construction company if you’re in a field like engineering or construction. It would be easy to gather a group of workers to deliver projects for the construction of dream homes or commercial establishments.

Recruitment agencies play an important role in connecting the unemployed with those who need to hire people. Even bigger business awaits those eager to target the OFW market by sending workers to places like the Middle East or the cruise line industry. When starting this type of business, make sure you complete all the necessary paperwork, as sending labor abroad can be quite a delicate undertaking.

Solar energy makes money these days. People are looking for ways to reduce their electricity bill, so they turn to these services. You can start a business in this sector by being an installer or directly supplying customers with solar options for their homes. First, you should probably have an electrical background or maybe some experience in a solar product company. You can check out companies like Solaric to see if this type of business is right for you.

How Going Paperless Can Benefit Your Business

There is a market for people who want to buy old records or books. This can also be a win-win. Old CDs, for example, go up on the market, sometimes as much as the 20 you originally bought them for.

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