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How To Start An Egg Business

How To Start An Egg Business – This article will guide you how to enable layer form. If you don’t want to go through the trouble of training your birds from scratch, we recommend that you buy point-of-lay birds from a store. They are already in the egg laying stage and will save you a lot of money.

If you need more knowledge, here’s a great article on everything you need to know about Point of Lay chickens.

How To Start An Egg Business

How To Start An Egg Business

The first step to making sure a layer farm is profitable is knowing enough about how to start one. Layer farming is the raising of egg-laying birds so that they can be sold as eggs.

Why Egg Prices Are Still Going Up

Layer chickens are a special breed of chicken that must be raised from the day they are born. Therefore it is important to know how to start a layer form. At 18 to 19 weeks, they begin laying eggs for sale. They continue to lay eggs till they reach 72 to 78 weeks of age. At the time of their egg laying, about 2.25 kg of feed is required to produce 1 kg of eggs.

There are two types of layer chickens based on the size and color of the eggs they lay. Here are some brief descriptions of these two types.

These types of chickens are smaller than most other types. They eat less food, and their eggshells are whiter. Some popular white egg laying hens are Isa White, Lehman White, Nikchik, Bob Cock BV-300, Harvard White, Hi Sex White, Sever White, Hi-Line White, Bowanch White etc.

Egg-laying brown hens are larger than white hens. They eat more than hens that lay white eggs. Lay larger eggs than other species. The shell of the egg is brown. There are many different types of wheat flakes.

Golden Egg As A Symbol Of New Life And Success. Concept Is A Good Start, Winning New Business. Egg In Hand On White Background Stock Photo

Isa Brown, Hi Sex Brown, Sever 579, Lehman Brown, Hi Line Brown, Bob Cock BV-380, Gold Line, Bablona Tetro, Bablona Harco, Howard Brown etc. are best for commercial layer.

In this case, you need to choose breeds that work well for your layer poultry farming business and your area.

Isa Brown, Arbor Acres, Marshall, Ross, Kuroilers, White Cockerel and Black Cockerel are all common breeds of chicken in Nigeria. Always ask about the breed you are getting and that breed is unique.

How To Start An Egg Business

Before choosing a breed for commercial egg production, read the information below. * Choose hens that lay more eggs.

Steps To Start Garden Egg Farming Business In Nigeria And Tips To Succeed

Not every type of chicken lays the same number of eggs. The selected species should be able to produce a lot of food.

If the breed you choose has the trait you want and has a good reputation for laying eggs, it’s good for your business.

The housing system is very important for the growth of chickens and for keeping and maintaining them well. As a newcomer to the livestock business, you should not spend all your money on buying land in the city as the government does not allow poultry farms near cities or residential areas due to health reasons.

Battery cages are the best places for egg-laying birds because they give the birds comfort and stability.

Selling Eggs As A Business On The Homestead

Now that you have a location in mind, you have a good idea of ​​how much money you need. Write down all the money and investments you need for your poultry farming business in Nigeria and then find it.

Like any other farming project, the more land you want to farm, the more money you need to get started. Before you start this business, you need to decide how much money you want to put into it.

The next step is to purchase your chicks. Find a good hatchery where you can start with healthy day-old chicks.

How To Start An Egg Business

You can buy the feed from your nearest market or you can prepare it at home. Make sure the feed you buy or make is packed full of protein and minerals, which are vital for laying hens.

Is It Possible To Change A Chicken’s Sex Before It Hatches?

This will make your chicken less likely to get sick. This prevents them from getting sick and reduces the number of deaths. But before you vaccinate, make sure that you no longer need to vaccinate a sick chicken (keep sick birds away to prevent disease) and that the vaccination equipment is cleaned with hot, boiled water or disinfectants. Disinfection Below are the vaccinations that can be given to layer chickens. Marex, Gamboro, Salmonella etc.

Remember that a healthy layer hen will lay an egg almost every day or at least four times a week. That means a layer can technically give birth to two more chickens in three days.

About 5% of hens start laying eggs in their first 20 weeks and they can lay up to 325 eggs in a year. At 21 weeks, 10% of birds start laying eggs. When they are 26 to 30 weeks old, they have many eggs.

Depending on the species, they usually stop laying eggs for a few days after laying the maximum number of eggs. And after this time, they can slowly stop making eggs.

How To Start A Chicken Farm Business (with Pictures)

The number of eggs laid and their size gradually increase. Chickens continue to grow until 40 weeks of age. Eggs are large and heavy until 50 weeks of age.

Marketing involves a range of prices depending on egg size, brand, or some other distinction that may appeal to a particular buyer. The best way to store them at home and in the store is at normal refrigerator temperature.

So, to get the best eggs and increase the quality of the eggs, feed the birds with high-quality raw materials and suitable for the age of the birds. Don’t give them spoiled food and don’t put too much food in their feeders. Check the feed for rodents or wild birds.

How To Start An Egg Business

Hens lay fewer eggs due to factors such as light, stress, poor diet, moulting or aging. Some of these will happen on their own, while others can be resolved with simple changes so that the hens can lay eggs normally again.

The 13 Best Egg Laying Chicken Breeds

At different stages of production, the amount of protein in the feed can be used to change the size of the eggs. During the first two months of egg laying, feeding a high (18%–20%) protein layer ration results in larger eggs.

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